Monday, August 31, 2009

Choiseul Village Court to get Lights

Work is presently underway at the Village Multipurpose court. Four flood lamps are being erected and installed.
The court was built by the Village Council earlier this year. The Rep. has now taken the initiative to bring the court up a notch. He wants the youth in the village and nearby environs to utilise the playing facility at nights.
He is of the view that some persons who are at work hardly have time afterwork to "take a sweat" but now with the lights this can be done on evenings at their convenience.
Recently lights were installed on the court in La Fargue and the sports boys and girls are making full use of the facility during nightime.
Plans are presently being put in pace to upgrade the Mongouge Court.
Bousquet, giving Sports in the district a BOOST.

Bousquet Issues Warning To His Constituents

The District Representative, after being briefed by government officials has decided to warn his constituents about an internet scam whereby jobs oppurtunities are offered overseas. This he says is a scam intended to extort monies from job seekers Mr. Bousquet is aware that CXC results are out and that's the time when the young folks seek work.. He warns, "DON'T GO THERE!"
Here are the full details:
The Ministry of Labour, Information and Broadcasting wishes to alert the general public of an internet scam involving mass circulation of emails containing false job opportunities, particularly in the hospitality industry.
The emails claim that many employment opportunities are available in the USA and Canada at some of the major hotel chains; the Omni Hotels chain is prominently featured. Email recipients are urged to disclose their personal information and to pay US$195.00 for an Entrance Approval Certificate and work permit which would guarantee them entry and employment in the respective countries.
The ministry has conducted its investigations and has also ascertained that these job offers are scams aimed at extorting money from vulnerable job seekers. This information is to safeguard potentially misguided Saint Lucians from falling victim to the scams.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Boisden Road project has commenced

The Boisden residents are finally breathing a sigh of relief. Their road has been in a deplorable condition for years now.
Works commenced on the road last week. Seven subcontractors are on the job preparing the drainage works to prepare for the surfacing.
This work was made possible by the constant pressure being exerted by the District Rep. on the Minister of Communication and Works Mr. Guy Joseph.
Another project in the pipeline is the La Maze Road, which is due to start anytime now.
In a recent poll carried on this blog, readers were asked, "Do you think Bousquet is doing a good job in Choiseul?" The results show 53% "Yes", 30% "No", 15% "He's trying", 7% "He should do more".

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Mr. Henson Samuel, Deputy Chairman of the Choiseul Village Council, is heading the Social and Cultural Committee within the Council. An activity has been organised to bring life back into the La Rose Festival in the district.The Cultural Committee has put in place a Seance to take place in the Village at the market square on August 28, 2009 from 7:00 pm.
Last week the District Rep. made a presentation to Ma Baybay's La Rose Group and promise to assist the other La Rose groups in the district. Mr. Mc. Leo Augier, president of Ma Baybay's group, collected the cheque of $600.00 on behalf of the group.
Below is an updated press release from the Council:

DATE: Monday August 24, 2009


The Choiseul Village Council in collaboration with the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) presents a GRAND SÉANCE LA WOZ to be held on Friday August 28, 2009, beginning from 7pm at the Old Fish Market in the village.

The activity will kick off with the Parade of all the Past Kings and Queens of La Woz in Choiseul and this will be followed by the Grand Séance, during which, the Kings and Queens for 2009 will be crowned.

It is the very first time that such an activity will be held in Choiseul and the Choiseul Village Council aims to bring together all La Woz groups in the district and to rekindle or capture the interest of residents in the La Rose Flower Festival celebrated on August 30, each year.

The Council hopes that this will be the catalyst for each community within the Choiseul district to form La Woz groups to meet the objectives of its Social and Cultural Committee.

On Sunday August 30, 2009, all La Woz groups around St. Lucia will congregate in Choiseul to celebrate the Flower Festival. The day will begin with a church service at the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church and followed by performances by the various groups at the La Fargue Playing Field.

The Choiseul Village Council takes the opportunity to invite all persons to attend these activities.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Recreational Fun day

The scenic Sabweesha Beach Park provided the venue for the inaugural hosting of the Choiseul Recreational Fun Day. On August 1st, Emancipation Day, the Choiseul Youth & Sports Council in collaboration with the Choiseul Centre of Excellence began proceedings with a health walk which commenced at Reunion, proceeded through to Victoria, continued through to Ravineau; then to Delcer and finally culminated at Sabweesha. There the participants scrumptiously enjoyed an assortment of recreational activities such as lime and spoon, tug O war, bun-eating, volley-ball, football, balloon-games, treasure hunting and aerobics. Everyone boasted the event as it provided a setting for families, clubs, and groups; to pleasurably interact as one community, while promoting recreation, health and fitness.
The support provided by Lucosade and the Parliamentary Representative Hon. Rufus Bousquet, was imperative to the success of the event, as participants were well clad with an event T-Shirt and were rewarded with incentives for participation. Recreational Fun Day Part two, promises to be an even more thrilling and entertaining spectacle.

Written by Jonathan Chalon

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Bousquet Presents Computers

On a typical Saturday morning in the Choiseul Village, many passersby stopped at the market square to witness the presentation ceremony, where Mr. Rufus G. Bousquet, the Parliamentary/District Representaive, would be presenting five Laptops with printers to the top five students of the top five schools in his constituency.

Master of ceremony, Mc Arthur Phillip, District Community Officer started the ceremony with a short remark recognizing the officials, parents , teachers and the gathering. The welcome remarks was delivered by a representative of the Village Council,Mr. Gilbert Issaac.

The District Education Officer for District 7, Mr Mathurin congratulated the students and cautioned them about peer preassure in these time. He went on to shower praise on the district Representative for continuing to play such an important role in the lives of children in the district.

"Student of the year" from the Choiseul Secondary School,Ms. Hannah Felix , the guest speaker, had words of wisdom to the five students, Firstly she told them , "I would briefly like to commend you all on a job well done. I am sure that you have made yourself, previous school and family very proud. You are here today because of your excellent performance in the Common Entrance Examination. It is said that “Nothing succeeds like success” and if there is any truth in the adage then your achievement today is only just the beginning of better things to come. Having tasted success so early, I am sure you are truly motivated to try even harder in your future endeavors". She went on to say, "What you should guard against is complacency, no matter how well you have done; there is always room for improvement. Continue to challenge yourselves until you reach the pinnacle of success. As you get ready to enter a secondary school you must remain focused. Never allow yourself to be led astray by negativities. Don’t fall prey to negative peer pressure, laziness and lack of determination.

Mr. Bousquet, in his short remarks before presenting the students with their Laptop and printer, encouraged them to make full use of this technological age. "There is nothing in the world that you want to find out about that cannot be found on the internet." he said. Bousquet went on to inform the audience that very soon anyone with a laptop can virtually access the net from any location. He said that his government is working steadfastly on this. He thought that the student from Saltibus, although she did not qualify to get a laptop and printer will be rewarded for her efforts. At a special ceremony Simeon will be presented with a laptop and printer.This met with a loud applause.

The students, Stephie De Fraites, Lyndia James,Taquel Lewis, Jordan Mitchel and Johnny Edward each recieved a laptop and printer. A great reward for their efforts.

Bousquet, taking Choiseul to higher grounds.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Choiseul Youth and Sports Council Hosts Summer Camp

Choiseul Summer Camp 2009 came to an exciting climax on Friday 31st July after an exhilarating week of learning, excitement and fun. The theme for the camp was FIGHTING HIV / AIDS through Character Building and was hosted by the Choiseul Youth & Sports Council in collaboration with the Universal Peace Federation. Approximately One hundred participants converged at the Centre of Excellence in Reunion to engage in a multiplicity of fun and educational activities.

A superb cast of presenters addressed the participants on a variety of interesting themes. Dr. Morella Joseph was especially inspiring as she shared her stories of triumph and tragedy with the audience. She captivated the participants using Shock & Awe tactics and a dose of straight talk about the realities and challenges facing young persons in our society. There were poignant addresses from Mr. Casius Elias and Mr. Ignatius Evans who enlighten and motivated the campers to strive for excellence in their every endeavour pointing out that their “attitude will determine their altitude.”

A group of participants formed the media team who were instructed by the veteran media guru Mr. Jerry George; who focused on interviewing, oral presentation, production and dramatization. They used those skills to create a feature presentation on HIV /AIDS and its impact on youth in the community which included an interview segment with community persons, a theatrical presentation and movie production. Mr. Linwall James continued the fight against increasing threats to humanity as he made a stellar presentation on anger management and conflict resolution.

Mr. Remy Taupier from the Universal Peace Federation facilitated intriguing plenary as the participants sought to dissect the intimacies of happiness, maturity, and sexual relationships. Daily group discussions were facilitated by outstanding volunteers who created a safe and secure learning environment where participants discussed and explored various issues related to sex, abstinence, happiness, and virtues. Participants were provided with opportunities to showcase their talents in song through a Karaoke segment, which uncovered a plethora of amazing singing talent among the youth. Dance and drama allowed the students to build their self confidence as they brought to life their various perspectives on HIV, sexuality and health. Participants’ artistic talents were nurtured and showcased through poster making, jewellery designs, card making and other arts and craft activities. The participants indulged in a variety of team building activities fun games and sport as they developed a sense of teamwork, and sportsmanship which will help form desirable virtuous character.

A sense of volunteerism and community were developed in the participants as they played their part in a community service project which included a community clean up, a documentary and the clean-up of the Sab Weesha Beach Park.

The closing ceremony provided the stage for the participants to collect their certificates and say thank you to the sponsors, Caricom, The Department of Youth & Sports and Bank of Saint Lucia. The participants then hosted a extraordinary talent show which brought the curtains down on what the one participant described as “the best camp ever.”

Contributed by Jonathon Chalon
Look out for more photos tomorrow.