Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bousquet to Present Laptops to Common Entrance Students

At a Presentation Ceremony slated for August 8, 2009, at 10:00 am in the Choiseul Village, the District Representative will be presenting to the top student of the top five primary schools in this year,s Common Entrance Examination results from his constituency with a Laptop.
The school are:
Dugard Combined- Taquel Lewis,
Reunion Primary- Lyndia James
Piaye Combined- Johnny Edward
Delcer Primary- Stephie De Fraites
Rivere Doree Combined- Jordan Mitchel

Mr. Bousquet is very conscious and cognitive of the need of students at such a tender age to be aware of the Information Technological age in which we , and thus these laptops will serve as a foundation to move ahead.
Last year the Rep. presented two laptops to the top two students in the district.

Both principals and parents are expected to accompany the students.

It must be brought to the fore that Mr. Bousquet have made it possible for a few schools in his constituency to recieve photocopiers, desktops and printers. He has made substantial contributions towards ventures identified by these schools.

This is a Rep. who is truly concerned with the Education of our children. Three cheers to Rufus!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mix Fm Now Online

Roblot Community Radio (RCR) most popularly known a Mix Fm is now online. The radio station features almost every genre of music with Thursday nights being specially dedicated to country lovers.

The station plays only music with no interruptions from 6:00 am to 12 Midnite daily.

Online the station can be accessed at any one of the following URL's.

1. choiseul.listen2mymusic.com

2. choiseul.listen2myradio.com

3. choiseul.radiostream.com

4. choiseul.listen2myshow.com

5. choiseul.youstream.fm Click 107.1 Mix Fm

6. choiseul.12345.com

7. choiseul.radiostream.com

The decision to put the station online was made after numerous request from friends in Canada, USA, England and the Caribbaen Islands.

Many fans in Canada have already tested the station and are quite pleased with the quality of the stream.

Over the airwaves the station can be accessed at 107.1 Fm and covers th communities of Choiseul/Saltibus

Now wherever you are you can listen to top music.

Happy Streaming.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bousquet In The Forefront Of Choiseul Carnival

The District Representative, Mr. Rufus Bousquet, at a grand presentation ceremony handed over to the Choiseul Carnival Committee a cheque of $10,000.00 to help cover their expenses for this year's cultural festival.
On Friday night Bousquet this time made a presentation of one hundred (100) T-shirts to the "Eruptions" carnival band from Delcer. The T-shirts will be used to compliment the T-shirt section of the band. The presentation took place at the newest night spot around these days "Shackaville"which is run and managed by Mr. Jimmy Haynes. Eruptions gave the Rep. a small insight into their costumes and act as they paraded the stage.
Eruptions band was last year's "Band of the Year". This year the band will be portraying "Deadly Natural Forces."
The band leader, (second pic) designer and organiser is none other than Ms. Venicia "Shella" Edgar. A young person with tremendous creative abilities and vision.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bousquet and Ministry Visit What Is Left Of The Mongouge Community Centre

Residents of Mongouge as well as persons passing through the Mongouge Community would have seen a real eye sore - the remains of what used to be the Mongouge Community Centre. It is rumored that the residents rampaged the building carrying away all what they could. What remains as you will observe in the photos is the bare skeleton.
Mongouge will be getting a new multi-purpose centre soon. So says the District Rep. as he, on June 30, 2009, undertook a tour of the building along with Ministry officials and other relevant authorities. Accompanying the Rep. on that tour were Ms. Velda Joseph, Deputy Director in the Ministry Of Social Transformation, Mr. Darren George, Building Officer at the same Ministry, Mr. Marcellus Emmanuel of the St. Lucia Social Development Fund, The Community Development Officer, Mr. Mc Arthur Phillip, and the Community Librarian.
In his introductory remarks, Mr. Bousquet told the small gathering that this new centre when built will will serve the environs of Raveneau, Boisden. Franciou, Derriere Morne, Morne Sion Mongouge and Martin. He specifically instructed the technicians what he would lik them to consider in the designing of the building. The building he says must have a room for an IT Center, a recreational room for cultural events, a library ,a conference room and facilities to house a Pre School.
Mr. Bousquet noted that things will be done differently in that a proper management committee will be put in place to run this centre. He went on to say, "This new centre will be built to stimulate growth and discipline in the community."
A short visit was made to the library where the Rep.was taken aback by the lack of electricity and the general conditions under which the librarian worked.Electricity will be restore soon, as the Rep. gave orders that Lucelec be written to address tis matter urgenly.
Mr. Bousquet encouraged the technicians to work deligently to get the plans going so that the residents can have this centre by Christmas at max.
The GIS team was there as well.
Bousquet the man for the people, there's no question about that.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Roblot/Debreuil's Part in Choiseul Carnival

The communities of Roblot and Debreuil have over the past three years produced six contestants to vie for the prestigious title of Choiseul Carnival Queen. This year the pageant is to be held at D’Andres Hotel where the show has been staged for a few years running.

The past contestants have been some very gorgeous, smart and intelligent young girls in the persons : Ms. Sheryl Rismay and Ms. Enda Charles – 2006, Ms. Tracy Cox – 2007, Ms. Yvonne Mortley – 2008, and this year’s contestants are Ms. Kiezia Stephen and Ms. Christal Decaine.
Without a shadow of doubt these young ladies have made their communities proud by performing to an acceptable standard and most of all as being ambassadors of their community.
This year the Roblot community will be going all out to give their full support to Kiezia and Christal at the pageant which will take place on July 11, 2009.
The pics shown here are Yvonne,Christal and Kezia.
Good luck girls and just bring it on!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Common Entrance Results For The District

Without a shadow of a doubt hats off must go to the Principal and Staff of the Delcer Primary School. Last year a student came second in the district results and this year they have gone up the ladder to get the top student.Last year Sueann Charlemagne got the highest score in her school but the second highest in the district.
This year Dugard is the top school. Congrats. Saltibus Combined is in last place.
These are the names of the two top students of each school and the school's ranking in the district:
Delcer Combined: Stephie de Fraites and Neige Edgar, 91.00 and 86.33 respectively. Rank 4th
Saltibus Combined: Quilla Simeon and Annicia Daniel, 90.3 and 87.00 respectively. Rank 7th.
Reunion Primary: Lyndia James and Neeke Bisette, 89.67 and 89.33 respectively. Rank 2nd.
Dugard Combined: Taquel Lewis and Tyler Theophane, 87.00 and 86.00 respectiely. Rank 1st
Rivere Doree Combined: Jordan Mitchel and Olivia Jn. Baptiste, 85.33 and 85 repectively. Rank 5th.
Piaye combined: Johnny Edward and kenny Jn. Baptiste, 84.67 and 83.67 respectively. Rank 3rd.
Mongouge Combined: Kezia Esnard and Charles Peter, 79.33 and 76.33, Rank 6th.
The Roblot Combined School which is the other school in the district did not have a Common Entrance class this year. The District Rep. has promised to donate to the top students of this year's Examinations Laptops and Printers at a date to be announced soon.
Dugard Combined, Reunion Primary, Piaye Combined and Delcer Primary Schools all scored above the National Mean which is 57.04%. Their scores are 66.02%, 62.40%, 60.42% and 57.41% respectively.
Rivere Doree, Mongouge and Saltibus scored 54.71%, 52.53% and 49.76% respective ly.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Moments of Class 09

These are some memorable moments that need remembering. Do enjoy. Write to get your favorite pics.The first six pics are the top players in the School's under-19 cricket team.