Thursday, October 04, 2012


In a post sometime in May this year this blog made reference to Minister Edwards contribution to the Budget debate. Somewhere in his address he made mention of lighting for the La Fargue field during this financial year.
This post is aimed at sending a gentle reminder to our District Rep to have him to remind Shawn of his promise the the Choiseul sports enthusiasts.
This reminder is comes on the heels od the
Sports Minister's recent announcement that the Marchand Grounds is about to get a facelift.( Doing it for Pip?) Lorne needs to get Shawn to not let Choiseulians down. Mr Rep, have Shawn do it for you. This blog have also not forgotten your promise to the Tete Morne girls.
Actually you have about two months to get the lighting of the La Fargue field established.
In the closing sentence of that post back in May, mention was made of a politician's promise as being a comfort to a fool. Please,please don't let Choiseulians think that they were taken for fools.
It will not auger well for your image. Also keep in mind that your address at this year's budget is online and can be checked on at anytime to remind you of your famous quickie.

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