Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mem Bet Mem Pwell

As I sit with my BB and start to write this post my father -in-law has just put on his sound system and the sound Snowflakes by Jim Reeves echoes throughout the community. More than one person have asked , why am I not running my system for the sesson? Apparently they miss the pounding of the bass that somehow brought a feeling of the season for the community over the years. No specific reason for not charging up my system. Simply this Xmas did not really appeal to me. Guess you may want to think poliitics? Nah, no way.
Pre-Christmas activities in. Roblot have traditionally remained the same - nimals being slaughtered at homes, farmers bringing an extra load of mixed ground provisions and vegetables, Courts delivering one, two appliances, bamboo bursting , the transits being filled with residents going to VF to do a little shopping and finally the late night drinkere shouting their hearts out on their way home.
Quite visibly on christmas day was the absence of the usual Roblot crew that comes down from Castries every year. The house to house routine was absent. What seemed to have happened is that individual homes had small sessions privately where one two strangers popped in for a bite or drink. The uch xpected drum and bottle beating and marching on the road by the youngsters of the area was not that impressive like last year. (Maybe due to the rain)
For sure Christmas not not impressive in the community this year like previous years. The party goers have gotten one year older, the Vat may have taken its toll, employment is actually a no in this community, though the government did circulate a little something amongst its own people, and there seems to be a general feelings that Christmas is just another day. ( Have not seen one Christmas light outside a home)
With the. "Better Days" slogan, now two Christmases old, one would have expected a livelier season. The job creation propaganda, the 100 million dollar injection bluff and the betterment of life for the rural people is still an elusve dream.
With the election of lorne over Rufus Choiseulians were looking forward to a change in affairs. This is still far-fetched and seemms destined for a "espoire mal papai."
The same bluff Rufus employed during his tenure seems to have taken root in lorne's modus operandi. What will be interesting to note is certain communites have not seen the Rep for over a year now. Will he do like Calderon and pass during the night blasting over his P] systen, " bon "laney."
Which. Ever way you cut it all. Dem ploiticians are the same. Mem bet mem pwell.
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Monday, December 24, 2012

Is an American Disaster inevitable?

What is the Fiscal Cliff?
By Thomas Kenny

The Fiscal Cliff Explained

"Fiscal cliff" is the popular shorthand term used to describe the conundrum that the U.S. government will face at the end of 2012, when the terms of the Budget Control Act of 2011 are scheduled to go into effect.

Among the laws set to change at midnight on December 31, 2012, are the end of last year's temporary payroll tax cuts (resulting in a 2% tax increase for workers), the end of certain tax breaks for businesses, shifts in the alternative minimum tax that would take a larger bite, the end of the tax cuts from 2001-2003, and the beginning of taxes related to President Obama's health care law. At the same time, the spending cuts agreed upon as part of the debt ceiling deal of 2011 will begin to go into effect. According to Barron's, over 1,000 government programs - including the defense budget and Medicare are in line for "deep, automatic cuts."

In dealing with the fiscal cliff, U.S. lawmakers have a choice among three options, none of which are particularly attractive:

They can let the current policy scheduled for the beginning of 2013 - which features a number of tax increases and spending cuts that are expected to weigh heavily on growth and possibly drive the economy back into a recession - go into effect. The plus side: the deficit, as a percentage of GDP, would be cut in half.

They can cancel some or all of the scheduled tax increases and spending cuts, which would add to the deficit and increase the odds that the United States could face a crisis similar to that which is occurring in Europe. The flip side of this, of course, is that the United States' debt will continue to grow.

They could take a middle course, opting for an approach that would address the budget issues to a limited extent, but that would have a more modest impact on growth.

Can a Compromise be Reached?

The oncoming fiscal cliff is a concern for investors since the highly partisan nature of the current political environment could make a compromise difficult to reach. This problem isn't new, after all: lawmakers have had over a year to address this issue, but Congress - mired in political gridlock - has largely put off the search for a solution rather than seeking to solve the problem directly. Republicans want to cut spending and avoid raising taxes, while Democrats are looking for a combination of spending cuts and tax increases. Although both parties want to avoid the fiscal cliff, compromise is seen as being difficult to achieve - particularly in an election year. There's a strong possibility that Congress won't act until the eleventh hour. Another potential obstacle is that the next Congress won't be sworn in until January 3, after the deadline.

The most likely outcome is another set of stop-gap measures that would delay a more permanent policy change until 2013 or later. Still, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that if Congress takes the middle ground - extending the Bush-era tax cuts but cancelling the automatic spending cuts - the result, in the short term, would be modest growth but no major economic hit.

Possible Effects of the Fiscal Cliff

If the current laws slated for 2013 go into effect, the impact on the economy would be dramatic. While the combination of higher taxes and spending cuts would reduce the deficit by an estimated $560 billion, the CBO estimates that the policies set to go into effect would cut gross domestic product (GDP) by four percentage points in 2013, sending the economy into a recession (i.e., negative growth). At the same time, it predicts unemployment would rise by almost a full percentage point, with a loss of about two million jobs. A Wall St. Journal article from May 16, 2012 estimates the following impact in dollar terms: "In all, according to an analysis by J.P. Morgan economist Michael Feroli, $280 billion would be pulled out of the economy by the sunsetting of the Bush tax cuts; $125 billion from the expiration of the Obama payroll-tax holiday; $40 billion from the expiration of emergency unemployment benefits; and $98 billion from Budget Control Act spending cuts. In all, the tax increases and spending cuts make up about 3.5% of GDP, with the Bush tax cuts making up about half of that, according to the J.P. Morgan report." Amid an already-fragile recovery and elevated unemployment, the economy is not in a position to avoid this type of shock.

The cost of indecision is likely to have an effect on the economy before 2013 even begins. The CBO anticipates that a lack of resolution will cause households and businesses to begin changing their spending in anticipation of the changes, possible reducing GDP before 2012 is even over.

The Term "Cliff" is Misleading

It's important to keep in mind that while the term "cliff" indicates an immediate disaster at the beginning of 2013, this isn't a binary (two-outcome) event that will end in either a full solution or a total failure on December 31. There are two important reasons why this is the case:

1) If all of the laws went into effect as scheduled and stayed in effect, the result would undoubtedly be a return to recession. However, Congress continues to work toward a deal that will alleviate the effects in some form.

2) Even if the deal does not occur before December 31, Congress can - and almost certainly will - act to change the scheduled laws retroactively to January 1 after the deadline.

At the same time, even a "solution" isn't necessarily positive, since a compromise will likely involve higher taxes or reduced spending in some form - both of which would help reduce the debt, but would be negative for economic growth.

With this as background, it's important to keep in mind that the concept of "going over the cliff" is largely a media creation, since even a failure to reach a deal by December 31 doesn't mean that a recession and financial market crash would necessarily occur.

The Next Crisis

Unfortunately, the fiscal cliff isn't the only problem facing the United States right now. At some point in the first quarter, the country will again hit the "debt ceiling" - the same issue that roiled the markets in the summer of 2011 and prompted the automatic spending cuts that make up a portion of the fiscal cliff.

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

National Cricket Team wins Tournament

The Government of Saint Lucia has congratulated the Saint Lucia Men`s Cricket Team for capturing the Windward Island Cricket Tournament after forty three years.

The triumphant "Team Saint Lucia" returned home on Friday December 7th , 2012 after beating the home team Dominica in a thrilling encounter at the Windsor Park Stadium in Dominica the day before.

Director of Youth Development and Sports Victor Reid says the team`s victory is proof to the entire nation that sports men and women are deserving of more support and encouragement.   "If the other sporting disciplines can take a page from what the Cricket Association has done.   It will auger well for sports development in Saint Lucia.   What this team has done is a great accomplishment because after struggling in the wilderness for forty three years to come through and win is an accomplishment of great magnitude.  You have made it to one of the highest levels of cricket the next level for you is West Indies Cricket".

The Government of Saint Lucia is optimistic that the victory of the team will serve as encouragement to the nation's youth that they too can excel.

Team Saint Lucia Vice Captain Keddy Lesporis says the victory is for the people of Saint Lucia and can hopefully rekindle its interest in sports locally.

 "We accept this accomplishment as a stepping stone to work and to fight harder to bring more of these accomplishments to Saint Lucia.  It has been a good year as we won the World Cup and we are champions of the Windward Island Tournament after such a long time".

When the final run was scored, Team Saint Lucia beat Dominica by two wickets to claim the title of Windward Island 50 Overs Cricket Champions.

The team,  in the coming days is expected to be the guest of Youth Development and Sports Minister Honourable Sean Edward who will pay special tribute to them on behalf of the Government and people of Saint Lucia.

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Saturday, December 22, 2012


CONTACT #758-519-1650/758-584-2977


THE CHOISEUL/SALTIBUS UWP CONSTITUENCY BRANCH is calling on the District Representative, Hon. Lorne Theophilus and the Minister for Fisheries, Hon. Moses Jn. Baptiste to expeditiously address the desilting of the Choiseul Fisheries Complex pond. The situation is now critical and multi-hazardous with many fishermen suffering substantial damage to their fishing vessels. The pond is practically inaccessible; the stagnant water is a prime breeding ground for harmful vectors; and fish, a essential of a healthy diet has been conspicuously absent from a once thriving market.
We are dumbfounded as to why the excavator which was donated to the Choiseul Fishermen Cooperative and Choiseul Village Council by the Japanese Grassroots Fund almost two years ago to assist in the desilting of the pond still remains parked in the parking lot of our District Representative's Choiseul office. Is there any truth to the rumour that the excavator remains dormant as a result of the failure of our Parliamentary Representative and to a lesser degree the Choiseul Village Council to source a meager $8,000.00 to insure it.
Isn't the livelihood of the Choiseul fishermen sufficiently important to demand the consideration and timely action of our Parliamentary Representative to remedy the situation? Was it not candidate Lorne Theophilus who promised the fishermen of Choiseul a sand sucker to alleviate what is a persistent problem of the silting of the pond?
The protest action of the Choiseul fishermen is evidence of Hon. Lorne Theophilus' failure and inability to manage the affairs of the people of Choiseul/Saltibus. It is also a striking indictment on Hon. Lorne Theophilus' capacity to deliver on and his commitment to lead us to the "Better Days" that he promised not so long ago.
Therefore, we strongly recommended that Hon. Lorne Theophilus immediately focuses on the plight of the Choiseul fishermen to bring deserved relief to them. We understand that these are trying economic times, but sourcing $8,000.00 for the survival of our vital Choiseul fishing industry cannot be 'rocket science especially for a man of Hon. Lorne Theophilus reputed acumen.
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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Santa Rufus! Time to pay up.

By Jimmy James Haynes

Christmas is fast approaching and by all accounts it appears that this will be one of the shabbiest Christmas's that I have lived through. The draining impact of VAT, the ever increasing cost of living, coupled with climbing unemployment makes simple surviving a mounting challenge.
But this is the season of giving isn't it? Well, isn't it also a great time for those who can afford to, to settle their outstanding debts? This brings me to a matter that has tormented me as a consequence of my silence. Elections was almost thirteen months ago. I recall that approximately one hundred (100) loyal and trusting people from Choiseul/Saltibus served as agents or rendered catering services etc. to the past Paliamentary Representative, Mr. Rufus Bousquet. Today a large majority of these people have not been paid.
I can safely say that none of the agents from the Delcer and the Mongouge Polling Stations have been paid; nor have the caterers received compensation. The caterers actually spent their own monies to provide the service, they even employed help. This is a crying shame. Mr. Bousquet you promised everyone that you would pay them irrespective of the result of the General Election. So Mr. Bousquet, this is the ideal time to pay up. The desperation among the people you owe is palpable. These are hard times and the small amount you owe them could make a huge difference. You can make their Christmas. Yes you can. I know that you can afford it so please, please......please put on your Santa outfit and deliver the money.
Merry Christmas and hope you settle before 2013.
Editor's note: (This blog has been reliably informed that a caterer by the name of Shiela John from La Fargue has not been paid for services she rendered on election day to the UWP team working at the Secondary school. Likewise a shopkeeper at Roblot has been left in the dark.
What is shameless about this scenario is that newcomers like Wacha have settled all his election debts and a veteran like Rufus cannot do the same.)?
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By Jimmy James Haynes

Christmas is fast approaching and by all accounts it appears that this will be one of the shabbiest Christmas's that I have lived through. The draining impact of VAT, the ever increasing cost of living, coupled with climbing unemployment makes simple surviving a mounting challenge.
But this is the season of giving isn't it? Well, isn't it also a great time for those who can afford to, to settle their outstanding debts? This brings me to a matter that has tormented me as a consequence of my silence. Elections was almost thirteen months ago. I recall that approximately one hundred (100) loyal and trusting people from Choiseul/Saltibus served as agents or rendered catering services etc. to the past Paliamentary Representative, Mr. Rufus Bousquet. Today a large majority of these people have not been paid.
I can safely say that none of the agents from the Delcer and the Mongouge Polling Stations have been paid; nor have the caterers received compensation. The caterers actually spent their own monies to provide the service, they even employed help. This is a crying shame. Mr. Bousquet you promised everyone that you would pay them irrespective of the result of the General Election. So Mr. Bousquet, this is the ideal time to pay up. The desperation among the people you owe is palpable. These are hard times and the small amount you owe them could make a huge difference. You can make their Christmas. Yes you can. I know that you can afford it so please, please......please put on your Santa outfit and deliver the money.
Merry Christmas and hope you settle before 2013.?
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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Santa Rufus! Time to pay up. By Jimmy James Haynes

(Rufus on his way to pay up?) Look out tomorrow for this eye opener post. A real shocker. Log in tomorrow at 6:00am
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Have RDC failed the Residents

At a July 17, 2012 meeting aimed at reviving the dormant or rather half dead Roblot Development Committee, it was decided to get the Committee back on its feet again. As if like Michael Bolton's " When I am back on my feet again" the revamped executive actually through Dellan Emannuel promised to invigorate and bring the RDC to a new high.
Was Mr Emmanuel's speech on July 17, 2012 all bluff or an attempt to impress the residents with nuff rhetoric? As I sat in dis belief at that meeting I actually had to restrain myself from taking this gentle man on. He went on to say that he on June 24, 2012 had a meeting with the youth, that certain games and sports will be organized, that a clean up campaign for the community will soon take place, tours to visit the elderly, twining with other local groups in nearby communities, enhancing the skills of the youth by contacting local seamstresses and a litany of ideas which to my mind was just a senseless prayer. Not one has been achieved to date.
What was most puzzling to me was that the young man was only invited to the meeting to be accepted as the PRO and there he was acting like the president.
Talking about the President? Looking for someone with no foresight and ideas for the community, you just got one. I personally recommended that the executive be reshuffled with the secretary and the president exchanging roles (sisters) but awhah, they like it like that.
The executive comprises of newcomers Clement and Dellan, as tresurar and pro respectively, Enda as Secretary, Sadia, not sure about her role, Patrick a no no, and the president, Trudy.
From July 17 to this present day not one meeting has been held except a half-assed walk which made no sense at all.
Seeing the youth sitting idly by, and with the library service taken away from them I, during the middle of October quickly wrote a proposal and sent it to the President and treasuar whose email was in my contact list.
The proposal was a sports program to involve 7 - 19 year olds to take place on December 13, National Day this year. This program involved cricket, futsal, netball, fun games and a quiz. The proposal was well detailed with instructions on how to implement it, even with instructions to source funds from the Village Council. Ministry of sports and Corporate Choiseul.
Up to this day that executive has not seen it fit to consider this proposal to help bring the youths together to celebrate National Day in a big Way.
What therefore is the function of this executive? This blog suggests that if this executive cannot deliver they should resign en block and let persons who are interested in youth affairs take over.
What a waste? These persons on the executive have as far as this blog is concerned failed the community of Roblot miserably.
Again, Roblot continues to suffer.
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Thursday, December 06, 2012


"Choiseul On The Move" wants to apologize to its readers for a lapse in articles recently. The author has been ties up in other demanding activities which has curtailed his writng ime considerably.
Albeit an article entitled " From Better Days To Everything Will Be Alright" will be published early next week.
The author takes a critical view of Lorne's first year representation to the Choiseul people vis-a-vis his contribution to the debate on the Estimates of Expenditure.
While you await this article, are you not sensing that things are getting worse in this country: crime is on the increase, the poor and indigent are crying foul, the union officials seem bent on taking its membership for a ride and meaningful employment by this administration ceases to exist.
We still see political favourtism being displayed at the highest level in the district, while a job recycling process keeps revolving constantly with no clear end in sight.
The political labour hacks have their foot in the throat of the Uwp supporters while a puppet Uwp constituency branch sit on their royals expecting a miracle to happen. Maybe one should not blame them - novices.
Let me not delve any further least I disclose too much too soon.
One thing is for real though, Choiseul/Saltibus en seeing any Better Days just yet. We all in for the long haul.
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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Morne Sion Tragedy Memorial Service

As if to payback for a favour granted, the Labour Party's press secretary is creating so much hype as if to create an impression of caring to the victims' family of that catastrophe which occured at Morne Sion one year ago just prior to general elections.
She went on to mention the monument to be placed on the site and that it is being shown to the victims' family for approval. The party ( (his blog presumes) went as far as to have the memorial service advertisement sent to every mobile phone,ipad,and tablet on the island.
The service will be held at the Choiseul Catholic Church today from 2pm. One can anticipate an SLP entourage will be present. Many other top dignitaries.are also expected to be present. One of the organizors called on everyone to bring along a candle.
This tragedy has been marred in lots of controversy and speculation. Supporters of the UWP as well as other persons seem to think that this incident has some voodoo connection. Nineteen lives were lost. Only seventeen bodies were recovered - two todlers unaccounted for. The speculators connected the 17 recovered bodies each with a electoral constituency on the island. They went on to assume that it was the opposition's magic to capture all the 17 seats.. Fact or myth? Can't tell. Richard Frederick also gave his interpretation of this tragedy on a political platform earlier this year.
The. SLP supporters flatly deny any involvement by their party in the tragedy.
More level headed persons think that the driver may have been under the influence of alcohol, may have fallen asleep or a matter of him being dis-oriented. Whatever it was, the minibus with 19 persons aboard flew over a cliff and plunged onto the rocks on the beach.
Today's memorial service. Will hear wailing and weeping of the victims' families and quite a solemn atmosphere. Hyocritical speeches will be made by the authorities, and gullible as we are, we believe them.
Dedan C. G.Jn. Baptiste

Friday, November 09, 2012

is it Bolo's time now

Readers of this blog will recall that earlier this year a plea was made to the Rep to push for Dr. Augustin Charles to be appointed as an ambassador. The plea was made against the back drop of persons like that Laborie guy whose name can't come to mind right now, Menissa Rambally, another guy from Micoud, Leo's wife, and the list goes on and on, all of them without the class, ability and guile of Bolo.
Remember this blog called on the Rep to pull his weight, since it appeared that Reps were bargaining for their top campaign executive member. The blog was titled " Does the Rep have any weight?"
Some time ago Raymond Eubaldus resigned from his post as permanent secretary to take up a job overseas. To fill in the gap in the Senate Ricky was made a senator. Not too long after this he was then appointed as the replacement permanent secretart with responsibility for the creative arts etc. Bravo, my en rouge friends. However thi blog would have prefered to see Ricky in the ministry of Education heping with a curriculum for the Creative arts and the like.
But here is where this post is going. A senate position for a government senator is now vacant. This blog is of the opinion that Dr Augustin Charles is the ideal person for this position. Again, this blog calls on our Rep to show some muscle and put in a word for Bolo. Choiseul is watching.
But on second thought, this may never happen. Bolo has had his differences with the PM and Lorne does not care a damn about Choiseul since his newly found enthusiam about running for a seat up North seems to be all he is interested in.
Like an old chump told me in Soufriere earlier today, " Bolo should not be following Lorne, it really should be the other way around." When pressed to explain, he casually replied, "You know what I am talking about."
Whether Bolo or Lorne should be categorized as follower or leader or the other way around, the fact is Lorne is the Rep.
Lorne popularity has taken a plunge in almost every polling division in the constituency but playing his part in getting Bolo into the senate may help boost up his ratings.
Two more weeks will mark the Rep's one year in office. It will be very intriguing to hear his surrogates boast of a year's achievements. May be it will be Bolo's time to shine?
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Saltibus Councilor Stops Sauzay Project

The Choiseul Village Council executive is only a few months in office and there are already reports of division among the councilors - more so between the chairman and certain councilors. Find it strange? On the Council are persons with big egos and any attempt to stiffle or crush these egos will result in clashes.
A reliable source has informed this blog that a decision was taken by the Councilors in the absence of the chairman, to start a drainage project in the Sauzay area. The project was endorsed by the responsble authority and given the go ahead. This project by all accounts would alleviate the hardships of run-off water in this enclavement.
The source went on to inform the blog that at a meeting the Chairman flared up and was furious demanding an explanation as to who gave Council the authority to do this behind his back. In his rage and fury he went as far as to completely stop the project. "Man in charge?"
It is also being heard through the grapevine that the chairman hardly had time to attend to the Council's business and that it is the two senior Councilors that take care of Council's business. Yet they were the ones who were shafted by the chairman.
Council's tenure ends on January 31, 2013. It may be a wise decision on the part of the Rep to nominate another Chairman.
The Sauzay residents did in some way express their disgust at the Chairman's irrational decision.
Supposing the project was for Saltibus, would he have stopped it?
Dedan C.G. Jn. Baptiste

Friday, October 26, 2012

Jounen Kweyole

For our overseas readers, as well for our local teachers, a good article on the subject can be found at wikipedia or one can just google "Jounen Kweyole"
This year's festival is centered in the district of Vieux Fort in the south and Marigot in the North.
Many refreshment houses commonly know as rum shops present local dishes and juice as well as pastime entertainment for their patrons starting as of today and continuing till the wee hours of Sunday.
Two places in the district that have well organised activities are at Morell in La Pointe and Rosie's Cuisine at Industry.
Jimmy's new business place also at La Pointe has a "Samdie Kweyole where many local dishes will be served.
In spite of the "Kweyole Hype" many persons have been expressing a lack of enthusiasm of their intention to really go out.
"Bagai mouvei" they cry. Though the weather forecast predicts rain, it will be interesting to see the turn out. St Lucians love a fete no matter what.
In the Roblot community Kweyole breakfast and lunch will be served on Sunday morning at Shana and Lisa's bar.
To everyone Bon Fete Jounen Kweyole and make an incident free one.
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Deepest regrets and sympathies to our Rep.

This blog has just been informed of the passing of our District Rep's mother. Our deepest sympathies go out to the him and his family.
This loss we are sure will be surely felt by the Rep as he was considered as "mama's boy" by the deceased Lusca Theophilus, his mom.
Lusca Theophilus, by all degrees, was my mentor during my two-year stint at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, at the time known as Teachers' College. This "iron lady" as we affectionately called her was for us Choiseulian teachers who were enrolled at the College during her time. She made sure that we were properly taken care of.
In Choiseul, I'm sure many persons will grieve her passing and will miss her dearly. I am also sure that her husband will truly miss her as through the years of their companionship she must have been a pillar of his strength.
This blog extends condolences to Mr George Theophilus another of my mentors in the field of sports.
As the saying goes, life must go on. And in the days, weeks and months ahead this blog hopes that our Rep will in some way be able to find the strength to move on.
God be with you my brother. May your mom rest in peace.
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


If Uwp would only take a page from the Slp's organizational prowess they would have won half the battle to removing this present administration from office. Confining this post to the Choiseul constituency, the modus operandi of the Uwp's constituency branch leaves much to be desired or so it appears from the outside looking in.
A new executive has been elected to replace the interim executive that prepared the way for this new group. Certain members on that were on the interim decided not to to seek election on the new executive.
One of these members spoke with this blog and revealed that his reason for not seeking election on the executive is that he is not satisfied with the level of influence that the past rep has on the executive. " I sense an ulterior motive on the part of the past rep via his conduit, Reds. This executive is a Rufus puppet." He lamented.
This blog only knows too well that Bousquet has never had any faith in any organised body and more so the constituency branch. During his tenure as rep he never recognised the CB and was only really interested in the branch when Compton kicked his ass out of government and he wanted the CB to make a case for himat the Canaries convention. Now that the Uwp's hierarchy does not like the best bone in him, he appears bent on doing some mischief in an aim to influence the delegates' vote at the convention slated for June next year.
This new executive which is headed by Gilbert Isaac (Willan) need to clean up Rufus' post election mess if they want the Uwp supporters to rally with them.
Instead of being so gullible to Rufus' suttle moves via Reds, this executive needs to take the following actions pronto:
1: investigate the Mini Stadium funds. Where is the fund now?
2: monies owed to caterers must be sought to calm them and to put the Party's name back in the good books. ( The La fargue lady who is owed $1000 for services rendered to the election crew that was at the Secondary school on election day is just one example- Jimmy can name endless others)
3: rally the main persons in the electoral divisions to strengthen the constituency's base supporters. Stop the favouritism.
Trudy, Hilarian and some other unknown person make up Rufus' puppet executive.
Cocomakery at its highest.
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Did en rouge! en rouge! ease Choiseulians pain?

With one year after general elections just round the bend, many intelligent Choiseulians as well as others not so bright, but with a little common sense will be asking a lot of questions.  With all the en rouge hype gone, a sluggish economy, no jobs and the crucifying VAT taking its bite on the poor, many if not all of us are beginning to face the true reality of it all.
Not that anyone is in any position to say that things may have been better had the last administration remain, the simple truth is that there aren't any "Better days" to come as promised by this administration.
Bagai wed, epi movay.t soon.
  This blog will present a full article on the subjec

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A weather phenomenon

Reports reaching this blog speaks to a phenomenon that was witnessed by Choiseulians earlier this week. This it is reported sent chills through the spine of the onlookers. It is the first time that such a spectacle has been seen in the Choiseul waters and this worried the onlookers greatly..
It had all the features of a tornado, actually it was a water tornado, a weaker version of the land based one. It is most often called a water spout which is a funnel-shaped column of water between sea and cloud, formed when a whirlwind draws up a whirling mass of water.
This should make quite an interesting lesson for the schools kids.
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Thursday, October 04, 2012


In a post sometime in May this year this blog made reference to Minister Edwards contribution to the Budget debate. Somewhere in his address he made mention of lighting for the La Fargue field during this financial year.
This post is aimed at sending a gentle reminder to our District Rep to have him to remind Shawn of his promise the the Choiseul sports enthusiasts.
This reminder is comes on the heels od the
Sports Minister's recent announcement that the Marchand Grounds is about to get a facelift.( Doing it for Pip?) Lorne needs to get Shawn to not let Choiseulians down. Mr Rep, have Shawn do it for you. This blog have also not forgotten your promise to the Tete Morne girls.
Actually you have about two months to get the lighting of the La Fargue field established.
In the closing sentence of that post back in May, mention was made of a politician's promise as being a comfort to a fool. Please,please don't let Choiseulians think that they were taken for fools.
It will not auger well for your image. Also keep in mind that your address at this year's budget is online and can be checked on at anytime to remind you of your famous quickie.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Choiseul's most dangerous civil servant

In this guava season, and with VAT due tomorrow it is quite in order for employees to protect their jobs. It is also a scary scenario where workers tread a thin line as they never know when the boss will terminate their services.
This concern of young workers in the Roblot community is presently under threat by a well known civil servant who apparently have an axe to grind. It is also well known in the community that this "DVS" sits behind her desk at work and make phone calls to the employers of young persons with an aim to have them dismissed.
This blog has been reliably informed by three business places(a hotel, a government department and a statutary board) of calls made by this civil servant in an attempt to tarnish persons names.
But why is this civil servant using the government's phone to do this dirty work? Petty jealousy? Pure mischief? But this blog in discussions with persons in the community learns that this person is suffering from love syndrome and is bent on destroying persons who cross her path in any love affair. Quite a mouthful. This civil servant has been rated as second class by many of the men she has had an affair with and she has in every instance gotten herself into trouble with these men's lady. Her cantankerous nature only hurts more and more persons.
Recently she was expelled from the Labour Crew which sees about the development of Choiseul. Why? Because of her regular loose-tongued phone calls again dissing persons on the committee.
She needs a complete turns around in her life and Christ is her only answer. She once went that way after she was let down by a well known male in the district. Then she back slided to again take pleasure in hurting persons.
Finally what is remarkable about this woman is that after she does her things and is confronted with the facts she always wants to threaten someone with the law as if the law was written for her and her alone.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Business Investment Idea!

Goodday Sir/Madam,

I am Looking for a profitable business that my client can invest his funds
in your country.I will be waiting for your positive business idea as soon
as you can.

With Regards,
Emad S. Alshamllan

Business Investment Idea!

Goodday Sir/Madam,

I am Looking for a profitable business that my client can invest his funds
in your country.I will be waiting for your positive business idea as soon
as you can.

With Regards,
Emad S. Alshamllan

Sunday, September 16, 2012

UWP - back on the road?

Sam Floyd in his usual morning programs chastised the Flambeaus for taking o long to "heal their wounds" and regroup. He jokingly said that when kerosene was cheap they did not see. The need to fuel their fambeaus but now tha kerosene prices have increased by over 100%, that's wheh they have decided to hit the road. Regardless, it seems Flambeau is back.
Last Thursday they made a stunning return in Soufriere where a massive crowd was in attendance. Their message: St Lucia en ready for VAt at this juncture . Speaker after speaker critisized the labour administration for their poor performance over the past nine months.
Dalson and Jn Baptiste were accused of nepotism as King said they were instrumental in securing jobs for their daughter and wife respectively.
Kenny's speech on diplomatic ties with Taiwan the Flambeaus said was in poor taste and seems to have created. Some form of tension between the two nations. The. PM's announcement of an investigation of the usage of Taiwanesese funds by the parliamentarians and Rural Councils according to King is like searching for a needle in a haystack.
Guy in his usual flare condemned Walter Francois' appointment on the basis that he Francois presently earns two pensions and that this Soufriere Foundation's job should have gone to a younger Soufriere resident.
Notable absent from the UWP crew at Thursday's meetng was Rufus. Bousquet. Well finally the Flambeaus hav said happy riddance to a double edged sword.
It will be interestind to see if Flambeau can maintain this momentum.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vaughn/Kenny keeps Taiwan, but....

It's obvious that the mounting pressures from St Lucians and the opposition party must have breathed some common sense into the Labour administration to go along with diplomatic ties with Taiwan. The many cries by farmers, small contractors, vendors, and the ordinary citizen on the street who could have identified with what the assistance given by Taiwan, I'm sure played a crucial role in the Vaughn/Kenny decision. (No Alva there)
Kenny in his usual self would not bow to the pressures of Lucians without first taking a swipe at the UWP and inhis closing statements, threats. That's the nature of the man.
The PM bloodfired the last admin for the way they established the diplomatic ties with Taiwan, as if to indicate that had it not been for certain parliamentarians Compton would have gone with China. (Not sure about that) He continued his onslaught critisizing the disbursement of the funds by the Taiwanese and of course the way the parliamentarians themselves used up the funds.
What must have been confusing to Lucians is while Kenny decided to go along with Taiwan, in the same breathe he announced that there is a delegation presently in China to forge relationships with us.(Who is the us here, Labour or Lucia?) But hear this, the contingentis made up of the second deputy political leader, Alva Baptiste, Leo Clarke, and Merle, sorry Earl Bousquet. This is a Labour Party squad, not one with government's interest. Kenny was meticulous enough and quite rightly so, not to mention Alva as Foreign Minister on that mission. See my drift. You do the calculus.
It is clear, according to Kenny, that investigations into the alleged bribe by some politicians in the last administration to go with Taiwan is underway. So is a forensic audits into the use of the Taiwanese funds deposited into the District Councils.
Well most Lucians are pleased with the decision to go with Taiwan though the level of developement seen under the last administration using the funds may not be seen under this Labour Government, since the PM says a $12M package for St Lucia annually, is all what Taiwan has agreed to.
May be that's why a "Labour crew" is presently in China. Yes, Taiwan stays, but China is hot on their heels.
Better days? You tell me.
Dedan C.G. Jn. Baptiste

Sunday, September 09, 2012


   The Executive and members of the United Workers Party are saddened by news of the death of Mrs. Heraldine Rock, former Executive member of the party and Government Minister. Mrs. Heraldine Rock was a pioneer for St Lucian women in politics when she successfully contested the Castries South East Constituency in the General Elections of 7th, May, 1974. She would later become Saint Lucia’s first female Minister of Government with responsibilities for Housing, Community Development, Local Government and Social Affairs, Groups Needs, Cooperatives, the Provident Fund and Water, from 1974 to 1980.

Heraldine Rock was a strong and courageous woman who endured the hostility of the male dominated arena of politics. She was a member of the Castries Town Board from 1964 to 1974. She was also the first female vice-president of the United Worker’s Party. Her bold move to enter the arena of politics provided confidence and opened the way for other women who followed.

During her tenure as a Minister of Government she was responsible for the construction of a number of community centres throughout the island and helped to nurture the growth of local culture. The constituency of Castries South East which she represented benefited significantly from a number of water and electrification projects which improved the standard of living for residents.

 Mrs. Rock was a longstanding farmer who was outspoken in lobbying for better conditions for farmers particularly in the banana sector. She is counted among other outstanding women pioneers in politics at the regional level like: Dame Nita Barrow, Dame Eugenia Charles and Dame Hilda Bynoe.

The United Workers Party salutes the work and memory of Heraldine Rock as an outstanding woman, icon and pioneer of women in politics. We extend our deepest warmth and sympathies to her friends and family at this time of grief. The name of Heraldine Rock will forever be etched in the political and social development history of St Lucia as a result of the contributions which she made. She will forever remain a “rock” among women who have contributed to our national development. 

Wednesday, September 05, 2012


The Kenny Anthony Administration continues its vicious economic assault against the people of this country as the Government introduces another measure that will bring further hardships to St Lucians. This time it is the poor people/malewe who are being targeted as the SLP Government has put into effect a deliberate and heartless policy decision to withdraw subsidies on kerosene effective September 1st, 2012.

Kerosene has long been associated with the lower income sectors of the society otherwise referred to as Malewe a sector which the SLP Government purports to represent. These persons who use kerosene in many cases as their main source of fuel (for their lighting, cooking, etc;) are now left to contend with the dramatic increase in price  from EC $6.00 – EC $11.27 or lessen on their cooking activities and other uses of the fuel.

This latest onslaught by a Government which promised St Lucians “Better Days” can only lead to further hardship for the poor and indigent of Anse La Vedere, Barons Drive, Bruce Ville and Park Estate. The Government's action can best be described as unconsionable and anti-poor given that many of these persons have had to contend with expenses related the reopening of school, recent general trend of increases and projected further increases in food prices and further the impending increase in prices associated with the imposition of VAT.

The previous UWP Government kept subsidies on kerosene in place mindful of the fact that it was used as fuel by the poor and indigent. The Kenny Anthony Government must explain to these people its justification for removal of a subsidy which has been in place for the past nine (9) years.

We are now left to wonder if the next Government subsidy to be withdrawn will be that of the School Transportation as we note that bus owners/drivers who held contracts with the Ministry of Education were only offered a short-term three (3) months contract by the Ministry. Will our children be once again abandoned and exposed to the risk of finding their way to and from school as obtained during the tenor of the last SLP Administration.

We are clearly witnessing the rapid marginalization of the poor under the current SLP Government. Whilst the Government continues its approach of political patronage by the handing out of menial jobs through the Step program, the pockets of these persons are ravaged by increases in basic commodities and now the decision to put into effect a dramatic increase in the price of kerosene. The SLP Government through this latest action appears determined to diminish the oil that lights the lamp of hope for the poor of this country.       

Monday, September 03, 2012

Where is the Foot- Police Patrol

Our readers will remember an article posted on this blog last year speaking to the good works being done by one officer nicknamed "Sal" who Choiseulians were proud about for the deligence he did his work in the community. Sal was regularly
patrolling the streets of the Choiseul Village and there was a marked reduction in illegal activities especially on a Friday night.
Even in the other communities one would have seen an ocassional passage of a police vehicle. Where has all this gone now?
The Roblot community which was once drug-free has now turned into a do-as-you-like-when-you-like community.Over the weekend a stabbing incident took place at a rumshop there. Teenagers as young as 14 yrs are being introduced to drugs. The level of truancy is at an all time high and loitering especially in the delapidated multi-purpose centre is a regular affair
The patrols in the village and the interior communities have disappeared. The only time one would see a police officer in uniform on the village street is when they head to the supermarket to get a grocery item. When someone from the interior communities make a report one may see a police vehicle.
With the recent spate of violence gripping the country regular foot-police patrol is a must for the communities. There must be more intereaction with the general public.
The Choiseul police I have always said are a bunch of holiday makers who spend the majority of their time at base rather than out in the field.
Sargeant Mitchel need to take a stand and get his officers off their laurels to do what they were appointed to do.
I have had on more than one ocassion to pull up the socks of one or two officers even taking the matter to the highest level.
Choiseul deserves better from its police officers.
Dedan C. G.Jn. Baptiste

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Local Lawyer Takes High Profile Case

The recent death of 17-year old female teenager, has sparked public outcry to bring back the death penalty.
A 19-year old man of Gros Islet has been charged with the crime. He made his first appearance in court on Friday last. Visibly at the seen just before the alleged man was taken into the court room was our own renowned, and cunning lawyer, Huggins Nicholas affectionately known as Neil.
If my memory serves me well this will be his first "high profile" case since being accepted to the bar. All eyes will be on this young and vibrant lawyer to see the line of defense he will employ in this matter.
For sure the proscecution will go for the death penalty and it will take tact and lots of skillful manouverings and the application of the law by Huggings to convince the jury otherwise.
Avoiding the death penalty for this young man will definitely be a victory for Neil.
The accused is due in court on September 19, 2012.
With an enraged public, and the girl's family pressing for the death penalty, Huggins has quite a handful to deal with.
Albert Richeleau is also patnrring Nicholas on that case.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Library 12, the nowhererian

Recently our readers will recall that this blog reported the transfer of the Roblot Library to a section of the Roblot School which is located in Debreuil.
The transition appeared smooth - a bus was hired to transport the books, tables and what have you to the school, a telephone line was installed, and in no time the Roblot Library was functional in a room previously occupied by the school's IT program.
Well, what do you know? The library has been asked to move back to its former location. A joke? More than that. Probably this library should be made mobile.
According to the librarian the initial relocation of the. Was based on the idea of being proactive - taking action before disater strikes, meaning the hurricane season. But couldn'I the library be renovated? It survived hurricane Tomas therefore with some rennovative works it would have survived this season. But no, the authorities that be saw otherwise withot the slightest foresight of the plans the school already had in place for their IT room.
Yes the library was kicked out of the school. The room where the library was is prensently being renovated to accommodate a state of the art IT classroom. Presently the books and shelves lay embarrasingly in a class which has to be ready for the opening of school on Monday.
There has been no library service in the community for the past two weeks as users of the service await the authorities next move.
As far as this blog sees it, the library can operate at its original location as nothind has happened to the building since the books were moved.
But again quite a bit of work for the poor librarian.
In the meantime the library service has been suspended.
The children are the ones paying the price.
Whah wrong wit dem. Persons in posish?

Friday, August 31, 2012

Haynes Calls For Professionalism by Manager

This blog in previous posts have continually called for an environment of confidentiality by the staff of the Choiseul Credit Union. We have made mention of clients having their personal financial transactions with the Credit facility on the streets or with persons whom they least expect to know their business. This has in the past caused many members to stop doing business with the credit union.
This leak of information by the staff was abated, but as far back as December last year it raised its ugly head again and now a distraught Jimmy Haynes is up in arms about a latest incident with this same institution. But before delving into Haynes’ matter, let me bring you up to speed on the December matter. Two days after the general elections persons on the streets and throughout the communities had it that the monies for the construction of the Mini Stadium were missing. (Post on MS soon to be published) Only two sources could have such information – the Village Council and the Credit Union. The Village council did not disclose the funds therefore it had to come from a person (s) in the Credit union. This blog has its suspicions as who could have leaked the info but left to the Union itself to trap the culprit (s).
Haynes thinks that he is deliberately and mischievously being targeted by the local financial institution. The situation reached as far as to involve the law in a dispute which Haynes say does not exist. He lays full blame on the manager of the institution whom he thinks is being very unprofessional in his work ethics. Haynes wants the manager, Sylvanus Fontenard, to provide him with an explanation for the recent actions taken by the Union to bring in the rule of law. According to Haynes this had to do with funds owed to the Union which he has already cleared.
A letter will be sent to the Board of Directors stating his grievances and disappointment in the Manager, Haynes says. This blog placed a call to the manager to get his version of the matter, but got no response as to the time this post was being written.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blue moon on Friday

This Friday we will eperience a Blue Moon. A Blue Moon is the second full moon in any calender month. This happens every 2-3 years.
The average interval between full moons is 29.5 days, whilst the length of an average month is 30.5 days. This makes it very unlikely that any given month will contain two full moons,though it does happen sometimes.
Can there be two full moons in a single calender year? Yes. It last happened in 1999. There were two full moons in January and two full moons in March, and no full moon in February. So both January and March had Blue Moons.
The next time we will witness a double blue moon is in 2018.
In 2015 is the next appearance of two full moons in a month and will take place on July 2 and July 31.
Are you familiar with the term "once in a blue moon?"
Guess you should be able to figure it out.
Dedan C.G. Jn. Baptiste

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Where are we at with the Mini stadium?

 The just concluded “super six” night cricket competition at the Soufriere Mini  Stadium has brought painful memories to my mind. The competition was played under the newly installed lights. Boy oh boy what a spectacle that was!
I thought to myself that this should have been taking place at La Fargue in our proposed Stadium. Night cricket in Choiseul has been my dream and this was why I was all for the stadium. Also, the stadium would be an avenue where our artists and athletes would showcase their talents and skills thus bringing out the best of them.
My skills as a cricketer/sportsman, was achieved through the exclusive use of the best facilities on the island during the period 1970 - 1985. During that period I was considered the best batsman on the island. It has always been my notion that if you give your players/athletes good facilities and conditions they will perform.  (The Voice archives should have an article to this effect which I wrote in July, 1970)
This past Olympics exposed our authorities. So where are we at with our proposed stadium?
This blog is aware that some works have been done so far: Securing EC $900,000.000, deciding on the site, the initial proposed drawings, etc . During my tenure as a Councillor at the Choiseul Village Council some $900,000.00 was deposited in an account solely for the construction of a mini stadium. The whole stadium thing was the brain child of the past Rep. Sometime between September and October last year I understood that some $12,000.00 was used to pay an architect for the drawings and for ground works done on the site. During this time we were in election mode and Council were not having any meetings and as a result confirmation of this pay out was impossible.
Long before the site was confirmed, persons like Glen and the boys had issues with the location for the stadium. Peter (Reds) whom I guess Rufus had empowered to oversee the stadium works, was not budging from his position and disregarded the Glen and the boys’ issues – leave the small field free, and use only the bigger field for the construction of the stadium.
 Where did the funds come from, you are dying to ask, I’m sure?   Rufus approached the Council and disclosed that he had gotten a sum of money which he wants to use for the construction of the stadium and that it was a donation by the Moroccan Government and that we the Council need to open an account so that the funds can be transferred. He also bragged how he got a smaller donation from the Spanish government.  Double checking on his story this blog learnt the following:
  That the monies were donated to assist the different constituencies. But Rufus who seemingly had negotiated the donation, begged the PM to allow him to use this donation for a big project [the stadium] for Choiseul, which he Rufus has had in mind for a long time.  King hesitantly went with the flow and soon special arrangements were being made for the transfer of the funds to a special account at the Choiseul Credit Union in the Council’s name.
The funds were deposited in the account specifically for the construction of the stadium. As a Councillor I kept my eyes on these funds like a hawk to make sure it went towards the intended purpose. I failed in this endeavour. Council was not meeting and I was in election mode and paid no interest in that account which to my mind is safe.
Two days after elections the Labour Party supporters had it on the streets that there isn’t any money left in the stadium funds. How can this reach the streets so fast? Is this a fact, I asked myself? But how can this be? My head went into a spin, trying to figure out what to believe. The news spread like wildfire and my phone (why me?) kept on ringing ceaselessly – persons asking questions as to the truth or denial of the matter. Could I answer this? Nope, not in Council anymore, but made myself a promise to get to the bottom of this. For real, the amount that is $900,000.00 - $12,000.00, which is about $888,000.00, is not on the account. Where did it go to? Who authorised its withdrawal? How could  the funds be deducted when Council was not meeting anymore? Last unconfirmed report suggests that there was below $400,000.00 on the account.
I contacted a senior person in our camp and he confirmed that the past Rep had ordered the withdrawal of the funds to do community projects and to pay workers where a stimulus package funds had fallen short.
Were these monies actually spent on projects? Can these projects be identified and, if any, quantify the amount withdrawn? Were these monies used for campaigning or personal use? Who gave the past Rep the right to authorise withdrawal of Stadium monies for other purposes?  What process was used to get access to these funds? Council was in recess, what channel did the past Rep go through to get access to the stadium funds? These questions must and will be answered since it has reached this blog that a forensic audit has been commissioned on the accounts of the Village Council. This blog welcomes such a move.
A certain Labour party brain told this blog that they [Labour Party Crew] carried out a small audit in the Council and approximately $2m could not be accounted for. Whether this is true or not the forensic audit by Government will determine this.
Now where do we stand with our stadium? With only a few thousand dollars left on the account it will now take a mammoth effort to get started again only because of the greed of politicians. Our youths want to see the stadium completed. Let us not forget that our present Rep, in his campaign rhetoric promised to finish it. But maybe we can relax on him a bit since the mess done with the funds ws none of his making.
We must find some form of sponsorship to help with our stadium. Our Rep must try  and rally corporate St. Lucia and other agencies to help with the financing of our STADIUM. With a serious campaign, I am sure that by 2016 our athletes can shout out about Choiseul’s Mini Stadium.
In the mean time we can take comfort in the statement that the Minister of Sports made during his Budget address, that the La Fargue field will be lighted in this financial year. Or, should we believe in this adage, "promise by a politician is a comfort to a fool."

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fw: 90-year old pulls out on STEP

-----Original Message-----
From: "Dedan Jn. Baptiste" <>
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2012 11:06:58
To: <>
Subject: 90-year old pulls out on STEP

During the Easter STEP program this blog reported the employment of under-aged workers. This we reported was a breach of the labour laws of the country.
To make matters even worse the selection committee for STEP program this time around has employed a ninety year old man to the program in the Roblot area while some needy parents are blatantly neglected because of their voting preference. Jadia Jn Pierre, the PM's press secretary made it crystal clear that this round of the program is to give support to the needy parents who have children who will be attending school in September. What about this statement that the Choiseul STEP organizors don't understand?
They failed to do a background check on the ageable man who is already on the government assistance program. Yes the old man fell sick after a day's work and had to be taken to hospital. He is presently in bed now. Reliable sources inform the blog that the old man's daughter as well as other persons in the community are upset as they see no reason why this man who can barely walk should be in the program.. The old man is a die-hard Labour. Get the picture?
This blog can point to at least three single mothers in the community who could do with the "kakadan" the program gives. Yet they were ignored. This form of affirmative action must stop now.
However one should not be surprised at the behaviour of the persons who head the program as they must have taken their que from the Rep.
Persons who do wrong that affect children will in someway, someday, pay for this. Will the old man still be paid? If I was in his place I would demand my pay.

Friday, July 27, 2012

90-year old pulls out on STEP

During the Easter STEP program this blog reported the employment of under-aged workers. This we reported was a breach of the labour laws of the country.
To make matters even worse the selection committee for STEP program this time around has employed a ninety year old man to the program in the Roblot area while some needy parents are blatantly neglected because of their voting preference. Jadia Jn Pierre, the PM's press secretary made it crystal clear that this round of the program is to give support to the needy parents who have children who will be attending school in September. What about this statement that the Choiseul STEP organizors don't understand?
They failed to do a background check on the ageable man who is already on the government assistance program. Yes the old man fell sick after a day's work and had to be taken to hospital. He is presently in bed now. Reliable sources inform the blog that the old man's daughter as well as other persons in the community are upset as they see no reason why this man who can barely walk should be in the program.. The old man is a die-hard Labour. Get the picture?
This blog can point to at least three single mothers in the community who could do with the "kakadan" the program gives. Yet they were ignored. This form of affirmative action must stop now.
However one should not be surprised at the behaviour of the persons who head the program as they must have taken their que from the Rep.
Persons who do wrong that affect children will in someway, someday, pay for this. Will the old man still be paid? If I was in his place I would demand my pay.

All ah we Is one

By Tennyson Joseph 

Dear Darren,
My determination to avoid the charge of petty-island nationalism has hitherto stayed my hand from expressing my support for you despite the many opportunities to do so.
However, after noticing the total blackout of gratitude following the West Indies 4-I victory over the touring New Zealand team in the One-Day series, my human decency urged that I balanced the equation by saying thank you, and by acknowledging your leadership role in the victory.
It does not stretch the imagination to determine what would have been the media response had the outcome been reversed. Certainly, there would be no hesitation in placing the blame at your feet. Any schoolchild could have written the editorial damning you, from a cut-and-paste of old commentary from the usual suspects. Notice how badly you were maligned for bowling two overs short in the one match that we lost. At least, through the negativity, there was a “backhanded” acknowledgement of your economical bowling.
Worry not, though, since many write for external readerships.
Your calm and dignity in the face of such unbelievable hostility tells me that you need no lessons from me on how to shoulder your burden. Indeed, I have witnessed far more seasoned and “educated” political leaders in our region resort to crudity, vulgarity and vindictiveness in the face of milder opposition.
However, I feel compelled to remind you that what you are facing is a result of our region’s acceptance of inherited colonial notions of MDC/LDC, centre/periphery, small island/big island and urban/rural dichotomies which continue to determine “who gets what when and how”.
Remember that we have inherited an authoritarian tradition and are now learning habits of civilized public discourse. We are often unnecessarily cruel. Those who have sacrificed the fullest for the collective happiness are often the least loved, and the most maligned.
Despite this, continue to remain a true Caribbean patriot.
As you face your own leadership challenge, remember that Sir Grantley Adams of Barbados was viewed as coming from too small an island to earn the respectful followership of others. But history has a way of bowling googlies, and only those willing to learn its lessons can read the turn. Unity is essential since yesterday’s MDC is today’s economic basket-case.
So bear your burden, Darren, but stay strong, humble, decent and dignified. Give it your all and trust in your ability, which, despite what the critics say, places you among the top tier of the current first class crop.
Remember, that a leader far greater than you was rejected for being from too insignificant a background to be taken seriously. “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?”, they derisively asked of that leader. So bear your fate, Darren Sammy, but continue in faithful service to the still oppressed Caribbean people.
One love, my brother.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Eye On This Round Of STEP

The latest round of STEP has just commenced in the North of the island. According to Jadia Jn Pierre it is geared towards single mothers and fathers who need the assistance with school expenses.
STEP will be commencing in Choiseul soon.In this constituency all eyes will be focussed on the powers that be who select persons from the various communities to partake in this round of the program.
It will be left to be seen whether the usual descriminatory politics come into play during the selection process. The keyword here as stated by the Prime Minister's press secretary is "parents in need to purchase school expenses." Therefore it is hope that the selectees for this month's STEP will be mothers and fathers who have children attending school and in need.
Recommendations should come from community-based groups where they are present and/or applications from the needy parents themselves. These names and applications should then be scrutinized and checked by a central committee before a final decision is taken to employ these persons.
This blog would be pleased if selections is done on merit. The children are the ones who will be affected. Choiseul is watching.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

UWP Constituency Branch Executive Formed

Reports reaching this blog reveal that supporters and well wishers of the UWP in the Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency gathered at Virgilia's place last Sunday to elect an executive for the Constituency Branch. This constituency is famous for hurriedly putting together a costituency branch executives just before a convention. Nothing new.
It is being rumoured that the Party is making plans to hold its annual sometime in October.Also being wired through the grapevine is that Chastnet and Rigobert may put their hats in the ring to challenge King for political leadership.
As if it is engrained in the UWP's culture, to continue to do things within a click and refuse to invite the wider base of supporters to elect persons who will have a greater influence on the voting population in the constituency.
Due to past records and incidents certain figures who by whatever means have gotten themselves on this new executive should not be there. This only helps to further deepen the mistrust that the general public have of them and as a result will continue to haunt the party. Some persons must have the gonads to stay away from certain positions. For whatever gain or fear by the organizors, some of the leaders of the polling divisions in the constituency were not invited to take part in this elective/democratic process.. Polling division I5 which did better than all of the other divisions in the last elections was (perhaps deliberately) left out.
Why? In selecting the delegates to vote at the convention, this blog will monitor closely the mindset of these persons to discover whether any "cocomackery" or subservient action is being taken to influence their votes.
Though still early days the procedure which will be used to elect a new "local" candidate for next elections will be closely monitored. Any suggestions from the past Rep must be thrown out the window as his allegiance is on the other side of the divide. Also, this Executive must promise the people to investigate what happened to all the stuff that was at the office store room and at a warehouse, which was donated to the Choiseul people.
Until such time all eyes will be on this executive to see their effectiveness and committment.
Dedan C. G. Jn. Baptiste

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Roblot Development. Committee Completes slate

The Roblot Development Committee has been plagued with the problem of migration of its executive members for ages now. This scenario of replacing two executive members at a meeting earlier today is nothing new. However the method employed is not stipulated in the constitution of the Committee. However good the intentions of those who encouraged the new members to come onboard it must always be done within the ambit of the constitution.
This blog welcomes the two new members who will serve as assistant to the tresurar and public relations officer in the persons of Clement William and Dellan Emmanuel respectively. They are replacements for Yvonne Stanislas amd Cristal Anthony both are students at Sir Arthur.
Whether the statements the PRO were endorsed by the executive or they were his own was quite a mouthful. He claims to be responsible for the youth. Many ideas he said have been brought forward by the youth - games, sports, visiting the elderly and the litany goes on.
He then went into general statements which to my mind should be dealt with by the president - community projects and the like.
Suggestions were given by the floor members with regards to fund raising, donations and the return of the library to Roblot. The latter seems to be a no no as the president gave reasons for its transfer.
Working closely with Kieth who is a councillor was suggested, as well skills development for the youth in the community. The other members on the executive are Trudy, Enda, and Patrick.
It is left to be seen how committed this revived executive is. Only time will tell as they venture to prove a point and improve the Roblot Community.
Dedan C. G. Jn. Baptiste

Saturday, July 21, 2012

SLP Honours Campaign promise

The Ministry of Education is in the process of finalizing plans for the disbursement of bursaries for new Secondary School students.
As stated by Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony in the 2012/2013 Budget Statement,
“To ease the burden on families whose children graduate from Primary School, we will provide a one-off bursary of $500.00 per student to eligible parents at the start of the school year. The purpose of this bursary is to assist parents to purchase vital school requirements, uniforms and shoes.”
According to Hon. Dr. Robert Lewis, Minister for Education, Human Resource Development and Labour, a system has been identified for the assessment of applications and subsequent disbursement of funds which will be done well ahead of the start of the new school year. To be eligible for the bursary, the following criteria must be satisfied by the applicant:
1. The student wrote the Common Entrance Examination;
2. The student will be attending a Secondary School; and
3. The student has applied for the bursary.
While the bursary is available to all parents, some may choose not to access it; hence the application process becomes necessary.
Any student who returns to Grade 6 will not be eligible for the bursary.
The application forms will be available at all district education offices immediately after the launch of the programme which is expected to take place in the form of a press conference by the Minister for Education next week.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Roblot Combined School Holds Awards Ceremony
The students of the Roblot Combined School and most of their parents assembled in the assembly hall on Wednesday July 11, 2012 for the Annual Awards Ceremony. Dignitaries present were the District Education Officer, Mr. John Mathurin, Mr Alderick Mondesir, Representing the Choiseul Development Foundation and Mr Albert Charlery, the guest speaker. the ceremony got underway at about 10:30 am.

The Dignitaries: Alderick Mondesir, Albert Charlery
John Mathurin, and Monica Bernard (Principal).
The Principal delivered the opening remarks and after welcoming the invited dignitaries and parents went on to encourage the students to strive for excellence. She went at length to justify the importance of the awards to the students. The awards she said, “Symbolizes everything in the child.”
“Work to excel in everything you do. Everything you do always put your best into it.” The DEO warned the students. He went on, “Choose your friends wisely, and do not let friends influence you in[to] doing what is wrong. Set your goals and overcome every barrier.” The parents he said must give support to the children if they are to perform at a high level.
Charlery, in his remarks with the theme Brilliance, made mention of two sports personalities: Darren Sammy and Lavern Spencer. He said that it was because of their  effort and brilliance that they were able to achieve so much. Presently Sammy is the West Indies cricket team captain while Spencer is a St Lucian top High Jumper of Olympics status.  Brilliance he told the gathering they must try to achieve through hard work. One famous statement he made during his delivery which created a murmur among the parents was when the warned them to, “Move away from the “Savanne slang” to develop the child’s capabilities. Speak to the child in a proper manner.”
A logo competition sponsored by the Choiseul Development Foundation which was held two years ago was won by a student of the school. Mr Mondesir presented the prize to that child. He also informed the gathering that Roblot Combined also captured the second place prize. Mr Mondesir went on to give the gathering a brief history of the foundation as well as its present executive.
The last part of the ceremony saw the presentations of medals and certificates to the top students in Math, and English from the different grades. The grade six teacher awarded prizes to the most discipline child in his class and the top sports student in the school. Shania William, daughter of Shana Charles and Clement William of Roblot was hailed the top student of the school by the principal. She topped the School’s Common Entrance results this year’s with an average of 82.33%. She also placed sixth in the Constituency. The principal awarded her with prizes for topping the Math and English scores while Zacheus Wilson got the prize for topping the General Paper score.
It was now the parents turn to show their appreciation to the teachers. Shana Charles presented gifts to Ms Thomas and Mr Felix for their dedicated effort and patience while teaching her children  Shakil and Shania respectively. Thelma Herman  also thanked ms Thomas for a job well done with her child.
In the next school year the staff will be one teacher less because of a low student population at the school. This teacher Ms               was presented with a token for her hard work.
Zacheus delivered the vote of thanks which brought an end to this year’s ceremony.   

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mongouge Combined Student Tops Constituency’s 2012 Common Entrance Examinations

  In spite of Mongouge Combined School placing way down in the rankings, a student from that school topped the local results. As was stated in an earlier post, the names and scores of students from some schools could not be reported due to the absence of the results from those principals. Now the results are all in.
This post will present to its readers the top three students/scores from each of the schools for this year’s Common Entrance Examinations. Dugard and Piaye Combined passed the National Mean of 59.04 with 71.17 and 64.23 respectively. All the other schools performed below the National mean. (the scores were stated in a previous post).
Dugard Combined:
1.       Davia K. Albert   - 89.00
2.       Tammy B. Gabriel  - 87.67
3.       Sedran L Theodille  - 86.33
Piaye Combined:
1.       Jayden P. Theodore  - 84.00
2.       Sherlan Z. Philip  - 82.00
3.       Shermac S. Phillip  - 76.00
Rivere Doree Combined:
1.       Donnalson Clarke  - 78.00
2.       Zahid J. Louisien  - 76.33
3.       Cheriss M. Englis  - 73.0
Delcer R.C. Combined:
1.       Kira C. Defreites   - 89.33
2.       Enfer  k. Albert  -  83.00
3.       Kima S. Edgar  - 80.00
Reunion Primary:
1.       Britney B. Calixte  - 76.67
2.       Charvez A. James  - 76.33
3.       Chessa E. Obeius  - 75.67
Roblot Combined:
1.       Nina S. William  - 82.33
2.       Zaccheus Wilson  - 80.00
3.       Kandi B. Joseph  - 70.33
Mongouge Combined:
1.       Renelle S. Simon  - 89.67
2.       Fiona S. St Romain  - 82.33
3.       Merlissa Dagazon  - 79.00
Saltibus Combined:
1.       Kayannah A. Denis  - 81.67
2.       Jodi l. Emmanuel  - 74.67
3.       Sherdaisy D. Antoine  - 73.67
Analyzing the results, one will notice that Renelle S. Simon topped the exams with a total of 89.67. This is the second time that Mongouge Combined has achieved such a feat. Congrats to Renelle. One will also notice that the girls continue to dominate the boys in the results. In the 24 top places only 7 boys  are included and only 2 in the top ten places.
Ranking the top ten students would show this – 1. Renelle from Mongouge Combined,  2. Kira from Delcer R.C Combined,  3. Davia from Dugard Combined, 4. Tammy from Dugard Combined, 5. Sedran also from Dugard Combined, 6. Jayden from Piaye Combined, 7. Enfer from Delcer R.C. Combined, 8. Nina and Fiona from Roblot and Mongouge Combined respectively, 9. Kayannah from Saltibus Combined and 10. Zaccheus from Roblot Combined.
Normally over the past  5 years the ex-rep donated a laptop to the top student of each school. Taking into consideration SLP’s “Better Days”  slogan one would expect a laptop for each of the ten performers in this year’s exams.
A staunch supporter of Lorne, and a regular comment writer to this blog once suggested to the past rep to honour the top CXC students as well.  It was a good suggestion. Now it’s her turn to coax her rep to do so. A complete synopsis can be read at
In closing this blog wishes all the students who sat this year’s exams the best of luck in their future endeavours.