Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The People Respond To Rufus Bousquet's Statements

Rufus Bousquet
Isn't ironic, that Rufus Bousquet, who could not predict his wins or losses during his twenty-five year tenure in politics, has miraculously gotten a sixth sense/third eye which has enabled him to predict the outcome or fate of an individual vying for the seat in Choiseul in the upcoming General Elections which some analysts predict may be withing the next three months. Speaking to St Lucia News Online, Rufus says that Bradley Felix, the endorsed candidate for Choiseul/Saltibus, is going to lose  because he was part of a process that allegedly attempted to disenfranchise the people in Choiseul. Still caught up in his hate and bitterness at Allen Chastanet, Rufus went on to say Bradley " caught up in the promises and schemes of the leader, and his best bet would be to leave that tiger alone. But if he wants to grab the tiger by the tail that’s up to him.” Violet Naomi : "So who or what is the tiger: (a ) The people of Choiseul (b) Lorne Theophilus  (c ) Rufus Bousquet....i'm lost. Just wondering, since he was going to contest that seat if he is not the tiger......."

The Observer, who gave his/her thoughts on Bousquet's statements which was posted  on SNO, puts it perfectly. "Bouquet is clearly showing the desperate lengths he will go to so as to be in political office. The reality is now sinking in that his party is running a candidate and it is not him. He is now raging with anger and bitterness...............that is what happens when people allow anger, hatred, bitterness and revenge to get the better of them. Bouquet squandered many opportunities. HD had to have been a fine politician."

 (Check the two links below for a full report on the article, comments and thoughts expressed on Bousquet statements.)
Bradley Felix

Here are the FB comments:
 Chandradat Deonandan: As I looked at this tall young man organizing table tennis , volleyball and cricket in his youthful days in Reunion I knew that he will be a great son of Choiseul soil one day. The time has come, Bradley, to hold the mantle of leadership. Take it and afraid of no one. You will definitely excel in politics. Mr, Hubert King would have said the same thing about you. Bradley was a respectful son of the soil, he greets everyone with a smile. and advises people when they need help. How can Busquoet criticise such a personality.
Chandradat Deonandan: Please Reunion.  Don' t dis anybody. He was born in Choiseul and per se Reunion. I was a teacher at CSS. I will tell all my friends on Facebook to vote for Bradley. I think he is the best man for Choiseul.
Ian Ferdinand: Rufus you trying too hard to keep the diplomatic passport Kenny allowed you to keep hence why you want everybody who is a candidate for the UWP to lose.
Chandradat Deonandan Busquoit: Don't make a mistake by judging a book by its cover. Bradley will excel in Politics and you will be the one to congratulate him.
Francis Herve: Every time he remembers the good old days, he just can not stay out of the LIME LIGHT. Try being a good person for one time in your life and leave well alone
Chandradat Deonandan : Bousquet, when I was teaching at Choiseul. As the organiser of the school Graduation ceremony: I asked you for a prize to give the best graduation student at CSS, And you shouted at me. "Where the hell can I get that money to give you" I walked out of your office and feel broken. I still remember that day you proved to me a hypocrite.
Violet Naomi : So who or what is the tiger: (a ) The people of Choiseul (b) Lorne Theophilus  (c ) Rufus Bousquet....i'm lost. Just wondering, since he was going to contest that seat if he is not the tiger is he saying he is Goliath!!!!!
Pere Willo: Everyone can see through you Mr.Bousquet., " fool some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time...but brother, you can't fool all the people all the time.".......
Grace Chestnut: Aa, jus so Bruce Tucker...but how comes u didn't see u would lose last election...smh
Kieran Zeal Valcin: Booboos..where is the boxing equipment your consulate general in Canada had to send down so I could train the team in Choiseul secondary..jhik toujour ee pokor wevay.. and the electricity bill for your choiseul office.. The bill has not been paid coco..clear it uh
Macgyve Esnard Bousquet: is just acting like fool now
Electrifying Blue Maestro: Didn't he said the same thing about Lorne ?
Macgyve Esnard: As young person i will never vote for bousquet
Lucia Pierre Louis: Bouquet you were voted out,give someone else a chance
Ellis St Rose: Bousquet is just hungry for power no one will vote for him

Albert Celestin: All of a sudden he wants to be part of the mongrel party
Zaki Clarke: Anything this convicted felon claims should be taken with two full container loads of salt.
Winette Korine Martelly: Bousquest take a vacation an live politics alone everyone wants to be in politics y is that? jus be calm n forget abt it. wat is rong with u people, thirsty for money?
Augustin Didier: So what's about u can u do better pussy boy
Shanzz Matthew: Bousquet have a sit
Peterkin Brett: How u know that boss?
Lindy Darcheville Edward: Rufus make a round tan. Choops. Loser.
Garfield Jn Baptiste: Jealously is a crime
Disraeli James: Sour grapes

In closing this blog is in total agreement with this statement."Anonymous March 29, 2016 at 11:28 AM: Rufus news for you, I am from Choiseul. I rather lose the seat with Bradley than winning it with you. And I believe majority of the people from Choiseul holds the same feeling......"  Check the links.
                                                Filmed at 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Choiseul/Saltibus - On Your Marks, Get Set...... Are you Ready to Go?

It is being predicted throughout the country that this General Elections may be one of the hottest/nastiest  ever held - the "movaylang", the character assassinations, "maypwee", insinuations, violence by supporters from all sides are, I am sure, bound to surface. The rhetoric being dished out by politicians and by extension the individual parties does not auger well for a peaceful exercise of ones voting rights. There appears to be an atmosphere of hate, revenge and untrustworthiness among the politicians, which has eaten into the psyche of the citizenry, and which may lead to a low voter turn out this time around.

Theophilus, Bousquet, and Felix

Lorne, by all accounts is sure to be the one running for the SLP. He, in no uncertain terms, has been laying the foundation for his re-election - visiting influential supporters within different communities and enclaves, awarding small contracts here and there, making his presence felt at various community events and recently his declaration that a resort is due to come on stream soon. These are effective tools which a politician uses to establish his influence and to get re-elected in any constituency.

Bradley Felix, after much "halaykarsay" due to a much-ado-about-nothing by a handful of Rufus'  "zeleves", has been given the nod at a meeting last night to be the endorsed candidate for the UWP to represent this constituency. (more about him later)

Meanwhile, having been overlooked by the Party, Rufus Bousquet has informed the media that he plans to  run as an independent. He further states that his uncle or father did run and win as an independent (I stand corrected) and that he is of the view history will repeat itself. Is that the cry of a dying politician? - a hopeless hope?

Which ever way is goes - whether it be a "Tet-a-Tet" fight between Lorne and Bradley or  adding Rufus to the battle in a three-pronged fight, voters of Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency will have their work cut-out for them. They will be following the developments very closely, so that while the campaigns are heating up it will be, On your marks.........on Election Eve Night, a Get Set........ and on Voting day, a Go.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Wow! Champion Crew Does It Again! (video)

Easter Sunday March 27, 2016 is D-Day at the Rivere Doree Beach. Not that any armies will be landing there but that the crowd will be so huge that a comparison to this World War II event is in place. Plans are already afoot to make this day one which will be etched on the minds of Choiseulians and by extension every community in the island for a very long time.

Champion crew, the organizers are all excited about the event dubbed  “Easter Sunday Festival” which will be one with a difference – water sports, children games like bouncing castle for kids, beer drink competition, board games, karaoke, trampoline, wet T-shirt, sexiest swim wear and other attractive activities which have been adapted for the entire family.

The Rivere Doree Beach is proving itself to be one of the most attractive venues for events of this nature. The ambience, the vegetation and of course the merging of the river and sea create this uniqueness that cannot be duplicated anywhere- the venue is untouched and un-spoilt.
A park-and-ride program has been put in place to facilitate patrons. The Rivere Doree  school grounds is the designated parking area. From there a FREE shuttle service every fifteen minutes to and from the beach will be in effect throughout the day.

The music, Blazing Sounds with a crew of top DJs will provide the blazing music and entertainment for massive crowd which is expected.  The bar be will well stocked with a number of promotions all day, from Bright at 2 for $5 to Black and White whiskey at 2 for $10 and lots of other tantalizing promos. The food under the supervision of Lisa Orielly, will be mouth-watering, finger-licking - bouillon, souse, mac and cheese, fried fish and chicken, breadfruit and saltfish, accra and lots, lots more of other specials.

Champion Crew Easter festival

Action starts from 11:00 am. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Sunset Bay Resort - A Choiseul Dream Come True!

A St Lucia Times article post earlier today seems to have raised the hope of the many unemployed youth plaguing the community. This is a dream come true for Choiseulians.
This blog reproduces the article in its entirety.

                  Choiseul Community Gets $200m Hotel

Lorne Theophilus
The Choiseul community has been earmarked for a major hotel project costing between one hundred and seventy to two hundred million US dollars, Tourism Minister, Lorne Theophilus has announced.
Theophilus told the Times that the Sab Wisha Beach Park in Choiseul will be the site for the construction of the Sunset Bay Resort.
The resort is expected to be a four and a half to five star boutique-type property.
The Minister, who is also the MP for Choiseul/Saltibus, asserted that the development will significantly transform the lives of the people of the constituency.
He believes it will enable them to become an important part of the tourism landscape of Saint Lucia.
Theophilus disclosed that the sale of the Sab Wisha area was completed about three weeks ago.
He revealed that since the sale, the proprietors have been making various applications such as to the Development Control Authority (DCA), for moving the road.
“They are expecting all things being equal, from start to completion to take between fourteen to sixteen months,” Theophilus told the Times.
The Minister said the proprietors are hoping that within another three and a half weeks to a month they can commence work on the property.
He described the project as a very active one being spearheaded by a dynamic team of investors who are eager to begin construction.

Aerial view of Sunset Bay resort
Theophilus would not be drawn on who the investors are, explaining that the details will be revealed shortly at an official unveiling of the project.
But he did indicate that the investors are a multi-national group.
Theophilis told the Times that the proprietors will be here by weekend to have an unveiling and sod-turning ceremony for the project in the Choiseul community.
He observed that the Choiseul property development will include a craft component enabling craft to be produced and sold at the resort.
“Knowing that Choiseul is the craft Mecca of the Island will give a significant boost to the craft people and the Craft Association,” the Choiseul/Saltibus MP declared.

Another view of Sunset Bay Resort
He also said that there would be major job opportunities during the different phases of construction of the Sunset Bay resort, utilizing the number of skilled workers of  the Choiseul community.
In addition, Theophilus said the project would expand opportunities for tourism linkages including tours, taxis, fisheries and agriculture, with talks having already begun in this regard with the various associations and officials in the community.

Pics produced by blog author. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Will Rufus Really Run as an Independent? – by Dedan

There is an old saying which says, “You have to sleep with fowls to know if they snore.” I pride myself to knowing Rufus Bousquet so well that I think I can write a book about him. After spending almost 25 yrs in his camp who else can match me to know this guy better. I get a regular Rss feed from The St Lucia Times. At about 1:08 pm Thursday March 10, 2016 I received the feed – “Rufus says UWP Slate Barren.”  Upon opening the link, I was flabbergasted at what this man was saying. Like a dog barking at the wind he went out on a rampage damning the UWP leader and going as far as to question the integrity the endorsed candidates of the party. 

Rufus and Chastanet - Arch enemies?
He begins, “Your most important quality if you wish to be a candidate for the UWP is to show absolute devotion, love, submission to the leader” Rufus has none of these qualities and as for submission, he would rather enforce it upon another himself. Rufus throughout his tenure as Parliamentary Rep continually did things on his own without any consultation – a pure one- man show. No wonder Compton had him fired twice - he is a poor listener. Rufus is allergic to protocol and that has been has been among other things his downfall.

He continued with his ranting, “If you walk into the room wearing out your knee caps and your elbows and bow before Mr. Allen Chastanet, then no matter what people think, you will be the candidate.” Can you believe this coming from the guy? Rufus lays blame on everybody for whatever happens to him. He said it was his team who had him to lose the last elections. He says it’s your humble servant that prevented him from getting more votes in Polling Division I5. What however he will not say, it is only after I managed the team, UWP for the first time won the Polling Division I5. Rufus is a buck-passer.

Rufus seem to think that it is Chastanet who does not want him as the candidate for Choiseul. This is so wrong. Rufus is not a team player. He should have realized that his little schemes to manipulate the Branch election process would not hold water. Furthermore, his sources are outdated and have lost touch with reality on the ground.

In spite of his firings,he continues to display signs of bad behavior. Mean, vindictive and hurtful words are all Rufus spews out at Allen Chastanet and by extension his comrades within the Party. That's an example of using blame to excuse his  own bad behavior. Blame is like anger in that it dulls one sense of empathy. It allows a person to act in a hurtful way to another human being or organisation. It isn't the act itself, but it often clears the road. Blame is not the act itself, but it either erodes or outright removes these inhibitions, often both.  It develops a thought pattern that allows the person's emotions to override his/her self-control in order to achieve an often selfish end -- including sustaining dysfunctional patterns. Hmmm!

While this may seem like an overly harsh statement, also realize the kind of mindset that so quickly adopts blame as a defensive posture for emotional/ego protection is exactly the  same one that will put you in front of, otherwise avoidable, physical danger.

 Lorne, Rufus and Bradley - Candidates for Choiseul
So there comes the bombshell which this blog predicted in an earlier post. Rufus declares his candidacy as an independent. "In those circumstances, knowing the reaction of the people of Choiseul to me and knowing that they repose a tremendous amount of faith in me as a representative, I don’t think I should let them down.” Rufus explained.  Seriously? Pure bluff, bluff and more bluff! Or is it scare tactic? I would want to believe it's the latter. (Have your say on the poll on the right)

Reason. Rufus does not like to lose. He will never go in a three cornered fight. Take it from me. Plus, he will never risk his resources just to lose or upset a candidate. This is not in the nature of the man whom I know. So what’s the solution – have him come on board with Bradley and offer him a JOB in government if the party wins. But he has spewed so much garbage already, really one wonders what is there for him.

The ball is in his court to play, if there are not already plans afoot to kick him out of the party.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

"Bradley's Application Has Been Confirmed By The National Executive" - Rufus

Bradley Felix
Well is all boiling down to the wire and finally a path is being chartered to let Choiseul's UWP supporters know  whom their candidate for the next General Elections will be. It has been a long and dragging process with a lot of ill-will, subterfuge, cocomackery, fight-down and a deliberate attempt by certain individuals in position to mislead the supporters of the Party in the Constituency.

Whereas, Rufus' Neal's and Bradley’s name were in the pool, the branch executive chose to endorse Neal and not Bradley, using the excuse that Bradley was not a member of the Party. The Bradley’s membership could have been simply confirmed with just one phone call. Anyway the Central Executive found a lack of consistency with the Branch’s modus operandi and chastised them for it. Anyway in spite of them knowing full well that Neal is not interested, proceeded to send up his name to the National Executive

Hearing about this development I WhatsApp Rufus, whom we all know is the Chairman of the Branch.  “Hey, Bradley just told me that he has applied to the Branch, so what’s the hold up now? The branch has not acknowledged his application.” I wrote.  “Really, ask him to say that publicly” Rufus replied, an hour thirty-three minutes later. I understood from a reliable source that the Branch had a meeting last night. So hence the late reply I presume.

But earlier this morning I had already spoken with a member of the National Executive who informed me that Bradley is a member of the Party and that his application has been accepted.  So I went back to Rufus. “He [Bradley] is a member of the Party and his application is in….and I know full well that you are aware of this.” (Bradley had a month or there about earlier,February 8th to be exact, written to the branch telling them that he is interested in running the seat). “So stop “mischieving” around.”  Rufus replied mentioning that he has signed Neal’s application and that there was no application from Bradley. He went on to say, “….His [Bradley’s] application to the Party has already been confirmed by the National Executive so make sure you have your facts right.  I am already resigned to the fact that I am not Chastanet’s candidate. He has his candidate. So what’s the issue?”

None!   Bradley I presume will be endorsed soon. Let’s wait and see how things turn out in the coming weeks………. It may not be over just yet.

Monday, March 07, 2016

Jesus, Take the wheel!

In the few years I have followed politics in this constituency, I have never seen such dark times as now. The Choiseul/Saltibus Constituents have theirs backs between a rock and a hard place - Lorne being the rock and Rufus the hard place. Lorne's tenure thus far has been nothing short of a something-of-a-representation, though there seems to be some improvements lately. As for  Rufus Bousquet's charade, it is nothing short of pure mischief, greed and as far as this blog is concerned, hopeless case (Espoir mal papaye). Both UWP and SLP supporters are dumbfounded as to what is the Rep up too, and further, are completely bewildered at Rufus' propaganda, that he has come back because he loves the people of Choiseul - nothing short of lies, lies, more lies as well as oppurtunistic.

Lorne Theophilus
Lorne and Rufus - birds of a feather - both know the art of manipulation and coercian.
The attacks on each other during the 2011 General Elections was very intense. Though one could see the contempt for Rufus in Lorne's demeanor and statements while on platform, the former was more reserved when it came for throwing blows at the latter? - however, the campaign song about Lorne by the Choiseul Uwp branch was a disgrace.
The UWP convention hype is over and Chastanet has convincingly held on to the leadership position. It is not surprising that Rufus and his entourage are dejected, disappointed and broken at the results.
A good friend of mine who religiously reads this blog, mentioned to me my apparent obsession with writing about Rufus - is that so? It's not an obsession but a passion for writing about things I consider that affects the Choiseul community and it happens that Rufus is at the center - hence his name making it in my blog. So much for that.
Bradley Felix
Fast forward! It is being rumoured that Bradley Felix will most likely be the endorsed candidate for the UWP's come this elections. I personally called Bradley and asked him about the rumour. He was rather tight-lipped about the matter and informed me that if he decides to run for the seat, he will provide this blog with the info. Hmmm!
Fast forward! The UWP Executive of the Branch Council are up in arms as to the rumours/fact that Bradley has been hand picked by Allen to run the seat. "Why did he not make his application through the Council? They cry out. "He [Allen]cannot do that" They continued.  And the chorus goes on and on.
Inside their own pool, it is alleged, there are three names - The chairman (Rufus) Huggins Nicholas and Tassa Jean. Yet, up to this date the Council has not seen it fit to interview any of the potential candidates so as to select the best and send the name up to the Central Executive. WHY? Tassa it is alleged has withdrawn her application, Huggins it is alleged was just playing with the Party's head - so this leaves one player in the ring. Why has his name not sent up to the Central Executive? Your guess is as good as mine.
Rufus Bousquet
While the supporter-base of the uwp party in Choiseul seems to be rallying around Bradley, and things are so hazy as to the way forward, Lorne is making considerable strides in all the polling divisions and consolidating his supporters base in no small way.

So what's the hold up? Anybody knows? Surely not this blog. UWP supporters are growing impatient. Central or the local Branch, stop feet-dragging. And what happens if Bradley is selected to run the seat? My take? Rufus and sections of his Executive seems to have the illusion that the people of Choiseul still wants Rufus back. Nothing could be further from the truth than this.  Rufus, if he believes this must be in fantasy world. Rufus must face the reality and call it a day after 25 yrs. Every single polling division this blog has visited, Rufus' popularity has dropped significantly. To put it bluntly, if Rufus runs against Lorne, he is gonna get his ass whooped AGAIN!
With  Bradley,it is alleged that the contest will be more balanced, and Lorne will have to work harder since the Saltibus votes which are traditionally uwpees and who swung because of Rufus's neglect and voted Lorne, MAY have a change of heart. Of course proving everything else stays constant.
It would be interesting to see what  happens if a three-cornered fight - Lorne, Rufus, Bradley were to evolve this coming elections? Jesus, take the wheel!