Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bradley Felix - Simply Choiseulian To The Very Core!

It is now common knowledge that the United Workers Party (UWP) has endorsed its candidate for the Choiseul/Saltibus constituency. Bradley Felix, a banker, will be contesting against the incumbent MP and Minister of Tourism, Lorne Theophilus.

In a statement on his Facebook page Bradley describes who he is in the most of simplistic terms – thus giving an all-round picture of the man’s humility.

“Who am I?

Bradly Felix is a successful career banker, environmentalist and creative soul. He was born in the village of Choiseul, the first of his mother’s and fifth of his father’s children.
While Bradly grew up in the CDC in Castries he spent every single school vacation in Choiseul and up until 2 years ago did not know how Christmas was celebrated outside of Choiseul. Throughout his life
Mr. Felix maintained an intense affection and connection with Choiseul encouraging friends to come feel the Choiseul experience whether it be climbing the pitons, bathing in the river or a waterfall or just enjoying the incomparable scenery. It was not a surprise that he would decide to build his home in Choiseul despite working in the extreme north of the island. Mr. Felix is married and proud father of three.”

 His page is being overwhelmed with “likes” as I write this piece. Here are a  few Comments from his page:

Anne Sheran Ferdinand: You a good guy Brad with a good heart I wish you the best in your endeavor

Stickey Kronik Boom: Kudos to Mr. Felix for taking that big step in his quest to bring quality representation to the "people's republic of Choiseul"

Mandy Joseph: Great individual had the pleasure of being neighbors in CDC to his wonderful family

Ethel Jn. Baptiste: A REAL CHOISEULIAN!

Marie C Auguste: Good Luck

Brenda Ifil: All the best Bradley, you are always true to yourself

Jhune Richards All the best Bradley!

Leontius Joseph I feel proud when I see young people from my village stepping up to the challenge go for it son you will be in my prayers

General elections are due anytime this year according to a number of pundits.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

"Dave Cameron, You Are No Julian Hunte" - Peter Thomas

Julian Hunte
There is an unwritten rule in leadership that requires a leader to go about his role doggedly with quiet dignity. A leader must never behave in a manner that mirrors a reality TV star. It is the second time that Dave Cameron has gone on tweeter and reveal crassness unbecoming the dignity that his office demands. This man clearly
does not have the appreciation of what one of the last hopes and symbols of West Indian unity means to the Caribbean people. One could never accuse Sir Julian Hunte of not being a dignified gentleman through and through. Even when he faced a greater onslaught of problems with a militant WIPA, consistently declining on-field performance, declining revenue streams, and other issues mostly due to a sudden and rapid transformation of the game and its attendant implications he kept his composure and plodded along.

The Caribbean people who have been spoilt by the dominance of the West Indies wanted results and they wanted it now. They failed to appreciate the factors that were mitigating against the West Indies in the midst of the upheaval and called for his head.
What we were presented as a better alternative has proven to be nothing of such.
Instead what we have is a leader who has consistently demonstrated "Trumpesque" behaviour in tweeting insults, fighting words, and throwing unnecessary shade at the persons whose interests he is supposed to represent and champion. This is a clear manifestation of a man who has lost touch with the game, the organization, and the men and women who serve it.

Dave Cameron
Mr. Cameron has shown that he does not possess the temperament, leadership acumen, and vision to lead this dysfunctional WICB nor any newly formed administrative structure in the wake of his immediate departure.

I've met Julian Hunte, I know Julian Hunte, Dave Cameron you are no Julian Hunte.

Friday, April 01, 2016

I Have Never Known Things To Be Worse In St. Lucia Than It Is Today - Jimmy Haynes

Jimmy Haynes
I made the following statement three years ago and unfortunately it is still relevant. sigh!
I started typing something and my connection abruptly got severed and I do not know if what I had begun to say would have got me in trouble. It seems that speaking your mind in St. Lucia could affect your livelihood just like exercising your voting franchise.

So we tread lightly and while we mouse around things get worse and we blame the politicians.

 My friends I have never known things to be worse in St. Lucia than it is today. I look around my community on this Easter weekend and I can see and feel the misery. The bars and dancehalls are virtually dead. While that may not be a bad thing it is also an accurate measurement of our local economy and it is dormant. Somethings have to change and only we can effect such.

How many people have not settled their monthly obligations this past month? How many of us shudder when a twin cab four wheel drive parks outside our homes? Is it LUCELEC coming to disconnect us? How was your Easter? Most of us on Facebook are too young to know what Easter meant to St. Lucians a couple decades ago.

 It is pathetic; people are suffering while some are living the life not because of their hard work and innovation but because of their affiliations. It is not fair. In this time we cannot afford this nepotism, political favoritism and all this kissing-ass. Say something and say it loud otherwise, perish.

I mean no one any harm.

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