Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mem Bet Mem Pwell

As I sit with my BB and start to write this post my father -in-law has just put on his sound system and the sound Snowflakes by Jim Reeves echoes throughout the community. More than one person have asked , why am I not running my system for the sesson? Apparently they miss the pounding of the bass that somehow brought a feeling of the season for the community over the years. No specific reason for not charging up my system. Simply this Xmas did not really appeal to me. Guess you may want to think poliitics? Nah, no way.
Pre-Christmas activities in. Roblot have traditionally remained the same - nimals being slaughtered at homes, farmers bringing an extra load of mixed ground provisions and vegetables, Courts delivering one, two appliances, bamboo bursting , the transits being filled with residents going to VF to do a little shopping and finally the late night drinkere shouting their hearts out on their way home.
Quite visibly on christmas day was the absence of the usual Roblot crew that comes down from Castries every year. The house to house routine was absent. What seemed to have happened is that individual homes had small sessions privately where one two strangers popped in for a bite or drink. The uch xpected drum and bottle beating and marching on the road by the youngsters of the area was not that impressive like last year. (Maybe due to the rain)
For sure Christmas not not impressive in the community this year like previous years. The party goers have gotten one year older, the Vat may have taken its toll, employment is actually a no in this community, though the government did circulate a little something amongst its own people, and there seems to be a general feelings that Christmas is just another day. ( Have not seen one Christmas light outside a home)
With the. "Better Days" slogan, now two Christmases old, one would have expected a livelier season. The job creation propaganda, the 100 million dollar injection bluff and the betterment of life for the rural people is still an elusve dream.
With the election of lorne over Rufus Choiseulians were looking forward to a change in affairs. This is still far-fetched and seemms destined for a "espoire mal papai."
The same bluff Rufus employed during his tenure seems to have taken root in lorne's modus operandi. What will be interesting to note is certain communites have not seen the Rep for over a year now. Will he do like Calderon and pass during the night blasting over his P] systen, " bon "laney."
Which. Ever way you cut it all. Dem ploiticians are the same. Mem bet mem pwell.
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