Thursday, November 13, 2014

Who sold out the Roblot library?

Choiseul On The Move has been relentless in its efforts to have the Roblot Multi-purpose Centre repaired. The author has also taken to facebook to air this concern all to no avail. It appears that we really are a forgotten community. The Rep continues to show complete disrespect to the citizens of Roblot by not even acknowledging the people's concerns.
The focus of this article is not about the Rep's lack of concern for the residents of Roblot, but rather a situation that is very disturbing and needs clarification.
The Centre was damaged during hurricane Tomas....the roof was completely blown off. However, the library which was housed in a section attached to the building was partly or two galvanize sheets flew off, and many books were damaged. The library after minor repairs to the roof continued to operate until prior to the next year's hurricane season it was abandoned and the service moved to the Debreuil Primary School.
I dont have to tell you what happened the dark of night, and some daring day situations, a rampage of the materials began and in less than two weeks a bare skeleton of the Centre stood up.
This blog made mention of this, but no one heeded; not even the Constituency Council, under whose jurisdiction the building falls. Seeing no one seems to care, the perpetrators shifted their focus to the library.....all the toilet facilities, and front door was stolen in one night.
The only materials left were the roof and galvanize, two aluminum windowswith burglar bars, an old executive desk which was used by the librarian and the mahogany flooring.
Lord and behold, can you imagine, two to three weeks ago, in broad daylight a crew in full view of the residents was demolishing what is left of the library. The blog has learnt that all the galvanize, the two aluminum windows with burglar bars and the mahogany flooring was sold to a gentleman for a meagre $300.
The village Clerk and a councillor were contacted and both denied having any knowledge of this transaction. Though the Village Clerk promised to investigate and get back to me, up to the time of writing this piece no news came forth. However a councillor mentioned that the Clerk would be on the site today.
Question. Who authourised this transaction? Who got paid? Why wasn't the Counstituency Council notified? Into which account is this money lodged? What is this money to be used for? Is the Ministry of Social Development aware of this? What's about the youtth development officer? A litany of questions need to be answered on this shady activity.
The residents are up in arms about this latest development and demand that a reasonable explanation be given.