Friday, October 31, 2008

Bousquet to Tour Delcer

The Constituency Office has made arrangements for The District/Parliamentary Representative to make a tour of the Community of Delcer next week. The Rep. is expected to meet with key persons in the area including the principal of the Delcer Primary School.

On his visit to the school Mr. Bousquet will be presenting a check towards the purchase of a photo-copier for the school. The school has been without such a machine for sometime now.

A ground breaking ceremony will take place for the construction of a bus shelter and an IT lab for the residents. Also on the agenda will be the signing of documents for the construction of two speed bumps near the school to curb the traffic speed for the safety of the school children.

Inspite of the Rep's busy government schedule he however makes time to meet with each community. This pattern is expected to continue.

A series of townhall meetings are scheduled over the coming months.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Footpath For La Pointe Residents Get Underway

For sometime now the residents of La Pointe have had to trod through mud and shrubs to get from the main road to a bridge on the southern side of the community.

Mr. Bousquet kept his word to residents when during the 2006 campaign he promised that no longer will persons living in this particular area have to trod through the mud with their shoes in their hand until they reach the main road.

The footpath is being constructed at an estimated $30,000. The photo shows stage one of three stages project. The footpath is estimated to be completed by November 21st, 2008

Another major project that is presently ounderway, is a retaining rubble wall on the La Fargue Highway. Look out for photos tomorrow.
Bousquet, taking care of his people

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rufus escapes serious injury

While on his way to the airport the District Representative was involved in an accident where he narrowly escaped serious injury. His driver was not so lucky as he sustained a broken leg and other minor injuries.

The accident happenned between the Dennery and Castries road. According to reports the accident was caused as a falling tree had the driver to swerve in in order to avoid the tree. In doing so he lost control,compounded with the mud on the road surface, ran off the road into a precipice.

Fortunately for the driver the Rep. was able to assist by getting him out of the vehicle and out of the precipice.

Both the Rep. and the driver were taken to the hospital where the driver was admitted.

The Rep. should be back on the job soon.

God played his hand in this scenario. Long live the Rep.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bousquet may soon be Foreign Affairs Minister

It has been in the air that Prime Minister Stephehson King will be making a cabinet reshuffle. It has been understood that King is releiveing himself of some of his ministries, and the reciepient of the Foreign Affairs Ministry is none other than the experienced, dynamic, and eloquent District Representative, Mr..Rufus Bousquet.

Mr. Bousquet held this ministry in the past ,but through some unexplained controversy he was relieved of this portfolio. During his stint as External Affairs Minister he met with many high ranking ministers all over the world and he was rated as a brilliant and promising politician.

Our District Rep. has been making many overseas trips lately to help put St. Lucia on a good footing. Last week he was in Africa discussing the future of our bananas and this week his is in Washington on further government business. He is due back on Friday.

In his absence the work in the constituency goes on. Many projects are presently underway. After the heavy rains all blocked roads were cleared almost immeadiately. $70,500.00 has been allocated to the constituency for more works to be carried out. Works will commenced soon.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Heavy rains wash away river crossing

The river crossing which allows residents and commuters to have easy access across the Delcer river was washed away as the river overflowed its banks due to heavy rains caused by the effects of hurricane Omar.

The crossway provides a shortened route for Delcer,La Pointe and surrounding communities to travel to Soufriere and back. Now commuters have to take an alternative route which is alot further. This may impact on transportation fees.

Also during the weekend there were many small landslides all over the communities. The real big one occurred in Daban where the community was completely shut off from other areas. You could not get in or get out. A quick response from the Vieux fort branch of the Ministry of Communication and Works cleared the landslide in a little over two hours.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Choiseul Strategic Development Plan Consultation Held.


Inspite of the inclement weather the consultation planned for the weekend came off with a total of 35 persons from producer organizations, the private sector, youth, sports, mothers and fathers groups.
It also included groups with capacities that can be transformed into community development strategies.

Participants will be expected to make two critical decisions. Firstly, to adopt the Draft Development Plan which highlights strategies to combat some of the major social and economic issues such as unemployment, crime, land use and the environment and then to sanction the role of the Choiseul Development Foundation.senting different stakeholders.

After a brief itroduction by The Choiseul Development Officer,Mr. Mc Arthur Phillip, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry Of Social Transformation made some remarks. He gave his full blessing to the initiative and encouraged the participants to carry on in that vein.

The Draft document was presented by Mr. Anthony Herman who gave a summary of the highlights of the draft

The draft was adopted and Mr. Goddard Darchiville, the existing chairman gave a brief history of how the idea of a Choiseul Development Foundation was conceived.The Foundation was registered in 2003. Some of the founders are Mr. Lawrence Constantine, Mr, Glen Albert, Mr.Peter Annius, Mr. Gasper Blaize and Mr. Darchiville himself.

The Cosultation came to an end at about 3:30 pm.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Choiseul Secondary School Holds Annual PTA Meeting

The annual Parents' Teachers' Association of The Choiseul Secondary School held its annual general meeting at the School yesterday at about 2:45pm. The meeting was well attended with many parents not having access to sitting accommodation and also having to stand outside the main meeting area. The school has an attendance of about 700 students and definitely need an auditorium to accommodate all the parents.

During his address, the Principal, Mr. Augier gave an assessment of the school's performance in last year's CXC examinations. Mr. Augier lamented some reasons why his school did not place higher in last year's rankings. He noted that 23% of the students failed cxc subjects be cause they did did notg submit SBA's for the subjects. He went on to say that SBA's cotribute to insome cases to as much as 40% of the examination. The principal informed the parents that no child will be allowed to write the examinations if they do not submit an SBA if required for the subject. He continued by saying that there seems to be a culture developing at the school whereby students don't attend classes and when caught they would remark, "Sir I drop that subject."

At the meeting a new executive was elected. The new executive comprises of two fathers and five mothers in the persons of: Mr. Joseph Charles - President, Mrs. Babara Donaie - Vice President, Miss Clara Alcindor - Secretary, Miss Lera Preville - Assistant Secretary, Miss Jacquiline Theophilus, - Tresurar, Mrs Celesta Jn. Louis - Assistant Tresurar and Mr. Dedan Jn. Baptiste as Public Relations Officer.

A meeting with parents with students in Form 5 is schedule for some time soon to be announced.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

More Projects Completed

The District Representative has delivered as promised on two more projects in the communities of La Pointe and Jetrine.

A bus shelter was completed at the Industry/La Pointe Junction and a bridge in the Jetrine area, to be more specific the enclave of Fond Sabre.The residents of Fond sabre had extreme difficulty crossing a ravine whenever it rained making crossing almost impassable. Commuters in the La Pointe were at the mercy of the weather elements while awaiting buses to take them to work, school and other important business transactions.

Persons in these two communities are satisfied with the projects. The District Rep. said that it is his duty to uplift the standard of living in Choiseul.

Presently a footpath measuring about 351 feet is being constructed in the La Pointe community and is expected to be completed by the 26th of October.

Starting soon, is a bus shelter at the delcer/La Pointe junction.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Dacretin Family Gets New Home

A family of Dacretin is the latest recipient of the goodwill and.humanitarian gesture offered by the Parliamentary Representative to his constituents.

After receiving information on the living conditions of the family, Mr. Bousquet made a personal visit to the place. Mr. Bousquet was taken aback by what he saw and immediately directed his technicians to get an estimate to build a house to replace what the family lived in.

Within a few weeks a house was built and the family were able to move into a decent home. The family thanked the Representative for giving them this wonderful home.

The photos show the before and after home the members of the family.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Cadets Get Prepared

.About thirty to forty teens of The St.Lucia Cadet Corp. Southern Division attended a camp at the Choiseul Secondary School over the weekend.

The camp involved students from Vieux Fort Comprehensive School campus A and B, Micoud Secondary,Choiseul Secondary, Soufriere Comprehensive School and Vieux Technical Secondary.

The aim of the camp was to provide training for the cadets for the Recruting Period which is scheduled for December.

Providing training for the cadets were Unit Commander 2nd Lieutenant C. Chicot and under Officer K.Remy of The Micoud and Choiseul Secondary Schools respectively.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Major Project Under-way

After completing the Darban bus shelter the District Rep. has moved into high gear by commencing the works to install lighting for the multi-purpose court at La Fargue.

The works will be done at an estimated cost of $45,000.00.

The Rep. is determined to make an impact in the development of sports in the district. Recently he made contributions of $2000.00 each, to Balca Sports and Cultural Club, Harambe Sports Club of Jetrine, and the Delcer Cricket Team to purchase sporting gear.