Saturday, June 27, 2015

Nothing To Smile About?

Good and competent representation is something that seems to elude the constituency of Choiseul/Saltibus. Persons in the generation before mine say that JMD Bousquet was about the best Parliamentary Rep this Constituency has they say. Others argue Gilbert Mason was tops.
My generation and up, to my mind have been disgruntled with what passes for good representation in Choiseul/Saltibus. From Brian to Lorne, do you see anything to smile about? Driving through the Choiseul Village, do you see anything to smile about? Walking through the Forgotten Communities do you see anything to smile about? Taking a look at the present state of unemployment among our youths in the district, do you see anything to smile about? The parents who cannot afford to send their children to school is this anything to smile about? No, No, No, nada to smile about.

Roblot Multi-Purpose Centre ( Nothing to shout about)
Will our Rep ever make his constituents smile? Smiles have disappeared on the faces of the youth, the elderly the small contractors, the farmers, the fishers, the housewives, the children, the shut-ins and the whole lot in  The Forgotten Communities. So, is there hope? Recently, in fact just this week, a reliable source informed this blog that the estimates for the renovation of the Roblot Multi-purpose Centre has been completed and that tenders for the work will be out about July-August. The source also mentioned that some potholing of the roads is down to be time frame given.
Although I trust my source, I took this news with a grain of salt.....the source herself mentioned keeping her fingers crossed as well.
The reason for this blog's uncertainty as to whether this project will ever get off the ground, is based on similar promises being made about the commencement of the project by the Rep himself at the opening of the Bois D'orange Bridge, where he and me had a one on one chat, and one by the source herself when in August last year she mentioned that part of the Constituency Development Fund would go towards the Centre. I dismissed this based on my little knowledge on evaluation. Not even the CDF would be sufficient to complete this this was a blank shot.
Immediately upon getting the news from my source I posted the news on Facebook. One well known political activist tin the district commented, "Elections coming, boy." Another from One of the forgotten communities wrote, “It’s high time something needed to be done in the forgotten community. Our roads for sure need some major repair. Hope to the Almighty something be done soonest.” Surely she has nothing to smile about.
We in the Forgotten Communities look forward to the day when we can have somrthing to smile about. Until then……………….

Does the Rep have anything to smile about? May be. He may just smile at this article and the blue sky above in the pic above.