Friday, December 11, 2015

CIE Ltd Puts The Forgotten Communities Back On The Map.

Sections Road conditions before works began
While Mighty Pele’s song “Cest Tradicion Noel”  with the chorus “Belle wad epi Sooleay say tradicion Noel” is befitting for the normal citizen who thinks of partying and “Bon Tan”, for the residents of The Forgotten Communities ,“Belle Chemen poo Noel kar menen ple moun epi business an cummin la.” To do a little transliteration, it says, ‘While Mighty Pele’s nice clothes and shoes are traditions of Christmas for the ordinary citizen who thinks of partying, for the forgotten communities we think than nice roads for Christmas brings more persons  and business in the community.” This is a fact. Residents in the Forgotten Communities have seen a significant drop in their relatives coming home for Christmas as well and a reduced number in vehicular traffic over the years. They complained about the deterioration of the road network.
Before and after near Amelin
This is changing as I write this piece. CIE Ltd a top rated Construction firm on the island has been given the task to make the people of the Forgotten Communities happy for this coming season. The company has been contracted to rehabilitate the road from Debreuil to Myers Bridge. We the residents of the Forgotten Communities welcome this. For too long we  have cried and wept over this semblance of a road – vehicular traffic has almost come to a standstill, and a few bus drivers  have withdrawn their service altogether.
Road by wall near Evans
The owners of business in these communities themselves have made their voices heard. Two or three of them have written to the media complaining about the poor state of the roads. Their sales have been miserable and now there is a sigh of relief as they see works are ongoing. When this road which serves the communities was in good shape, commuters travelling from Vieux Fort to Soufriere or vice-versa used it as a bypass –it cuts travel time by about fifteen minutes or more. Due to the frequent traffic the business places got more sale opportunities. One can very well see why their enthusiasm about the road being rehabilitated.
Road widening in Montete
A reliable source has informed ‘Choiseul On The Move” that the CEO of the company is doing part of the work at his own expense since the finance allocated to the project would leave part of the road in the same condition it is now. But Mr Gajadhar, and his willingness to uplift people and communities have decided to continue the works to the finish – up to Myers Bridge. The residents of The Forgotten Communities say “BRAVO” and a big thank you to CIE’s CEO. Rarely do we see such initiatives coming from contractors. This is a feather in Mr Gajadhar’s cap.
A finished section in Roblot
 As the name signifies – The Forgotten Communities, we were almost isolated – traffic was not coming through, few strangers were seen in the communities, persons were not leaving their homes to go anywhere – it was virtually  lost communities. Work is now full  speed ahead on the road; the humongous pot holes are being patched, other worse places are being resurfaced and the section between Montete and Myers Bridge is being widened considerably.
With the road nearing completion, one will definitely see more traffic passing through the area, commuters plying the routes as before, more persons coming into the community, off and on a taxi driver on his way to Soufriere from Vieux Fort or vice versa, showing off our lush green landscape, and  the business places seeing an increase in sales.
The Forgotten Communities will once more be on the map of visibility. Thanks to all the Facebook fans of the group "The Forgotten Communities" who without their support would probably never see this works. Thank you, so much. We are on!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Is Sarah Looking At The Choiseul/Saltibus Seat?

"Elections coming, Politics playing,
Dem running par esee, running par la,
Asking for me vote,
But if deh want me vote
Dem have to be positive,
cause dis year,
                                                          Me en playing coco makak."  
The above is the chorus to a calypso I wrote in 1992 for a standard  4 participant in the Annual Roblot Primary School Calypso Competition.  Up to this day no school in the district can follow this legacy  left by Mrs Lucy Nicholas, and of course your humble servant. Bravo to this Ex- principal for taking music to another level at her school during her stewardship. I salute you madam.
Yes, all the signs are there, that elections may be early next year - some say early March, while others predict not later than May. Come what may, Choiseulians will  have to cope with three different genres of music. It is picking up steam in the watering holes around the district that Choiseulians will this coming elections have to dance to Labour's soca music, UWP's  lover's rock reggae, and PPP's concoction of soca and lovers rock - ou tan!
Rufus Bousquet
This, my dear readers is what Choiseulians have allowed to fester over the years. Up to this point in time, it is sad that no one, born, bred and raised Choiseulian have had the gonads to see himself /herself worthy or capable to represent this district? What is wrong with our Psyche in this part of St Lucia? We just lay back and allow our affairs to handled by persons with no personal interest in our development. It's ok........say sar nou kar dee! Bunch of jokers, taking us for a ride year after year, political term after political term, and we sit on our laurels spitting at the wind. What is wrong with us?
So now Rufus has played his cards, used the jokers in this constituency and have finally left them flat on their face and joined a new party. Hey, be careful here........ it is alleged. Rufus have frightened the shit out of everyone of the aspiring politicians in this constituency....take it or is a fact. Never be gullible to the foolishness some of them come around saying, "UWP en ready yet!" Oh yea, I'd rather think that they are the ones that are not ready YET.(barring Jimmy Haynes.. what is he up to now?) Lame excuses after lame excuses. the bottom line is that they are not sure what Rufus is about and so he scares them to death. And he Rufus knowing this kept playing the nincompoops throughout. So much for this.
Sarah Flood-Beaubrun
Enter Sarah Flood. This blog has been reliably informed that at least three supporters of the UWP in the district have contacted Mrs Flood and ask her to contest the seat. According to my sources, she has not given any answer, but may be considering it. She plans to be in the district this week to feel the pulse on the ground.
What do I think about it? I know that's what's at the back of your mind right now. I don't care. Remember I made a statement on Facebook that I may not drink your coffee but at the right price I will sell it for you. Get my drift? I have been burnt, wrongly accused, used to the highest end....par men ancor!.
On the lighter side, Sarah is a complete politician with a passion for people. I think ladies are more  receptive to the needs of people and it is possible that she may be the prayer Choiseul has waited for so long.Finally with no one from Choiseul showing face, I endorse Sarah her totally.
Lorne Theophilus
Labour's soca  music continues to play, while the hacks, regardless of the emptiness in their bellies, continue to dance and make believe that all is OK. It is not.
There is no doubt that one will see an increase in capital works around the district in the coming months. Work has already started on the Debreuil to Myers Bridge. The shop owners may very well see an increase in business as more commuters will use this short route to and from Vieux fort or Soufriere.
Lorne's representation leaves much to be desired, but this is for another post, soon.
Come next elections will we see Sarah - Rufus - Lorne  playing their genres of music with the hope that Choiseuilians will make one of them their preferred choice? Choiseulians, I am sure this time around, will be chanting "this year, me en playing coco makak"

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The 'Private Matter" That Has The Semblance Of A Conspiracy Theory Unfolding?

Do you know Dr.Walid Juffalli? Do you know when St Lucia got to know him? Do you know who his first St Lucian contact was? Does he have any investments in this country? Does Mr Juffalli have any experience in Maritime affairs? Finally, what makes him eligible for the post of St Lucia's High commissioner to London? Is it "De Money" or is it a conspiracy to immune him from paying up? Questions, questions, questions which many St Lucians have no answers to. 
Walid Jufalli
Dr.Walid  Jufalli is Saint Lucia's Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization, based in London. He was appointed in April 2014. He is a rich Saudi oil tycoon whose family business has a net worth is about USD 6.2b. He is involved in a  divorce case and with his ex-wife, Estrada wants a share in his 4 four billion pounds property in London. But his diplomatic immunity shelters him from the court case. "Ou wer bagai."

"The Government of Saint Lucia has noted the concerns of individuals in response to a story carried in the Daily Telegraph, a United Kingdom-based newspaper, on Nov. 9, in relation to Saint Lucia's Representative to the International Maritime Organization, Dr. Walid Juffali." says the Government

Victor La Corbiniere
But let's start by taking some of what the Legal Affairs Ministry of the Government of St Lucia had to say and the counter statements made by the Daily Mail of UK.
Government of St Lucia:   "To date, Dr. Juffali has conducted his duties to the highest expectations of the Government of Saint Lucia. In addition to advancing the goals of Saint Lucia in the IMO and sourcing investment for Saint Lucia..... The appointment of Dr. Juffali is consistent with the efforts of the Government to appoint trade and investment envoys to assist in the promotion of Saint Lucia and to attract investment."
UK Daily Mail: "The IMO ensures security regulations are met across the world’s shipping industry. Records reveal that of the 27 IMO meetings held in the 19 months since Mr Juffali’s appointment, he has not attended a single one."

Ernest Hilaire
One can safely deduce that Ernest Hilaire may have been Mr.Jufalli's first St Lucian contact. According to the Daily Mail, Ernest Hiliare met with Mr Jufalli after which the latter traveled to St Lucia. " is understood that Mr Juffali made his first trip to St Lucia. The visit was prompted by a meeting with St Lucia’s then High Commissioner to London, Ernest Hillaire." The Daily Mail continued. "So impressed was Mr Hillaire by Mr Juffali’s business credentials that he apparently almost immediately agreed to stand down from his role as St Lucia’s permanent representative to the IMO – and instead recommended to the island’s Prime Minister Kenny Anthony that Mr Juffali take his place." Mr Hilaire has since stood down from his post as High Commissioner.

Does Mr Jufalli have any investments on island?  The Government had this to say:
"Dr. Juffali has initiated his first major project for Saint Lucia - the establishment of a medical research industry. This project was announced in the Throne Speech of 2015..... 
...... [and] Dr. Juffali's second project has been to investigate the establishment of a Global Diabetes Research Centre in Saint Lucia in response to the chronic levels of diabetes in the country."

"Last year’s appointment, accompanied by a string of alleged investments"......"(despite spending hardly any time on the Caribbean island)"........led to Mr Juffali’s name being added to London’s Diplomatic List." says the UK based newspaper. 

Christina Estrada
The whole interest in Mr Juffali seem to stem from the fact that his ex-wife, Christina Estrada has filed a divorce matter against him only to find out that her ex-husband has diplomatic immunity based on his appointment as St Lucia’s permanent representative to the UN’s International Maritime Organisation. 
The daily mail reports that. "Mr Juffali, 60, faces questions about his newly acquired ‘diplomatic immunity’, which may allow him to avoid the costly divorce case altogether. It is a move which could leave Ms Estrada without any binding financial agreement and could go down in history as one of the most elaborate ploys ever used to avoid a settlement."
The oil tycoon denies any wrong doing, but you will agree that his timing is perfect.  The government rates him as a highly successful philanthropist and businessman and coins this issue as a "private matter".
What say you, A Private Matter or A Conspiracy theory? 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Rape - A National Embarassment

    Flavia Cherry
    In a statement posted on her Facebook page Flavia Cherry strongly condemns the recent acts of violence against women presently taking place on island. Flavia Cherry is an entrepreneur who has spent her life working towards the cause of gender and social justice in St. Lucia and also in the Caribbean. Flavia is perhaps best known for her role in advocacy and action over the past twenty years. Her statement, according to "Choiseul on The Move" is a timely one. We at this blog are disgusted at the level of support given to the latest victims by those women in authority who profess to be in our women’s corner. Flavia's statement on behalf of CAFRA should be seen as a refresher for all those silent voices who continue not to stand in the forefront for our abused women and girls alike.
    Flavia is currently the Acting Chairperson of the Caribbean Association for Feminist Research and Action (CAFRA). This is the complete statement below.
    "This kind of sexual violence perpetrated against women even in the privacy of their homes is a national embarrassment and is the kind of violence that limits the ability of women and girls to reach their full potential and exercise their basic human rights. It must therefore be addressed with great urgency. We call upon the police to also inform the public of progress in relation to those cases.
    We call upon all state agencies and especially the Police Force to step up to the plate and conduct prompt and thorough investigations into all cases to bring the perpetrators of these heinous crimes to justice. We also call upon those responsible to ensure that those cases are handled within a short time frame within the judicial system, in order to avoid further frustration and victimization of those who are affected.
    We are disgusted and disappointed by the unacceptable rates of rapes which have been occurring in St. Lucia and condemn those horrendous acts in the strongest terms."
    One comment on her statement from Bebe Edwards reads - 
    "Too often these things are happening. We need our laws to be tightened and too often police say they are investigating and nothing more is being done to complete it.Those nasty men are out there raping the old and young sucking the life out of these people.Come on government of St.Lucia please try to put an end to this crisis."
    Yes! Flavia is back to bring this dynamism back in our women who seem to have gone silent  over the years.

    Bravo Flavy.....You took our breath away!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Can Huggins Nicholas Bridge The Divide To Unseat Lorne?

The propaganda has begun! "Jimmy Haynes and Mr Neil Huggins has decided to support Mr Bousquet as candidate for Choiseul/Saltibus." A Rufus support group on Facebook posted. Jimmy quickly took offence with, "Contrary to a mischievous and misleading post on the 'Rufus 4 Choiseul' Facebook profile, I have not decided to support Mr. Rufus Bousquet as a candidate for Choiseul/Saltibus. Our meeting which was not planned included some very frank discussion about important issues and a mutual commitment to keep the doors of communication open in the interest of the people of Choiseul/Saltibus and the UWP. So whoever you are stop spreading rumours."
Rufus, running into Jimmy at  the Nicholas gas station was purely accidental.  Earlier reports reaching this blog suggests that the two men were in discussion which could have revealed much, but some other guy who it is alleged to be in Rufus' corner kept disrupting the flow of the conversation.
I spoke with both men. Here are their stories as to what transpired at the gas station on this eventful Saturday October 10, 2015.
L to R: Jimmy Haynes, Huggins Nicholas and Rufus Bousquet

I spoke with Jimmy first. Here is his story.

Dedan: Wats the story on this afternoon's event at the gas station?
Jimmy Haynes: Rufus came by we began to have a discussion but ...............(name withheld) kept on interrupting and allowed Rufus to slide out. Not before he said that he would support me if I won the runoff.
Hmmm! Rufus slide out? Not the characteristic of the man, as far as I know. But that's for another show.
I spoke with Rufus next. Here is his take.:
Dedan: Heard that you and Jimmy had it out at the gas station.
Rufus: Not really. He was talking crap.
Dedan: Quite a scene I understood.
Rufus: Not really. People are just exaggerating.
Dedan: What was it about?
Rufus: Jimmy was simply saying I should resign as chairman if I want to submit an application to be the candidate. My response is that I took my cue from the Party Chairman who exercises considerable influence - so far more than a Branch chairman - and yet submitted his name and has since been endorsed as the candidate for Babonneau. I heard no outcry from Jimmy on that one. Surely the leadership he supports should set the example. That's the only relevant issue I entertained. Every thing else from Jimmy was alcohol induced bravado of unintelligible kind....."
So there you have it from the horses' mouths - the two men vying for the candidacy.
Selection of a viable candidate from the UWP camp is expected to create quite a stir in the Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency. Presently there are two factions in the constituency which no doubt have been brought about by Jimmy Haynes' intent on throwing his hat into the ring and Rufus' recent statements both on radio and TV. But the irony of it all is that Rufus has never spelt it out to the constituents, why he does not support Chastanet - the political leader of the Party.
Rufus has no doubt lost considerable support throughout the constituency due to his recent statements on radio and TV, his handling of certain issues during and after the last elections, his deliberate neglect of the Saltibus community for over two years, prior to the last elections, and his failure to deliver the Mini Stadium to the sporting youths.
Mind you, this is in no way giving an edge to Rufus' opponent, but rather to inform on the issues confronting Rufus, if he has to make a comeback - an uphill battle in my estimation. Rufus has what it takes to bring back a lot of his lost support, but it all depends on how much of an impact Jimmy has created on them.
What one will surely see in the coming weeks and months is an upsurge in canvassing and registration of new members by both Jimmy and Rufus with the hope of gaining the edge at the run off if it comes to this.
Can Jimmy pull it off with just Delcer, Mongouge and Saltibus boxes in his corner, or can Rufus pull it off without these? Who ever wins if it comes to a run off have to put their differences aside and work together if they want to unseat Lorny Boy.
Huggins Nicholas my very well be the only one who could bring about this unity.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Is Choiseul/Saltibus Heading For a Run Off - Jimmy vs Rufus?

Jimmy Haynes
Jimmy Haynes' "Liberation Train" has surely kicked up some fire in the Constituency. In every single watering hole in the district this is the gossip of the day. It has surely reached Rufus' ears, enough to have him kick start a kind of adhoc campaign to regain the confidence of his once close campaigners who are supposedly riding along with the "Liberation Train."
"Is Jimmy Haynes serious or is he setting up a stage for someone else?" A close friend asked me. What makes you think that he may not be serious, I quickly butted in. " Well, I personally believe that Jimmy's time is past and he should have vied for the seat during the 2006 elections".The friend remarked. Whereas my friend's concern was with Jimmy Haynes, mine was with Rufus Bousquet. What is the latter's reason for wanting to run again? Is it genuine concern for the people of Choiseul/Saltibus, greed or the notion that Choiseulians do not have the gonads to run their own affairs - the last statement has in many subtle ways been expressed by Rufus himself. He made the remark, " When I believe they[Choiseulians] have found someone better than me I will step down." Pure highfalutin, hoity-toity, la-di-da bullshit! Coming to think about it, Rufus may be damn right in saying this. When we have persons like Dr Wilbur Joseph, Mc Arthur Phillip, Huggins Nicholas, Tassa Jean, Bradley, etc cowering out of the race, Rufus is free to go about beating his chest.

Jimmy Haynes may be very well right in putting his hat in the ring, seeing all these soldiers back out.

Rufus Bousquet
In a telephone conversation with Rufus recently, I asked him whether he intends to run the seat?  His answer not direct but through the issues he raised and the way he came across, it is clear that he intends to run once more. There is no contention that the guy still commands a  substantive support base which will make beating him at a run off a difficult proposition for Jimmy. Will Jimmy Haynes' application be accepted by Rufus' Branch Executive? Will Rufus himself be presiding when considering his own application?  Or will an independent body be appointed to deal with applications for candidacy?Just a few questions.
Jimmy Haynes, it has reached this blog is gaining popularity by the minute, while rufus is losing out in Saltibus and Delcer box. Support in Jimmy's home constituency it is alleged has tripled since the Liberation Train came back from Saltibus. The upcoming activity on the Delcer Field this coming Sunday is actually a drive to improve on Jimmy's popularity ratings. Support from key persons who stayed away from Rufus' campaign it is also alleged have pledged to work with Jimmy.
What does both Jimmy and Rufus have to deal with to gain the confidence of the people? Both of them are viewed by many persons as "Birds of the same feather." One person said he can just imagine Jimmy and Rufus - pot calling the kettle black. It will be interesting to hear how Jimmy defends himself against the accusations Rufus no doubt will throw at him and vice versa. Keep your fingers crossed as the volleys are loaded and prepared for firing. Who will the electorate more likely listen to? Your guess is as good as mine.
Silvanus Fontenard
But while the showdown in Choiseul is on the horizon, many party stalwarts are more hell bent on seeing their own agenda go through than wanting the party to win the next general elections. Silvanus Fontenard puts it clearly.
"The guys want Chastanet to embrace them but they do not attend many executive meetings or activities - On most occasions they do not even answer their phones when the office attempts to contact them........  Between 2006 and 2011 while the guys were enjoying the Taiwanese funds much of which went into their own pockets they neglected the party and paid subs for the minimum number to attend the convention every year - This resulted in the marginalization of the majority of party members and now they are complaining that there aren't enough people participating in the process. The question is who caused the problem? While Chastanet is busy rebuilding the party and restoring the constitution those who wish a free for all continue to complain in their attempts to keep the mess they created. They just want the Taiwanese money in their hands to do as they please and so this is why they are so desperate."

"The road ahead is coated with challenges. Today we continue the task of restructuring and strengthening the United Workers Party. But even more critical is the need for all
Allen Chastanet
Flambeaus to come together as one because everything is futile should we not succeed in uniting.
Let us remember our common goal, to unseat the SLP administration in the upcoming general elections." Chastanet reiterated hoping things will turn out for the better.

So who will unseat Lorny Boy, Rufus, Jimmy, or.......? 

Below is the chorus for a calypso I wrote for a student at the Roblot combined school way back in 1992 goes like this:

Elections coming, politicians playing
Dem running par esee, running par la
Asking for me vote
But if they want me vote
Dem have to be positive
Cause dis year
Me en playing coco makak

Monday, October 05, 2015

An Overview Of The Leadership Of Allen Chastanet by Eustus Richardson Henry

Standing Firm at the Helm
Much has been said about the leadership style of Allen Chastanet and his perceived lack of organizational skills that renders him ineffective to lead the United Workers Party to victory at the upcoming general elections. As a concerned citizen who takes a keen interest in political developments, I feel a sense of national obligation to offer my perspective on the issues at hand. In my attempt to make a meaningful contribution to the debate and to offer some measure of objectivity, it is incumbent upon me to state on the onset that I am not a registered member of any political party but have in the past voted for both UWP and SLP candidates.
Notwithstanding the widely held views of the dysfunctional management practices of the preceding prime minister and allegations of corruption by his ministers, the UWP barely lost the 2011 general election. An aggregate of 142 votes (Gros Islet 6, Babonneau 2 and Anse LA Raye/Canaries 134) in effect changed the government from UWP to SLP. It was not a decisive win for the SLP; many believe that the UWP gave away the elections as many of its supporters had earlier expressed disappointment and stayed away from the polls. The SLP to this day remains uneasy with its margin of victory and is more aware of its vulnerability at the upcoming election as the economy continues to shrink. The two years that followed the UWP defeat, the party under the leadership of
Hon. Stephenson King, was comatose, almost non-existent. The period was marked with an ineffective opposition during house sittings, no public meetings and no demonstrations were organized to lead the charge on several public grievances.
Fast forward to the 2013 national convention of the UWP, delegates were task with the responsibility to set the party on a new path with a breath of fresh air and accordingly elected Allen Chastanet as new leader. That decision was not an easy one to arrive at, taking into consideration that King had been a long standing member of the party, had served as a model team player and proved beyond expectations as a good minister of health, sports, youth and community development. Notwithstanding the forgoing attributes, his Achilles heel has been and continues to be his inability to manage people effectively and is seen as one who is easily manipulated thus public perception of his ability to lead has been severely compromised.
With Allen taking on the mantle of leadership, a strategic approach was adopted to rebuild the party’s image and to rekindle public confidence in a reformed UWP. In an attempt to lead the charge to implement change, Allen’s efforts have been hindered by certain elements within the party creating many obstacles that are aimed to derail the reform processes. Some operatives within the party are of the view that these reforms will undermine their influential role they once enjoyed and their future remains uncertain. That feeling of uneasiness has become more acute as the party is now in a better position to win the next general election and operatives would like to be at the right place at the right time to reap the potential benefits that comes with the "territory", so to speak.
The Furious Four
All this uneasiness is really because of selfish reasons and is counter productive in pursuance to political unity or for the national good. A key question that needs to be asked: where were the dissenting voices of King, Spider, Mary, Mondesir et al when a protest march was called for the adjustment of fair fuel prices and to revamp the existing pass through mechanism system from three months to three weeks. They were unavailable for whatever reason but were indeed surprised at the turnout and eventual results achieved. Today, the dissenting voices are unwittingly partnering with the SLP for Allen to go but what comes after his removal is uncertain. I sometimes ponder that If they cannot have their wish, would they prefer to have the SLP win instead of Allen and an organized UWP winning without them? Remember Eric Williams' phrase "one from ten is naught". (removing the 1 from the 10 the zero stands alone).
If the UWP is to succeed it must remain steadfast in the reform process and remain focus on the overall objectives, irrespective of how loud the dissenting voices may grow. It is naive to think that changes will come at little or no cost; often times it can be destructive process as is currently being played out within the rank and file of the UWP. At the upcoming national convention of the UWP in November, the SLP which prefers a face off against King rather than Allen as leader is hoping that Hon. King continues his quest for the party’s political leadership and is certain to present a formidable challenge to Allen. If the election for party leader is limited to just these two gentlemen, the delegates will most certainly re-elect Allen as leader of the UWP.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

UWP's Indecisiveness Continues To Cripple Choiseul/Saltibus

"My one great talent is for speaking plain; I’ve never learned to flatter or to feign;" ~ Peter Josie.
Rufus Bousquet
So now Rufus  Bousquet, has latched on to the chairmanship of the Choiseul Constituency Branch and he is now in the process of placing himself as the only viable candidate to run the Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency seat for the upcoming elections. One must not forget that RB is the chairman and according to the constitution of the Party all applications must go through the Constituency Branch before it can be endorsed by the higher authorities. Keep in mind also that RB made mention on a Radio  show that when he sees someone who is better than him he will give up his quest to represent Choiseul/Saltibus. But you and I very well know that Rufus thinks he is the best thing that has ever happened to Choiseul. Like Francis Blanchard said, "Rufus must never believe that he is a dynasty."
Huggins Nicholas
So what now? All the rumblings against Rufus seems to have ceased. Does that mean Choiseul/Saltibus have accepted the ex-Rep and decided to go along with him? I am aware that many persons have come together to form an anti-Rufus group. A couple of meetings have been held where person expressed their dissatisfaction with Rufus. Presently a petition of pretty close to 500 names is making the rounds. Also, motorcade coined "Liberation Train" was planned for September 13, but it had to be postpone due to some technicalities with the police. The "Train"  will be on the move on Sunday 20, 2015, and its heading to Saltibus.
Jimmy Haynes /Lorne Theophilus
Before, Rufus' move to run for the chairman of the Party many names were rumored to be interested. First was Wilbur Joseph, a MD, who got disenchanted with the "harlay karsay" within the ranks of the Party and pulled out. Then there came Tassa Jean, an Branch Manager, Renwick Vieux Fort, who showed great interest in running the seat - met key persons in numerous  communities and had a very close relationship with Saltibus, the community which have turned away from Rufus. It is alleged that she formerly sent in her application to the Branch Executive. For some unknown reason she slowed down. 
Tassa Jean
But even before Tassa, Huggins Nicholas, a prominent lawyer, had been doing his ground work in number of communities, and he led me to believe that he is interested. But Huggins does not seem to be consistent in his thoughts - Today he is all for it, tomorrow he shows little interest. He even went on to say that non-supporters of the Party give him a lot of support which he could not find within his own party. It is my honest opinion that Huggins may have been looking for a package, taking into consideration his Law practice. He too has thrown in the towel. Theophilia Charles was mentioned, but she was never a favourite of many party supporters.
Brian Charles, who was the Deputy Chairman on the last executive, it is alleged contemplated running the seat if no one showed any interest. Hilarian a Dacretin  resident  was also mentioned, but he too has backed off. It must be noted there that the past executive was very instrumental is discouraging persons who had their eyes set on running the seat. In spite of Rufus absence just after he lost to Lorne, he continued to maintain a hold on the  Branch executive, aptly accommodated by Gilbert Isaac, the Chairman at the time, even to the point where he had the Choiseul delegation at National Council meeting nominate
Theophilia Charles
Claudius Preville to run against Allen Chastanet for party leader at a Party's Annual Convention - Rufus was already worming his way back into Choiseul's politics.
Karambar! My phone is ringing, breaking my trend of thought.........wait, I will be right back. It was a long time friend of mine from Castries; a no-friend of Rufus Bousquet( dah man have enemies everywhere it seems) I can assure you. " Dedan, is Jimmy Haynes running for Choiseul?" he asked. "Aa, news to me." I answered, stunned. "So you don't know that." the friend continued. "Let me find out and I will get back to you?" Not deciding to push any call to Jimmy, I decided to check a top source of mine, "Yes, that's what I heard, Brian too." she said. I personally don't believe it until It comes from the horse's mouth himself. Is this coincidence? Here is a post from Jimmy just coming through on Fb making mention to the Liberation Train  is getting mobilized in La Pointe. I await the formal disclosure of this news if there is any truth to it. So much for that.
McArthur Philip & Vernon Francois
The political leader, Allen Chastanet, two weeks ago promised that the remaining candidate to complete the slate would be announced soon, but we are still at a loss in Choiseul.
My take, those opposing Rufus should just go for an independent candidate, whom I am sure will give both SLP and UWP candidates a run for their money. I personally recommend Mc Arthur Phillip or Vernon Francois.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Press Release

C/o Choiseul Post Office
Choiseul, St. Lucia

Contact: Jimmy Haynes  489 0136

We Stand By Rufus No More

Choiseul – August 21st - We, members, supporters and well-wishers of the United Workers Party in Choiseul/Saltibus are very concerned about the return of our past Parliamentary Representative, Mr. Rufus Bousquet to elective politics in Choiseul.
Since Mr. Bousquet’s entry as a candidate of the UWP for Choiseul/Saltibus in 1992, we have stood by him in the good times and in the bad times. We stood loyally by him when he was dismissed as a member of UWP Cabinet in 1995 and again in 2007 by Sir John Compton. We stood loyally by him after he officially notified the Governor General of the withdrawal of his support from former Prime Minister Hon. Stephenson King in 2008. We stood loyally by him after the revelation of his multiple name changes. We stood loyally by him after learning of his criminal record and his incarceration in the USA. We stood by him even after he referred to his colleagues as being members of a mongoose gang. We stood loyally by him during his battle with cancer during the 2011 election campaign. We fought tooth and nail by his side for five consecutive elections.
We stood by Mr. Rufus Bousquet because we saw in him an immense potential to advance the cause of the people of Choiseul /Saltibus, St. Lucia and the United Workers Party. Despite his many shortcomings, we stood by him in the hope that he would change and emulate the performance of his late father and former UWP Choiseul/Saltibus Parliamentary Representative, Hon. JMD Bousquet who we cherished.
Unfortunately, recent events have confirmed our worst fears that Mr. Rufus Bousquet has not changed and that he will not change. It has confirmed beyond any doubt that Mr. Rufus Bousquet is not a team player and his return to elective politics serves only to create discord within the United Workers Party supporters in Choiseul/Saltibus. His recent pronouncement on a radio show that he will not work with the elected Political Leader of the UWP brought back the shame we felt when he was fired twice by Sir John Compton and when he almost singlehandedly toppled the UWP administration  as he selfishly fought to regain a ministerial portfolio.  Further, Mr. Bousquet’s statement on a national media house where he referred to United Workers Party as a mongrel party is obnoxious and totally acceptable. Enough is enough. We can no longer stand by Mr. Rufus Bousquet.
Therefore, we are calling on Mr. Rufus Bousquet to immediately rescind his offer to contest for the chairmanship of the executive of the UWP Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency Branch.  Further, we are asking Mr. Rufus Bousquet to withdraw his application to be the Choiseul/Saltibus UWP candidate.
We thank Mr. Bousquet for his service to the people of Choiseul/Saltibus, St. Lucia and the United Workers Party. We wish him the very best in his future endeavours.        /End

Monday, August 17, 2015

13 More Days - End Of Summer Beach Bash!

Summer time is always fun for everyone in this country. It is the time when school is out - summer schools are in session, the beaches are more crowded than normal,the children are up to more mischief and don't you forget the parents are clamoring for the reopening of school.
Well then, what better way to end this summer holidays than taking the whole family to this family beach event - "End of Summer Bash" at the Rivere Doree Beach.
Champion Crew is doing it again. You will recall the Annual Good Friday Cricketorama which used to take place at the Debreuil School grounds - the participation was always dynamic.
On August 30, 2015, Champion Crew invites all of St Lucia to this massive "First time" event. Its a massive bash with a bouillon flavour - Soccer small goal competition, toasting, karaoke, dominoes, swimming, drink beer competition, girls swim suit parading, men body building display, La Rose parade, and on top of this we've got the MOST POWERFUL sound system in Choiseul - BLAZING SOUNDS -  to rock the SESSION. Time: 10:00am
Nuff prizes to be won. 
So come on down to the RIVERE DOREE BEACH BASH AND END SUMMER IN A SMASHING WAY. The beach is neat sandy and wide with sparkling white sands.
The countdown  is on.........13 more days. Support this event - funds towards sporting equipment Security at best.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

8 Reasons Not to Vote for Rufus As Chairman

Rufus Bousquet
Mankind will never see the end of trouble until....lovers of wisdom come to hold political power, or the holders of power become lovers of wisdom ~ Plato
Rufus Bousquet came into Choiseul's political arena in the early 1990s. Person's like the deceased Devotion and a few others made him known or rather popular in the Constituency. He was liked. Bousquet's whole political life has been marred in controversy, starting from his first entrance when he ousted Brian Charles for the endorsed candidate for the Choiseul seat. Though he was not Compton's favourite, Giraudy was the big man in the party so Bousquet got the nod.
Rufus has never been given the opportunity to represent the constituency for two consecutive terms by voters - have you ever wondered why? That's for another show. Rufus' tenure in each of the terms has been plagued by controversy after controversy - he has been fired twice by Compton, he was the main man in a UN scandal affair,and he has  called UWP the "Mongoose gang" ( This statement cost UWP the elections that year).
Sir John Compton
What is intriguing is the way the guy manipulates the Choiseul people to get what he wants. After he was fired the first time and elections was on the horizon, it was his intention to vie for the seat again. Compton would not have it. So there was Rufus busily coercing every Tom, Dick and Harry he knows who was close to Compton to have them put in a word for him so as to get endorsed. It worked, and after much consultation he finally got the nod, only to lose to Fergy.
This guy continues to do things on his own and does not heed to protocol - he does not attend party meetings, he goes about his own merry way, how he wants and feels. In short, a real rogue. It appears that he seems to have a change of heart. After his loss in the last elections he vowed that this is it for him. In spite of this colon illness and continuous treatment overseas he has been secretly manipulating the Choiseul Branch Executive  coercing delegates to support him in his agenda to destroy the UWP. His latest ambition is to capture the post of Chairman of the Branch. Elections are due on Sunday August 9, 2015, and if he wins the candidacy will be just a stone throw away to ask the MONGRELS ( so he calls UWPs) to support him. But do you really think its running the seat or  the urge to destroy the UWP's leader and by extension the hierarchy, that is on his mind? What manner of man is this?
It is difficult to abandon a politician whom you have campaigned, defended, and fought for over the years, isn't it? But I think Rufus have served his time and this is the opportune time to let go so we can build and groom a budding politician. I do not support his agenda and his selfish ego.
Here are 8 reasons not to vote Rufus as chairman of the Constituency Branch.
Richard Frederick
1. His influence is infectious and can confuse the minds of the people.
It is no secret that Rufus as well as Frederick are part of a team aimed at putting Chastanet down. Rufus has made it clear that he does like Chastanet and thus will do anything in his power to put an end to  the latter's reign. He will not allow his team the freedom to decide.If you vote him as chairman he will automatically gain a seat on the National Council Executive and from here create problems for the party does like he did while under Compton's administration. Further he will be able with little or no resistance to have his way with the members of the Branch Executive who are all "yes" people.
If you are a person who do not like to make up your own mind, then vote for Rufus
2. We need a fresh start in our political history
Rufus has been in our political lives for the past 25 years. He has only won twice. Its time for us to place our future in someone else. Rufus must get a grip on reality and know that he really never won, the other guy just lost..a fact. Rufus is not totally liked as he presumes. So its time that he moves on and let us decide our future. If you do not need a fresh start well vote Rufus.

3.We need a Chairman that is favored by the National Council.
The whole country knows that Rufus is not in the Party's good books. This he brought on himself by calling the guys Mongrels and the lot. he also has a personal vendetta against certain members of the Party. This guy is noted for disrupting any smooth running organization because he wants his own way. If you think that the chairman of our Branch must be on good terms with the General Executive of the Party, please do not vote Rufus as Chairman.

4. We do not need someone Choiseul/Saltibus who  been rejected 3 out of 5 times.
The elections results statistics show that from 1992 to 2011 show that Rufus has won only two terms and lost three. There also is a pattern for the wins from 1992 - UWP wins 1 term (Rufus)......SLP wins 2 terms  and (Fergy)......UWP wins 1 term(Rufus)......SLP wins 1 term (Lorne).......It is more than likely that the pattern will continue if Rufus becomes the candidate. Voting for Rufus as Chairman I am sure will see him worming his way to be the candidate for the next general elections. do you want the pattern to continue? If yes vote for Rufus.
5. Our caterers and agents must be respected and treated fairly
When one sees the genuineness and responsibility of Wacha, a new comer to the political arena, and how he treated his caterers and agents when the 2011 elections was over, It is something to marvel about. Everyone was paid their work. Not so in Choiseul/Saltibus. It is an outcry to hear the stories from the workers to gave of their services during the last elections and up to this moment have not gotten a dime.  Even persons who carried out small works have not been paid in full. Yet we hear of monies that was lodged at the Credit union coming up short of what was expected to be on the account. Where de money gone! so if you believe that persons should work and dont get paid, vote Rufus for Chairman and live with your conscience.
Chastanet and King
6. We need a person who is transparent and accountable
This one is very close to my heart. As a sportsman I marvel a good sporting facilities. I remember writing a piece on this blog after I witnessed some sporting activity at the Soufriere Mini Stadium. My heart aches every time I pass by the La Fargue Field and see the emptiness there. Where are the funds for the Mini Stadium which I can substantiate was in account  specifically for this. (In spite of the report on the Village Councils about the use of Taiwanese funds, which falsely mentioned that I wasn't a member of the Council, you will be surprised to find out that I know every detail about this account for the Mini Stadium). I can guarantee that there was about EC$900,000.00.
I lost track of this account during the campaign season. After elections I understood that the money came up short. Who pocketed the money is for a proper investigation to find out. Now we are without a stadium. We also don't know what has become of the rest of the money.  I also alleged that monies where being withdrawn from this account with authorization from the Rep to the Village Clerk.Is it that you want from a Chairman who cannot be transparent and accountable. If yes, Rufus is your man.
7.We need a resident to be the Chairman
Choiseul have always been on the receiving end of all garbage that needs dumping. we appear to be a people with no say or can't do anything for ourselves. All the politicians with the exception of Brian Charles have been forced down our throats. It's time we have Resident Choiseulians for Choiseul politics. Now we have a burnt out politician, who virtually lives overseas and who is up to no good vying for the post of Chairman. What a shame! CHOISEULIANS, WAKE UP!
Brother, do you want an outsider to run your political affairs for you? If no, do not vote for Rufus.
8. We need someone who has Choiseul at heart
Bruce Tucker, another name Rufus is known by, does not have Choiseul close to his chest, but rather what he can gain by using the people, and more specifically, those in his ring who are promoting him for the post of Chairman, which I am sure will automatically land him the endorsed candidacy. A typical example is when Rufus abandoned the Saltibus people for three long years simple because he does not like the people up there. Saltibus is part of the Choiseul Constituency. You cannot love half and dislike the other half. Well paid him back in kind - they voted him out.
loving the whole constituency is a prerequisite for working in the interest of the people. if you believe that it is ok to work for half of the constituency and forget the other half, make Bruce Tucker your chairman.
Thank you for reading this article and not making any comments about its headline. I know this article sounds crazy but i am preety serious about the messages i want to convey  to the Choiseul/Saltibus people.
I am simply say do not vote Rufus for Chairman of the Choiseul Constituency Branch.I just think he is not perfect for the job as there is much anger and hate in him.
I'm not campaigning for Brian Charles either, as to my mind, he is also a political right offs.
Let us support leaders, not because we are their solid loyalists, but because they can provide solid services.
Finally, a quote from Thomas Jefferson ~ "Whenever a man has cast his eyes on offices, a rotteness begins in his conduct"

Friday, August 07, 2015

Is Rufus Setting The Battlefield?

In a previous post, may be in September  last year, I predicted that the last of Rufus Bousquet have not been seen when it comes to politics in Choiseul. I went on to state that the  local Constituency Branch Executive is deep in Rufus' back pocket, that it is not surprising if the Central Executive have a real battle yet  in store for them - Rufus's supporters vs  UWP hierarchy.

 Rufus was the guest on Hot Button Issue last night on Choice Tv. Wearing a beard now, not the handsome and self-conscious guy about his wardrobe while he was in ministerial affairs, he looked reasonably well, compared to his demeanor during election time in 2011. Was the guy really sick or was he putting on a show. Whichever, he paid the price.

After a few early visits to the Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency just after his loss, he got involved in the  Branch politics  of the Constituency. Then his sudden disappearance and last his Sunday's  reappearance in the Constituency. This may demonstrate a form of mischief which he is contemplating  to unleash on the Constituents at any cost. It must not be misunderstood that the guy still has support there, but should this be his momentum to want Choiseulians to re-elect him.

It may be timely for him to make his appearances in the constituency and on Tv, since late last year we heard the political leader mention that by March this year he will have his candidates in  place. As for the Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency, the selection of a new candidate is not clear cut. Rufus said last night on the show that it is too early for him to predict whether he will be running the seat or not, since no one has approached him. But once the people wants him, he will run. What does he mean by this? Do you see a confrontation in the making between Rufus and the Party's Hierarchy, fueled by the puppet executive? Well from what was gathered last night Rufus sure seems to be positioning his pawns for the onslaught when things are right.

It is being mentioned throughout the constituency in the watering holes that a number of persons are looking at the seat. One of them being  a prominent lawyer - Huggings Nicholas and another an executive manager - Tessa Jean. Let the games begin

Friday, July 10, 2015

The Ploy To Hijack The Choiseul UWP Constituency Chairmanship?

Rufus and Allen
Allen Chastanet is a thorn in Rufus’s side; the latter will do anything to cut Allen down. You should have heard him ranting on News Spin recently. Flip flopping all over the place in the name of the people of Choiseul and by extension, St Lucia. Give me a break!
Rufus, whether it is true or not it is alleged to have been known for a lot of unpleasant things; even more so during the 2006 general elections campaign. He is alleged to have gone under numerous names and those concerned during the campaign were wondering under which name he would register as a candidate. He is also alleged to have served  time in the USA. The last controversial inquiry into the use of Taiwanesse funds implicated him in dubious transactions. The Moroccan funds which he claimed he secured for the construction of a mini stadium for the La Fargue Playing Field never met its intended purpose.  News just coming to hand as I write this piece makes mention to him saying that the Moroccan funds were his personal funds. Phew! Bruce Tucker, as he is sometimes called, is at odds with caterers, agents and persons who carried out small contracts over monies due to them for works done. They claim he is a bad paymaster. And last but not least, it is alleged that he has been known to pay/update delegates dues and even marginalize the registered members to secure votes to support him at a convention,( Annison Hunte, in a statement to RCI confirmed this). He is well known to by any means necessary to secure ends which he sets his eyes on - just like he did Sunday past. The nature of the man!
And now, making the rounds, is the talk that Rufus is about to hijack the UWP Choiseul Branch in a move it is alleged, to secure a seat on the National Council – God know why.
 I was informed of this move in Vieux Fort by hopeful for the Choiseul seat this coming elections. He reiterated that his chances of being considered must be slim now if Rufus wins the chairmanship. According to the UWP Constitution on membership, persons applying to be members of the party must undergo a waiting period of between 7 to 14 days. The deadline for application for membership so that one could vote at the July 5, 2015 Branch Elections was June 30, 2015.
Silvanus Fontenard
 News of the outcome of this infamous meeting was posted online by a well-known co-founder/updater of the UWP Constitution, Silvanus Fontenard himself. His post reads, “Just a few weeks ago Bruce tucker described UWP as a group of mongrels but he is trying to worm his way in by conspiring with reds and other dirty tricksters to get rid of Allen Chastanet. The plan has been to secure the chairmanship of the Choiseul Branch thus gaining a national council vote to commence his dirty work. Just imagine people who applied to join the branch this week were allowed to pay their registration fees today and allowed to vote in order to get their friends into the executive to facilitate their dirty work. What shocked me though is that Nancy Charles enabled the process with the excuse that we should open the party to all persons who are interested. Clearly, this was a violation of the party’s Constitution. The question though is where these people were over the past 18 years since the reorganization of the UWP. Did they suddenly realize they wanted to be members today? So my warning Unitedpac St Lucia, Allen Chastanet and Ezekiel Joseph, be aware of Nancy - her actions suggests that she is part of the conspiracy to get you guys out. If you must know also, some members of the branch executive also helped to facilitate the process. So Unitedpac St Lucia, watch out and be prepared. The ex con and his criminal strategist are coming your way.”
Nancy Charles
There was something different at that meeting - there was tension, a sudden quietness, a lack of eye contacts between the instigators of the plan and honest members, a set of persons who in the past showed loyalty to Rufus, and nominations for positions started from the bottom instead of the top position. - you could just smell something was not right.
A few persons who became members at that meeting were elected on the new executive – a well calculated move by Rufus, and his henchmen led by Peter “Reds” Philip. What is even more interesting is the Chairman has held on to this position jealousy from times immemorial. Last branch elections he deliberately did not let his position be challenged. However this time around he is stepping down and one of the henchmen nominated him to be vice chairman – a calculated move to make room for Rufus as Chairman. But many persons are unaware of what is to come. The floor was opened for nomination for the position of Chairman and in a flash Rufus was nominated and seconded almost immediately. A move to close nominations was blocked by an intelligent person who also quickly nominated Brian Charles – that foiled Rufus’s plan. Brian Charles was seconded by members on the other side.  You could see the disappointment on the faces of Rufus’ gang. The run-off is due for July 26, 2015 – BRIAN vs RUFUS.
The new executive reads:
Chairman:                      Brian Charles and Rufus Bousquet (to be decided on 26/7/2015)
Vice Chairman:               Mr Gilbert Isaac
Mobilization Officer:       Martinus Thomas
Welfare Officer:              Peter Philip
Women's Affair:               Melanie Mitchel
Youth Officer:                 Kina Nicholas
Public Relations Officer: Christopher Gustave
Treasurer:                       Ignatius Jean
Secretary:                       Lima Jornacien
So what’s on Rufus’ mind as he makes his attempt to become the Chairman of the Branch Executive?  If he becomes Chairman he will automatically gain a seat on the National Council. Your guess is as good as mine as to what he intends to do. A man who has never had respect for the  Executive during his two tenures as Parliamentary Rep. Only when he found himself in opposition and he needed to achieve some political move he would think of them. One will recall that Choiseul on the Move predicted this move in a post, dated Monday 22, September, 2014 under the heading “UWP Choiseul Branch Exec Still in Rufus’ Back Pocket?” Here it is, in your face!

Claudius Preville
In his last radio interview on “News Spin” when asked to make his final comments, among other things he said, that St Lucians have to aware of persons who have ulterior motives who offer themselves to represent them. Omg, it’s such a pity he cannot see himself in this statement.
Rufus must stop using his stooges on the Branch Executive to achieve his political ends.  He did it at Saltibus, when he used Peter “Reds’ Philip to nominate Preville for the leadership of the Party, and here he is at it again. The fools refuse to learn.