Thursday, July 26, 2012

Eye On This Round Of STEP

The latest round of STEP has just commenced in the North of the island. According to Jadia Jn Pierre it is geared towards single mothers and fathers who need the assistance with school expenses.
STEP will be commencing in Choiseul soon.In this constituency all eyes will be focussed on the powers that be who select persons from the various communities to partake in this round of the program.
It will be left to be seen whether the usual descriminatory politics come into play during the selection process. The keyword here as stated by the Prime Minister's press secretary is "parents in need to purchase school expenses." Therefore it is hope that the selectees for this month's STEP will be mothers and fathers who have children attending school and in need.
Recommendations should come from community-based groups where they are present and/or applications from the needy parents themselves. These names and applications should then be scrutinized and checked by a central committee before a final decision is taken to employ these persons.
This blog would be pleased if selections is done on merit. The children are the ones who will be affected. Choiseul is watching.

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