Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fw: 90-year old pulls out on STEP

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Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2012 11:06:58
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Subject: 90-year old pulls out on STEP

During the Easter STEP program this blog reported the employment of under-aged workers. This we reported was a breach of the labour laws of the country.
To make matters even worse the selection committee for STEP program this time around has employed a ninety year old man to the program in the Roblot area while some needy parents are blatantly neglected because of their voting preference. Jadia Jn Pierre, the PM's press secretary made it crystal clear that this round of the program is to give support to the needy parents who have children who will be attending school in September. What about this statement that the Choiseul STEP organizors don't understand?
They failed to do a background check on the ageable man who is already on the government assistance program. Yes the old man fell sick after a day's work and had to be taken to hospital. He is presently in bed now. Reliable sources inform the blog that the old man's daughter as well as other persons in the community are upset as they see no reason why this man who can barely walk should be in the program.. The old man is a die-hard Labour. Get the picture?
This blog can point to at least three single mothers in the community who could do with the "kakadan" the program gives. Yet they were ignored. This form of affirmative action must stop now.
However one should not be surprised at the behaviour of the persons who head the program as they must have taken their que from the Rep.
Persons who do wrong that affect children will in someway, someday, pay for this. Will the old man still be paid? If I was in his place I would demand my pay.

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