Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who will the Councillors be?

 It is a known fact that the District rep has the autonomy to nominate whoever he wants on the Village Council and as mere formality the Governor General confirms these nominations.
The Councilors are appointed on a yearly basis which starts from February 1, to January 31, the following year. This year the tenure of the Councillors was cut short or rather terminated once the government changed hands.Councilors got their termination letter mid December 2011
The ball is now in Lorne's court, and it is his duty to now appoint I think nine persons to serve as Councillors for the term Feb. 2012 - Jan. 2013.
 Who will Lorne appoint?  It is our strong suspicion that the rep will appoint a strong, young and vibrant Village council to see after a number of changes  he would like see in the system Bravo!
This blog's nine Councillors are:

A representative from Piaye and one from Bellevue area would complete the list. Webby  will provide representation to the fishermen while jonathon will see after sports. Kadian to see after I5 ave to see after I1 Russel to see after the Saltibus area and Eve though not so popular to manage the Village/La Fargue affairs or Dean.
Quite a formidable team I would think.
A comment  under the previous post makes mention of persons who should be considered for Councilors.  This post was already written before the comment arrived here.Also thanks for the correction on the election results.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Did Bousquet deserve to lose? Part one

      It’s 2012 and general elections have come and gone, yet there are persons who are yet to come to grips with their unexpected defeat. Did I say unexpected? I guess history must have repeated itself. This last election was fought to the wire. Uwpees still keep saying that Labour did not win, they just lost. What garbage!
   The Piaye, Jetrine and Saltibus polling stations dealt Bousquet the knockout punch in this last election. In every one of these three polling divisions Bousquet did worst than 2006. Saltibus stood out the most giving Bousquet a meagre 70 votes lead. Why did Saltibus vote this way? 1. Labour did their homework. 2. The people were disenchanted with Rufus, and 3. Rufus’ campaign team in the area was actually non-existent. Bousquet literally abandoned the people for two long years because it is alleged that he got wind that the Saltibus constituency would be shifted over to Laborie for election 2011.The process dragged on until it was too late to combine Saltibus with Laborie. The prodigal son came home wounded and ashamed. Nothing he did could have soothed the Saltibus residents. They accepted gifts and whatever was handed to them, but deep in their hearts they had already made up their minds. Did he deserve to lose? You decide.
   Bousquet’s campaign team at the office was lacking in unity and direction. Rufus’ trio in Jimmy,Reds and Blackie were always at loggerheads as to what to do and how to do things. Reds’ job description frequently clashed with Jimmy’s and Blackie most times  had his own agenda.  Can you imagine that Blackie was not even a registered voter in Choiseul? Bringing Reds onboard angered many strong Uwp supporters as they felt that they were being short changed. They felt that Rufus was bypassing them who had worked for so long in the party and here he is bringing in Reds, a rejected Labourite, to boss them around. Many such persons publicly vented their anger did not vote.
   Rufus’ closely guarded secret of his illness dealt the campaign a crushing blow. There was no direction in the campaign; the office was running like it does not know what its functions are. Too many persons were doing as they please, with no one in command. Jimmy who was supposed to be campaign chairman was more concerned with projects and finance than strategising.  Meeting with divisional committees had to be postponed on a regular basis. Bousquet who had to be undergoing therapy every other week would only be briefed when he comes down the week after therapy. It could clearly be seen that Bousquet was not that keen in politics anymore or was not satisfied with what he was seeing or hearing. Your humble servant was during all their “halay kasay” working his guts out with his team trying to bring the Debreuil box home. This we did.
  In 2006 Bousquet won three polling divisions out of the nine. They were Delcer, Dacretin and Saltibus and won the election by a meagre 85 votes. In 2011 Bousquet won four polling divisions. The Debreuil box came on board for the first time since1992 plus the same three in 2006. Lorne still won with a meagre 95 votes. What needs to be taken into consideration here is history.
History or destiny had it that Lorne would have won the last elections. That news I held close to my chest and disclosed it only to my family. From the time of Bryan Charles, Choiseul’s elections have followed a sequential pattern over the years. A pity Bolo had not seen this. The pattern – Bryan - one term, Calderon - two terms, Rufus – one term, Fergy – two terms, Rufus -  one term. Taking that pattern into consideration it is obvious that Lorne would win. And mind you, he will be there for two terms. Surprised? History in the making! So did Rufus deserve to lose? He was destined.
   In closing we want to say that this blog has not acknowledged Lorne’s victory at the polls. We do so now and extend all the support and best wishes to him and his campaign crew. Good job guys you whooped our tails. Congrats are in order. However this blog will continue to monitor the Rep’s work and bring to light any forms of victimisation or favouritism pursued by him. We will equally inform our readers of his good works as well.
  This blog is very curious to find out the Rep’s choices for the Village Council – 2012 -2013. This as far as we are concerned will be his first test of openness and non-partisanship. Please no old hacks. Choiseul waits with bated breath.
Look out for  "Did Rrufus deserve to lose?" part 2 soon.

Monday, February 27, 2012

John “Bouncing”Dominique laid to rest

    Friday morning February 17, 2012 would be the last time John’s wife would see him alive. According to her John complained of pains in his abdomen throughout the night. She made him some tea and according to her the pain went away. John woke up quite rejuvenated the morning  enough to bid his wife goodbye as she left for work.
    Just before she left the house she asked her husband whether he would like to visit the doctor that morning. Negative. However, she could not help but notice that John’s gaze was fixed on his mom’s place which can be seen across the’ savanne’ some one hundred metres away. His mom has just recently passed the previous week.
   It was about 1:20pm or there about when one of John’s son notice him lying on the floor in the balcony. According to him his dad showed no vital signs.
   The protocol for a sudden death was observed, the wife was notified and yesterday “Bouncing” had his funeral and was laid to rest at the La Tourney Cemetery.
   He leaves to mourn his wife and six children. He was 50 yrs. Old.
    The funeral service was held at the Seventh Day Church in Vieux Fort. Marlan Wilson’s group “The Harmonic Quartet” performed a Boyz 2men song “It’s hard to say goodbye.” Mrs Petula Joseph gave the eulogy and gave the life story of John more or less from a family perspective. She recalled how John got the name “Bouncing.”  It was his method of delivery that caused the ball to always bounce at his opponent during a game of cricket.
“Bouncing” will surely be missed. 
RIP bro.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's the rumble in the Police Force?

The talks on the street have it that if you want to know where corruption resides, check thetop heirachy of the Police force.
Last week a Newsspin caller mentioned that about eight top officers in the force have had their US visa revoked. Whether this true or not it remains a fact, as has been confirmed by the Minister of legal affairs, that one top cop has had his visa revoked. He assured the nation that he does not know of any reason. Does this sound familiar? Remember the Frederick case?
Rick in his Sunday talk stuck to his guns to let us know that in a subtle way that the Us is sometimes being mischievous. Bravo! He further reiterated that the Americans don't owe you any explanation why your visa has been revoked.
Still making the rounds in the watering holes around the country is that Vernon Francois, our local boy, and top cop will soon be appointed to the post as commissioner. But hear the anti-climax, he will immediately sent on vacation and Hermingild will be contracted by the Government to act as top cop.
It is also being rumored that a top British cop is due on the island to help in the force. Remember the the last set of British officers that work here and the amount of problems they created for our local police?
The question remains, 1. Will Francois be made Commissioner and sent on leave?Any reasons? The public needs to know. Is this Ausbert's doing since he has comfortably handed a director of security job.
Francois has done a remarkable job in uniting the force as well as cutting down on crime. There are signs that the general public is beginning to show some trust in the force.
The Government needs to tread carefully in the decisions it makes so that unity, work ethics are maitained in the force.

Next week's post. "Did Rufus deserve to Lose?"

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Roblot Library Moves Ahead Technologically

The residents of the community library in Roblot now have access to computers to do their research.
Recently the library was donated with about four laptops.

The librarian, Mrs. Trudy Henry is very pleased as she thinks that there will be renewed interest by users of the library since the school children will now be able to access the internet to improve on their studies.
The community library was founded in 1993 and has since been of great assistance to the community. The library opens on a daily basis from 9:00 am till 5:00pm.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Change of name

As of March 1, 2012, this blog's name will be changed to 'EYE ON CHOISEUL."
It will deal with all issues taking place in the district.