Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This year's hurricane season officially starts tomorrow. Meteorologists have predicted that this year's season will be above normal. Twenty-one names have been suggested for the bad boys and girls. Previously storms wre named after women but from 1979 men.s names were added. The female and male names alternate.
The names of the storms for this year's Atlantic huricane season are
Arlene, Bret, Cindy, Don, Emily, Franlin, Gert, Harvey, Irene, Jose, Katia, Lee, Maria, Nate, Ophelia, Phillipe, Rina,Sean, Tammy, Vince, and Whitney.
Last year Tomas created havoc on the island.It is being mentioned as the worst to hit St. Lucia. A number of deaths were recorded and the landscape of Bexon and more so Fond St.Jacques was changed.
This year it has been mentioned will be vey active interms of the storms and Lucians better be on their guard.
The island is still recovering fom the ravages of Tomas and God help us if we were to get another similar hit. [remember Grenada got two hits in a year].
We are not immune to storms and hurricanes. A preparedness plan need to be put in place, and people please insure your homes. That's the way to go.

Will St.Lucia be Visited By Another Tomas

This year's hurricane season officially starts tomorrow. Meteorologists have predicted that this year's season will be above normal. Twenty-one names have been suggested for the bad boys and girls. Previously storms wre named after women but from 1979 men.s names were added. The female and male names alternate.
The names for this year's Atlantic huricane seasons are
Arlene, Bret, Cindy, Don, Emily, Franlin, Gert, Harvey, Irene, Jose, Katia, Lee, Maria, Nate, Ophelia, Phillipe, Rina,Sean, Tammy, Vince, and Whitney.
Last year Tomas created havoc on the island.It is being mentioned as the worst to hit St. Lucia. A number of deaths were recorded and the landscape of Bexon and more so Fond St.Jacques was changed.
This year it has been mentioned will be vey active interms of the storms and Lucians better be on their guard.
The island is still recovering fom the ravages of Tomas and God help us if we were to get another similar hit. [remember Grenada go two hits in a year].
We are not immune to storms and hurricanes. A preparedness plan need to be put in place, and people please insure your homes. That's the way to go.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Was the Labour Government Duped, Or?

Three members of the House of Assembly,during the last budget debate accused the last administration of giving the monopoly of our terrestial waters for the exploration of oil and natural gas to a company under the name of Rms Productions Corporation. The contract was signed between the last administration and the Ceo of the company Mr.Jack Grienberg.
The signing of this apparently honourous package took place between 1998 and 2000.It is also alleged that certain documents relating to this agreement implicated a certain minister of impending royalties once the project started making gains. But hear this! The ex Deputy Pm of Grenada says that this Ceo of the company is a Fraudster. Frederick calls him a speculator.

The ex deputy Pm of Grenada, Mr.Gregory Bowen gave a revealing and mind-opener of the fraudulent activities of this Ceo.I In 1996 Grenada was in this similar position that St.Lucia is in right now. However they were able to break free of the claws of this crooked company,but at a heavy cost to his country of about $10M.
The question is therefore,why did St.Lucia go into this deal when they may have very well know of this company's record with Grenada? Why should a government give a MONOPOLY to a company over our waters? Yes all the water that is around St.Lucia. Say boug sar la fou?

Tar ler!(wait a while).The Grenada experience is so heart wrenching that it leaves one with a drooping gaping mouth. According to Mr. Bowen, who had to represent Grenada in all this mess,says that exactly fourteen days after they had signed the contract with this company,they came back with the idea that Grenada's water boundaries with their neighbours are not clearly defined and so the contract was in a way stalled or something to this effect. The scenario continues;during this stalemate, he Grienberg was trying to sell this exploration rights to other oil/gas exploration companies. When Bowen blocked him, and decided to get out of this contract the Ceo threatens to take grenada to court and tell the Grenada public of the acceptane of a bribe by a certain minister,since it was election time.Grenada won all the cases and are now FREE of this foolishness. Highway robbery. And this is the man our previous government has given exploration monopoly rights over our waters. What madness!

You see the point here is that this crooked man wants to dominate our waters with no intentions of doing any exploration,then sell these rights to other oil and gas companies for a very high price. Extortion galore!
Royalties my toe. Espoire mal papai!

There is a school of thought that thinks that Richard,Rufus and Guy are after Kenny.Ahwar. The point is he Kenny was the Pm and it is under his watch that such a contract deal went down. Kenny and his boys should have taken cognizance of what Grenada went through. Caribbean Unity went out of the window?
This administration is presently trying with the help of Mr. Bowen to get our waters out of the clutches of this great unscrupulous fraudster.
God help us.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Is The Choiseul Co-operative Credit Union Moving Up?

Many critics paint a bad picture of the operations of this Credit Co-operative. It may be for spite or maybe they genuinely know their way around.
There have been a lot of rumours about disappearances of funds, cover-ups and many more which is beyond the scope of this post.
However, the financial statements as of December 31, 2010 paints a very favourable and healthy state of this financial institution. Whatever is hidden in there will and can only be detected by a Cyborg. (Lol)
The balance sheet as at December 31, 2010 reads as follows:
Total Assests: $37,191,300.00

Total Liabilities: $30,672,009.00

Total Members' Equity: $6,519,291.00

Total Liabilities and Members' Equity: $37,191,300.00.
There is an increase of $2,461,205.00 over last year's figures.
To the observant eye one would see a massive reduction in the total members' equity compared to the 2009 figure of $27,811,110.00. A reduction of over twenty million dollars.
Why is this so? Speaking with the General Manager over the phone he says that the accounting system has changed and that it is only permanent shares that.....(my credit ran out)
However the reasons for this change will be pursued by this blog.
A section of the financial statement reads 'Statement of changes in Members' equity.' this will be perused and blogged for your info.
Can we proudly say that our institution is over two million dollars richer now?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

West Indies aim to mop up tail

Pakistan 180 for 6 (Azhar 67, Akmal 56, Rampaul 3-40) v West


Ravi Rampaul played a role, but the thoughtlessness of Pakistan's batting played a bigger one as they limped to 180 for 6 on a rain-affected first day of the second Test in St…

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Will the World End On October 21, 2011?

Much fuss is being made about a bible prophecy that Judgement Day is on May 21, 2011. On that day it is believed that God will take his 'saved' people up to heaven.
The billions of us left behind, so it says will be tormented for the next five months until October 21, 2011, when the world will be destroyed by fire.
Want to know more? Then click on www.ebiblefellowship.com/may21/
It makes for interesting reading.
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Submitted by Dedan

Monday, May 16, 2011

WI triumph in low-scoring battle

West Indies 226 (Simmons 49, Ajmal 5-69) and 152 (Chanderpaul 36*, Ajmal 6-42) beat Pakistan 160 (Rehman 40*) and 178 (Misbah 52, Sammy 5-29) by 40 runs

Quite suitably, it took an up and down day to end an up and down Test, a cracker between two…

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Will Choiseul Host 'Jazz at Sab Weesha' in 2012?

Now that the 20th St.Lucia Jazz Festival has concluded, the authorities are in the process of carrying out a post mortem to find out how the festival can be improved etc.
New out-district venues may be discussed, a new line up of artists will be suggested,even Jazz at Bordelais may be on the agenda. Will Choiseul be discussed?
Does Choiseul have what it takes to host a Jazz session? Are there persons with the know how and capabilities to see the event through. Will enough sponsorship be mustered. Is Sab Weesha ready for such an event? And many other questions will come to the fore. Finally who's going to take the bold step to get the ball rolling
Choiseulians need to demand a Jazz session in the district. Your humble servant have been for the longest while an advocate for 'Jazz in Choiseul.' This year I took it up to host 'Jazz in Roblot' and believe you me, the amount of red tape I had to go through is unimaginable....... parking, security, waste disposal, you name it.
The local band would have been hired together with Meshach, Sac Papier and other local entertainers. Quite some feed back was already reaching my facebook, twitter and email. Sorry guys.
This year on the main stage in Castries was Trey Songz, and some other well known artists. They all performed to the crowd's delight. Even heard that Morgan Heritage wanted to continue singing for free.
An interested party need to come together right now to chart the way forward for a different kind of genre to be presented to our people. If music be the food of life then play on
Choiseulians get together to make it happen....'Jazz in Choiseul'

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is the Roblot/Debreuil Road Blighted?

For the second time this week another car has ran off the Roblot/Debreuil road. The accident occcured near the Debreuil Post Office. It is allegged that the driver lost control of the vehicle when he tried to avoid a pothole on the road.
A small tree prevented the car from going further down the gorge, which the onlookers at the accident scene say is deeper than the one of the previous accident. The driver was the lone occupant in the car, and escaped with not even a scratch.
In the last accident three ladies plunged down a deep gorge landing on a river bed.
The question is is the stretch of road blighted, or are persons from this community blessed. May be the next driver may not be so lucky.
Please drive carefully.

Monday, May 09, 2011

UWP Youth Club In The Making

It was an historic occasion. Over one hundred youths assembled at the Centre of Excellence in a 'get together' environment to chart the way forward towards their development.
The session was opened with prayers, after which ex- Labour Party youth leader, Mr. Bissette, welcomed the youngsters and had some very inspiring and motivationl phrases for the audience.
Mr. Bissette, invited a number of the youngsters to say a few words to their peers.
The young speakers mostly spoke about achievements they have seen in their community and the direction it should take.
La Pointe, Balca and La Maze speakers were very impressive and urged their peers to unite for development.
One could feel a sense of purpose emanating from speaker after speaker and the were continuous thunderous applauses.
Jimmy Haynes, in a forty-five minute address urged the youth to, 'Put yourselves forward to have a voice. Too long Choiseul's youth just stand back and let other persons make decisions.......sometimes not in your favour.'
Haynes, in his usual dynanism, had the audience all fired up and hungry for knowledge. 'Are you alive?' he belted over the Pa system. He repeated, 'Are you alive?' This time in a deafening tone. You did not have to be there to hear the response. 'yes' could be heard over three hundred metres away.
'You are the ones to initiate change...... the thinking ane the mind will create the system....you must be part of the decision making process.........there must be a revolution among the youth in Choiseul/Saltibus.'
The youths were told of programs which will be initiated to develop them holistically.
The launching of the Youth Club has been tentatively set for May 29, 2011.
The meeting came to a close at about 8:45pm. Refreshments was then served.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Mothers's Day?

Happy Mothers's Day to all that feel they are entitled for such an honour.
Guys, this is a prestige we owe to the person who gave us life and in some form or the other in a small way have us be what we have become today.
Thank you, Mom for carrying me for this crucial nine months. Send a small hello in whatever form.
This blog urges you to do so.
I would be happy if we could incorpoate the achievement of women in the district during this celebrations. All groups are so hyped.
Should it be a time to booze up, should it be a time to get away of the slavery mentality so often imposed by us men, should it be a time to take a fling, should it be a time to make a promise after months of pressure, should it not be a time to say enough is enough, should it not be time to stop the abuse, and finally should it not be a time to just let go regardless of the consequences?
Ladies, Moms you decide.
On this note our District Rep, calling from overseas has asked this blog to convey a special Mothers' Day Greetings to all Mothers in the Constituency. He also wants to tell Mothers that these are serious times and that they should continue to take the austerity measures that has kept this district
a well loved and repected community.
To my mind, this day should be given more recognition to expose our women. How? I en Know. Just kidding.
You know, there are dedicated and ego driven women in this district. Regardless of the political divide they can make 'Mothers' Day' in Choiseul a Big ting.
But you know what ' De politiks killin dem'
What a sad state of affairs? Will this ever change? Next year, let's have a 'Choiseul's Mother Of The Year'. No politriks.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Are the Choiseul Labour Campaign Crew and Supporters Rufusophobic?

From the time Brian Charles entered the political fray, when I then got deeply involved in politics, I have never been so amazed by the tactics of the opposite side. Both sides did their thing and no one was actually showing any form of animosity towards supporters of either side. We were in the past days sitting in shops and argue each other over drinks, and, not at any time touch each other's personal life inspite of not being too sober sometimes. Where is this comradry? Not anymore. Selfish political intentions have driven it out of the window. God forbid.
These days if a supporter of either side (more so with Labour supporters, because I know so) were to get into some form of argument or more so disagree on some issue, right away a person's personal business would be on the line. And mind you it is also being done by those who should know better. (also by some known comment writers to this blog. Yes this blog) Why is this so? I know, and will touch on it here and more deeply in future posts.
This attitude trancends from the time the the political environment in the constituency was in a three cornered fight...Uwp, Slp, and Plp. It was a dog eat dog scenario especially from the Plp camp. The mentality that was being portryed was, ' you not voting for me, you en my friend.'
This mind bending philosophy became entrenched in our people's mind ,more evident than ever during the 1997 campaign. Hence the reasons for all this
'negre maroon' attitude so vividly displayed all over the constituency today while the instigators of this crippling disease sit back and silenly regard these people as 'wood for the fire' to flame their crooked and egoistic political ambitions.
Yes, the so called intellects in Choiseul have imported it from Kenny, Pierre and the radical factions of the SLPl and our people have bought it wholesale.
Fergy's cronies we particularly, guilty of such practices and I am seeing it creeping into this campaign worst than ever. Fergy is the worst MP Choiseul has ever seen and I dare say will ever see. You figure out why. He continue to be involved in every kind disruptive behaviour. Remember his incident with @bousquet at a funeral in the Village? Mista en changing. And mind you ,he is still associated with Lorne's campaign. What madness!
Why is Bousquet's personal life the centre of campaign now, why are petty little issues about the man posted on a blog, why is there an all out campaign to destroy the man's character, why is he being branded as having all types of sicknesses, why are some supporters being paid to stand on platforms and spew dogshit to their own supporters, why is Bousquet so feared? Questions, Questions, Questions. And there are many more.
But I know, and you know that I know, you know why all this hogshit posts and propaganda aims to do and wants to achieve..... Divide Choiseul, bigtime and create an environment almost like a mini civil revolution. The communist thing again.
Choiseulians are not very educated, but for sure have a lot of common sense, so says Maurus.
You know them, the hacks on the other side even attack me personally, as if they are getting some satisfaction doing this. I have maintained my kool, never to be distracted and never once hit back....guess dem fellas are scared of Dedan big time. I'm only getting started, don't push your luck.
Finally, are the Labour crew and supporters RUFUSOPHOBIC? Fulltime !!!!!!!!!!!
You guys will pay dearly for your lies, deceit and the conning of the innocent youths in this constituency.
I oncehad a chat with Lorne and he told me, 'I believe in Karma.' As if he thinks I am so daft as not to know where he is coming from. But hear this, he started the war. if there is ever to be one, when in his inauguration speech at the Old Boys' School he said, 'I have never stolen a car.' Parwol jaytae? In his own words , Karma. Is he also Rufusophobic? Yours to answer.
Filmed at 11.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

West Indies cruise to 10-wicket win

West Indies 140 for 0 (Simmons 77*, Edwards 40*) beat Pakistan 139 (Hafeez 55, Rampaul 4-45) by ten wickets

Dead-rubber syndrome struck with a vengeance in the fifth and final ODI at Providence, as Pakistan succumbed to a crushing ten-wicket…

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Did God Put A Hand?

it was 5:43pm when my cell rang, 'Dada, Mamam and Feria go down the valley in Pon Bamboo, and we cannot even see the car. Come down.' Maintaining a kool head replied, 'Ok.'
In a matter of minutes I was in Pon Bamboo. To my surprise there was no one there.....the accident was just above the shop at the Three-cross Road.
Looking down the track which the car made on its way down the precipice, it would be hard to imagine that there were any survivors.The vehicle went down one hundred plus metres, somersaulting, until it came to a crashing halt on its hood at the river bed. There were three ladies inside the car during this tumulutous journey down this precipice. What was going on in their heads? Them alone can tell.
How the car got to take this path is still beyond me. But it is worth finding out why the car went completely on the other side of the road to plunge itself into this predicament?
After the car came to a crashing halt there was complete silence. One of the ladies who was more oriented, got out and helped the other two ladies who were trapped the overturned vehicle to get out.
By then ambulances from Soufriere and Vieux Fort were already summoned. The paramedics had to find an alternative route to reach the victims.
The paramedics had to get to the victims through the Devil's Bridge route which is some three hundred metres from where the car took its strange route.
By then, the La Fargue-Rivere Doree road was jammed with parked vehicles and onlookers anxiously awaiting the fate of the three ladies.
It must have taken the paramedics about forty-five minutes to get the victims from the crash scene to the ambulances.
The most injured victim of this accident sustained a broken left wrist,concussion to the head,severe shoulder and chest pains and pain to the lower extremities, whereas
the other two persons suffered minor injuries.
They were all treated and discharged the same day from St. Jude's Hospital
A plunge of over one hundred metres, a car rolling and tumbling down a gradient of about seventy-five degrees, eventually falling over a cliff about fifteen metres deep, and then the car landing on its hood - that's all that happened to the ladies?
God must have really played a hand!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Labour's Campaign Strategy is Sickening

Now that the Budget Debate is over, one can expect to see an increase in polical activity in the constituencies, as the incumbent wants to hold on to their seat, whereas on the other hand the opposition are determined to unseat the former. Elections are constitutionaly due no later then March 2012.
In the Choiseul/Saltibus constituency Lorne's crew have been hard at it. They have been doing their house-to-house work as well as their visits to enclaves. The Webmaster, who runs a blog has also turned his blog into a propaganda machine ...... The thing communists/socialist do.
What is depictable by all measures, is the low level the Webmaster has brought journalism to in an effort to win votes. It is beyond my understanding to comprehend why such persons should go to such an extent to hurt individuals. Guess it is in the Webmaster's nature.
Elections campaigning should not be based on vendettas but rather on issues and a genuine need to help persons and improve their lives. Campaigning should not be based on 'mal parley' and 'maypwee' and lies. This is gutter politics. Lorne's campaign crew relies on this strategy (which is doing them much harm now) because they have no respect for the people's intellectual capacity. It's such a pity when we think we are bright and not shining.
On the other hand the incumbent's camp are also at work. They have not been involved in any form of propaganda and so forth. The Rep continues to carry on with his vision for Choiseul as usual.
This will be the litmus test that Labour will fail. Bousquet is being paid to deliver and he has delivered;
and all Lorne can say to the people is, 'If you elect me I will......' Espoire mal papia.
But the encumbent is sending a strong message to Lorne's campaign crew, go down the nasty road and they will get their work cut out for them. Rufus made that clear during the Debate.
It brings to mind. Is Lorne a saint? Is Rufus without fault? Lorne have had to deal with his previously alleged issues and so has Rufus. Two evils? Food for thought.
By the way, was Frogy displaying his usual 'sanmess' in Saltibus yesterday? Is this proof of labour's 'farebless.' Labour, losing steam.

Monday, May 02, 2011

US kills Osama bin Laden decade after 9/11 attacks (AP)

AP - Osama bin Laden, the face of global terrorism and architect of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, was killed in a firefight with elite American forces Monday, then quickly buried at sea in a stunning finale to a furtive decade on the run.

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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Choiseul's Infrasructural Developments

During Bousquet's 2006 elections campaign he vowed to the Choiseul people that if he won the elections he will make the district an envy of St. Lucia.
In order to acheive this milestone certain infrastructure must be in place as well as raising the standard of living of the people.
This post will reveal to its readers the amount of work this Rep has done,laying the foundation towards making Choiseul/Saltibus the place we all will be proud of.
It would be of little significance if the road networks are improved, yet families have to wade in mud to get to and from their homes. Therefore footpaths,bridges and driveways had to be part of th plan.
There can be little doubt that the rehabilitation of the roads in Coco,Morne Jacques/Dugard, Boisden, La Maze and Franciou has improved the lives of these immensely.
The construction of driveways in Morne Sion, Raveneau,Roblot and Le Riche has had its impact as well.
Footpaths and bridges at La pointe, Industry, Jetrine, Piaye Derriere Morne, Debreuil and Saltibus have been welcomed.
One must not be naive to think that proper drainage in not important. We should all be very thankful, for had it not been for the titanic amount of drainage works done throughout the length and breadth of the constituency, the damage by Tomas would be far more extensive.
Over one hundred and fifty street lamps have been installed throughout the constituency and more are to be installed in the coming months as more requests pour in from the constituents. The Sauzay bridge area is one down to be tackled. However Lucelec has concerns.
Bus shelters have been built in Delcer,Saltibus, Dacretin and La Fargue. The Bellevue,La Pointe,Le Riche, La Maze and Piaye have been rennovated. Rivere Doree, Victoria and Balca to get shelters this year. The land for the shelter at the Raveneau junction is still in dispute.