Sunday, November 20, 2016


I am becoming increasingly repetitious  with this "first thing" it appears.  However I feel proud as a Choiseulian when it is our "FIRST" and not caring a damn about being repetitious. Let our achievement be echoed loud and clear.

 Choiseul, this year,  has moved on by leaps and bounds – a first true Choiseulian to be its Parliamentary Representative - (Bradley), a first Choiseulian from Caffierre to win the National Carnival queen - (Tyla)  a first Choiseul  cricket team to win the National T20 competition - (Choiseul 20/20 Cricket team, a first police officer from Choiseul to be get a Phd (Johnny) and now the first local organizing team  to bring Aqua Sports Action to this South-western coast community - (Champion Crew) “Choisez faire ee.”

Bringing this AQUA ACTION to the heart of the district Choiseul Village Beach)  have had its roots in a number of testing beach activities which Champion Crew experimented  with over the past months. Three activities -  two at the Rivere Doree beach and one at Soufriere. With the crowds responding favorably and after lots of consideration, planning and of course going through all the red tapes, AQUA ACTION 2016 is here.

The AQUA ACTION is down for November 27th, 2016  FROM 11:00AM – the upcoming weekend. The Choiseul Village Beach will come alive with a plethora of water activities.

🌊Choiseul Village Beach🌊..... 😎Sunday, November 27th😎...
Entertainment Turning OVER With
🏄🏽🏄🏽Water sports, 🏄🏾‍♀🏄🏾‍♀Jet Skiing, 🚣🏾‍♀🚣🏾‍♀Tube Rides,🚤🚤 Boat Shows & Not Forgetting The MASSIVE 👙SWIMWEAR COMPETITION👙 With First Class Prizes Up For Grabs💵💵...

                  This Event Is Sponsored By Mercury🛥


Monday, November 14, 2016

"Water under the bridge.Let's consider it that." - Darrion tells "Old Brooms"

In a recent post on FB, most likely in response to our previous post entitled “The Youth needs answers from the Choiseul UWP Executive Branch”, Darrion AndreJr Louis penned.
Darrion at a youth meeting

"I'll just say this much and let it rest on the issue of the position of Youth Officer for the Choiseul/Saltibus constituency.

Going around Choiseul/Saltibus during the campaign and trying to motivate and mobilize a set of young people who experienced nothing but neglect for so many years was no easy task.

The youth of Choiseul don't want or need much just a fair opportunity. The talent and burning desire to succeed we have as a young people in the constituency is unmatched. ...
My dream is to work along with the "old brooms" and an amazing group of " new brooms" regardless of what has been said or done at the end of the day it is for the greater good. According to Rick Wayne " Water under the bridge." Let's consider it that.

Please be very careful what you say about our young people. KN G-Nicholas has done an amazing job for youth, no need to go into details on here. Leave her alone please and thanks.

So when as "Old brooms" you specifically target the young people and try to put division among the ranks . STOP! Because if you don't STOP we will revolt against this administration." *[The Executive of the Choiseul UWP Constituency Branch]

"As far as I am concerned the UWP administration is in office. Yes we voted them in but not for the current structure of executives we now see especially in Choiseul.

STOP. Consider this a gentle warning issued to the "OLD BROOMS"

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Youth Need Answers From The Choiseul UWP Branch Executive

Darrion Andre Jr Louis
I can't seem to be able to get over that famous statement that was made by the Chairman of the Choiseul Uwp Constituency Branch sometime in July or August this year, if my memory serves me right. "New brooms sweep clean, but old brooms know all the corners." This was the quotation. I have tried to analyse this statement from all angles and can't come up with a conclusive answer to put it to rest once and for all. 

Silvanius Fontenard coins it, "Old Brooms tactically associated with criminals, deportees and other corrupt agents." Hmmm! Seriously? Well then I can probably see now why Darrion's name was not on the voting list at the branch meeting. The young man's name was taken up to Castries by a certain "old broom" who  it is alleged never submitted the name to be registered - Darrion could not vote nor could he be nominated on the branch. He has been demanding answers. Nobody is coming forward.

 Can you for one moment ponder over why Darrion's name was not registered as a member of the UWP? Food for thought! But that is for another show.

What was interesting at that election was the urgency with which the Bousquet puppets wanted to get on Bradley's Constituency Branch. A high ranking official of the Constituency branch revealed that these persons really believe that being on the executive that they will be in a position to get favours. Are you surprised?

A notable member puts it bluntly. "I wish these people were hearing the comments of Bradley's supporters - Unfortunately I am the one they are calling with their displeasure because of my role in the campaign - I still cannot understand why people who were so boldly opposed to Bradley would want to serve on the branch committee unless they have ulterior motives."

It is the ulterior motives which will be uncovered and foiled by Darrion - hence the all out effort to keep him out. At the last meeting I attended it was announced that the Executive would put the Youth officer matter to the assembly at future meetings. So far the it has had one meeting (according to my sources) and the matter was not even on the agenda. What's going on?

Darrion is the ideal candidate for the position of Youth officer. This energetic and vibrant young man was VERY instrumental in bringing the  youth home. His sleepless night, his frequent visits to home and his one-on-one rapport captivated the youngsters at the last elections. Where as there is speculation that Kina Nicholas is also eyeing the position,  I think Darrion is more qualified for that job.

Just before posting this article online I called Darrion to find out whether his registration has been resolved. There was no reply.

Let's rally together and demand that the executive make a statement on the position of Youth Officer. Time to make them wake up and smell the coffee. J

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Can The Youth Of The Forgotten Communities Be Merged Into One Group?

A few key members on the new group's exec
Forming a group in any of the Forgotten Communities is an up hill task - muchless trying to merge them. Take my word for it. Internal migration, socio-economics, religion, drugs and  and poor administrative skills  are all mitigating factors,which affects the continuity of any program in these communities. Not to mention the self-acclaimed status displayed by a few founders. Hmmm!

"Some of these executive members don't even socialize." A comment from a Debreuil Youth. "I en in dat." A Lamaze resident mentioned over the phone. Among the youth in Roblot there is a luke warm feeling towards this new initiative - Poor  public relations I want to believe. Let's hope things turn around.

I have had the privilege to witness many clubs/groups born and die a painful death leaving the members frustrated,disappointed and a complete disregard for accountability of finances. The best of them all to date fell when greed took over the minds of those "absentee" executive members who thought they could manage. What a  let down of the community's youth!

This article is not intended to "dis" this so called new group, but to rather recall the historical background of the clubs that have been formed in the Forgotten Communities - all in the archives of Choiseul On The Move. Those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it.

Chrisee made things happen
1. Sometimes I sit and wonder, whether there are persons out there who are seriously concerned about the welfare of the residents of Roblot and environs. If there are they surely have a unique way of showing it.
Many persons will remember the days when Lamaze and Roblot have very good cricket teams. Debreuil was tops in football.  Continue reading at

2.The Roblot Development Committee has been plagued with the problem of migration of its executive members for ages now. This scenario of replacing two executive members at a meeting earlier today is nothing new.   Read more at

Lamaze residents at a meeting
3.One could sense the tension in the air as residents of the community of La Maze came together at the Resource Centre to elect a Management Committee.

Lamaze Youth Leaders
4.Four beautiful young ladies led by Ms. Nelta Francis, stepped into the Constituency office, looking very professional in the deameanor and mode of dress. Purpose?  Find out by reading on.

Debreil Youth Leaders
5.At a meeting held at the Debreuil/Roblot Combined school on June 29, 2011, the youth of Debreuil elected an executive to run the affairs of the club.
Debreuil youths have in the past, shown great potential in the line of sports as well as academics. Read more.

Kierian expressing her views 
6.It was an historic occasion. Over one hundred youths assembled at the Centre of Excellence in a 'get together' environment to chart the way forward towards their development. Read more at…

7. It is left to be seen how committed this revived executive is. Only time will tell as they venture to prove a point and improve the Roblot Community.Read more at 

1. Can a Roblot-based executive seriously manage youth in Lamaze, Roblot and Debreuil?
 2. Shouldn't consultations [ at least a month long] be held to get the feel of the youth and let them decide what structure this group or club should take or if they want to be part of it at all?
3. Would persons like Kina Nicholas or even Brad accept joining such a group where the executive is a Roblot-based one? Hmmmm. 

Though the intentions behind forming this group may be valid, if this group/club is to survive with Roblot, Lamaze and Debreuil youth/residents working in unison, the STRUCTURE  and COMPOSITION of the EXECUTIVE MUST be REVISITED.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Another Son Of The Soil Makes Us a Proud People, Again!

Dr. Leonard Johnny
This year appears to belong to Choiseul. -  a new Parliamentary Representative, a National Carnival Queen, T20 Chanpions and now an academic portraying a doctorate. Choiseul moving up!

On Friday, 21st October 2016, Leonard Johnny, a retired policeman from the Royal St. Lucia Police Force residing in [Mongouge] Choiseul, graduated from the University of the West indies with a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice.

His doctoral thesis entitled, “An Evaluation of the Causes of Delinquency and Violence Displayed by Secondary School Students: A Case Study of St. Lucia,” investigated:

(i) the causes of delinquency and violence displayed by secondary school students in St. Lucia
(ii) the mediating role of specific variables on the relationship between some of the tested variables and delinquency and violence.

In this study, he utilized components of four delinquency theories to create a new theoretical model which he named the “Four S model.” This model was used to test ten variables in an attempt to establish what causes secondary school students in St. Lucia to behave delinquently and violently. He also utilized six mediating variables to determine whether they had an effect on the relationship between four of the tested variables and, delinquency and violence displayed by secondary school students. This new model can be use within the wider region and/ or globally to test for the causes of delinquent and violent behaviour.

This study yielded exciting results among which are the following:

(1) Peer relationship, gender, low self-esteem, low self-control, drug and alcohol abuse, and parental practices are significantly associated with delinquency and violence displayed by secondary school students in St. Lucia.

(2) Peer pressure greatly influenced the behaviour of secondary school students in St. Lucia.

Dr. Johnny in his graduation gown
(3) Drug and alcohol abuse, the use of drugs in the past year and lifetime use of drugs mediated the effects of self-esteem on delinquency and violence displayed by secondary school students in St. Lucia.

(4) Drug and alcohol abuse, use of drugs in the past year and lifetime use of drugs; deviant peers and low self-esteem mediated the effects of parental practice on delinquency and violence displayed by secondary school students in St. Lucia.

(5) Males who attend secondary schools appeared to be more delinquent and violent than females
(6) 92% of the students surveyed indicated that they have consumed alcohol and 48.7% of them reported that they consume alcohol on a weekly basis.

(7) Secondary school students in St. Lucia are being introduced to alcohol mainly by their parents.

(8) The use of alcohol is more common than the use of drugs among secondary school students in St. Lucia.

(9) Drug and alcohol abuse cause secondary school students in St. Lucia to display a low level of self-control.

(10) Secondary school students have problems controlling themselves because they cannot control their anger.

Dr. Leonard Johnny previously pursued and accrued an Advance Diploma in Security Management from Stonebridge Associated Colleges, a Certificate in Public Administration, a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Government, and a Master’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the university of the West Indies.