Wednesday, September 25, 2013

St. Lucia Labour Party's Lie Of The Century

"Jobs: Our Number 1 Priority
Through an effective combination of short- term
activities, an active public sector investment
programme, the
strategic use of incentives to encourage local investments, and
the creation of an environment that attracted foreign
investment, ........
A major priority of our government will be the
creation of jobs. Our Party will translate its comprehensive Employment Activation Programme
(LEAP) into a National Initiative to Create Employment,
dedicated to creating and finding jobs for Saint
Lucians. ............ An SLP government will immediately
inject an amount of $100 million into the economy to
stimulate job creation and reconstruction." Yes, you guessed correctly. This is an excerpt from
the SLP 2011 manifesto, Our Blueprint for Growth."
this document a joke? National Iniatiative to Create Employment for who?
Yes, again you are correct, SLP hacks and supporters. Is the Construction Stimulus Package one of their
strategic uses of incentives to encourage local
investment? Yes, it is and it is an abject failure. A good
SLP friend of mine confided that it seemed that the
policy was meant to benefit a particular housing
development in the south belonging to an appointed member of parliament who happens to be one of a
diminishing minority clamouring for the continuation
of the scheme. Typical.
I just drove around a few communities to observe
who is employed in this round of STEP and yes you
are correct again. More than 90% of the participants
are SLP supporters. They were all proud to let me
know that. So, am I right to conclude that these Gov't tax funded
job creation programmes are nothing else but an
exercise in blatant nepotism? Yes they are!
If you are not a member of the 'En Rouge' brigade
then you are out of luck, cannot pay your bills,
cannot put food on your table, cannot afford education for your children and more ominous you
are unprotected from the strangling clutches of
Kenny's VAT. You are dead meat! Is that the best this supposedly very educated,
astute, experienced and exceptional yet failing SLP
administration can do? Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE UWP IN THE NEXT ELECTION WHENEVER THEY

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

St Lucia-US Relations on a thread!

Dr. Kenny Anthony
This is an extract taken from the article  "St Lucia-US Relations on A Thread!". The article was Written by Rick Wayne | September 23, 2013 and published in The Star.
".................Let us fast forward to the 2011 elections and his visa revocation, as had been predicted by leading Labour Party honchos. While in opposition the current prime minister had repeatedly instructed the nation that the US embassy would not have revoked an MP’s visa without explanation to his prime minister.   But two years later the current PM still has not done what his predecessor had failed to do.
A high-ranking police officer also had his US visa revoked, with no official explanation. As if that were not bad enough, the police commissioner was recently prevented from attending a police meeting in Philadelphia.    This time the prime minister blamed human rights violations, “suspected extra judicial killings” is how he explained it, committed during the previous administration’s Operation Restore Confidence.
Later, at a meeting on the steps of the Castries market, the prime minister repeated an earlier denied, then acknowledged, suspension of US funds that for several years had financed special police operations here.
Never before had he sang so lustily for his American supper. He underscored in straight talk that without American green backs it would be more than ever open season in Saint Lucia for traffickers in drugs and sex, to say nothing of local law enforcement problems. Did the prime minister know he was being monitored, even as he spoke, by personnel in his audience connected to the US State Department?
Many were taken aback when the prime minister added that his justice minister had recently visited the US embassy in Barbados. Moreover, that new arrangements for US funds had been made. What the prime minister said was true but only in part. What he did not say was that the US promises were based on what his government does about those earlier cited human rights violations, and importantly, how quickly.
Actually, the justice minister was given a deadline by which to move certain personnel from their present extra-sensitive positions. My information from impeccable off-island sources is that at least three more police visas were recently revoked following polygraph tests conducted here last week, during which some candidates sang like canaries on Chairman’s Reserve.
Believe it or not, on the line is the US visa of the justice minister himself, whose deadline for action, not more talk, is only a couple days away. So what does the prime minister know that his Cabinet (surprise, surprise!) does not know, let alone the House opposition?
What does the police commissioner know that the public needs to know?
And then there’s this other highly combustible matter about to bust wide open, involving the Financial Investigating Unit of the Financial Investigating Authority. Its director is local lawyer Paul Thompson. The rest of the unit comprises representatives of customs and the police force.
For the time being, I need only ask, again: What does the prime minister know about this ticking FIA bomb that Richard Frederick may or may not know, about which Philip J. Pierre and fellow Cabinet members have not a clue?
What does the State Department know? What are the Americans demanding? Especially vital: What do Paul Thompson and his team of investigators know that they may well be wishing they did not know?
And this time around who will be the sacrificial lambs?"


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Roblot , The Forgotten Community

View of Roblot M-purpose centre
Does this view looks familiar? Sometime after Tomas this Blog posted a pic of the damage Tomas inflicted on the Centre and the Library which is attached to this building. This building used to house club meetings of the Development committee, serve as  a place of worship and other social activities.Further the library section which was recently shutdown has deprived the school children of free access to the internet. A service which saw an increase in parents providing their children with laptops.
 To make matters worst, the library section which was shut down, has recently been vandalized. The front door has been broken and taken away, the toilet facilities have disappeared and the interior is in a mess with books scattered all over the floor.
Inside library showing no toilet facilities
   The shell of a 25" television also lay on the floor. This it is alleged is the work of the people whom this building is to serve.Since the results of the last  general elections, constituents have not had the privilege to speak with the Rep. A SCHOOLCHILD ONCE. WROTE HIM AN OPEN LETTER COMPLAINING ABOUT THE DILAPIDATED CONDITION OF THE CENTRE AND HOW THIS HAS BROUGHT HARDSHIPS FOR HER AND HER PEERS.
 The Residents presently have no place of assembly to diccuss community matters. The Rep must step up to the plate an make the necessary contacts to get this centre and library service back on stream
Front view of centre

Another view on inside library
Further one must drive up to Roblot or even Lamaze to see the deplorable conditions of our roads. Using the Debreuil/Myers Bridge Road route is a living hell.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What is ALBA?

The Presidents of Ecuador and Venezuela (middle and right) at a 2012 ALBA meeting
The Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas is a regional bloc that aims to foster integration and cooperation among Latin America and Caribbean countries. Known as ALBA for its Spanish name (La Alianza Bolivariana para los Pueblos de Nuestra América), the group emerged as a joint agreement spearheaded by the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and then Cuban leader Fidel Castro. ALBA has grown from two to eight member countries since its creation almost a decade ago, accounting for 10.4 percent of Latin America and the Caribbean’s GDP.
Origins and Goals
Named for Latin American independence figure Simón Bolivar, the bloc was originally called the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas. Chávez initially proposed the alliance in 2001 at the Third Summit of the Heads of State and the Government of the Association of Caribbean States as an alternative to the U.S.-backed Free Trade Agreement of the Americas. ALBA defines itself as a political entity with a mission that promotes “solidarity, complementarity, justice, and cooperation” in order to unite member strengths, and outlines 12 principles that focused in the fields of economic development, social welfare, natural resources, and energy cooperation.
On December 14, 2004, ALBA was officially created after Chávez and Castro signed the Joint Declaration in Havana, Cuba. The bloc added the Peoples’ Trade Treaty (TCP) upon Bolivia’s incorporation in 2006, and changed its name to the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas in 2009, retaining its acronym. The TCP emphasizes that there are “no bosses, only partners” via specialized tariff policies that favor smaller economies, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all free-trade agreement.
ALBA has eight member countries (9 now) with a combined population of 70.6 million and GDP of $557.6 billion, as of 2012.
The following countries are full members of ALBA: Antigua and Barbuda, Bolivia, Cuba, Dominica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Venezuela (recently St. Lucia). Honduras was also a member, joining in 2008 under President Manuel Zelaya, but withdrew in 0209 after Zelaya’s ouster. At the eleventh Summit in February 2012, ALBA granted the ascension of Suriname and St. Lucia as guest members—a prerequisite for full-fledged membership. Haiti, an observer since 2007, was confirmed as a permanent observer during the summit and has also expressed interest in becoming a full member. Iran and Syria are observers.
Organizational Structure and Projects
A number of councils make up the alliance, which plan, coordinate, and advise on various topics that determine the function and flow of ALBA.
  • The Presidential Council is the most powerful council in the alliance, made up of heads of state from each country. The Council is responsible for the highest levels of decision-making for the alliance.
  • The Political Council comprises foreign ministers from each member country, and is tasked with advising the Presidential Council on strategic policy issues.
  • The Economic Council consists of ministers appointed by member countries within the fields of economy, finance, trade, and development. Members coordinate strategy, policy, and projects related to an “economic area of shared development” within ALBA. Working groups play an important role, and cover areas such as energy, food safety, technology, commerce, and infrastructure.
  • The Social Council incorporates ministers that manage social areas in their home countries, and seeks to provide oversight for work related to education, health, employment, and culture.
  • The Social Movements Council is the “principle mechanism that facilitates integration and direct social participation” in ALBA. This Council is responsible for articulating the social movements of member and non-member countries.
While success is mixed, ALBA has advanced several social development programs called Grand National Projects.
  • Telecommunications: Created in 2005 as a “counterweight” to CNN, TeleSUR is a Spanish-language regional news outlet headquartered in Venezuela, its main funder, with contributions from other members. Its broadcast reaches beyond Latin America and the Caribbean to parts of Europe and Africa.
  • Banking and Finance: Venezuela founded the ALBA Bank in 2008 with $1 billion in capital. Seeking to serve as an alternative to the IMF or World Bank, the institution does not impose loan conditions. The bank supports agriculture production, energy cooperation, and has invested $170 million in social programs related to education, culture, and health. During ALBA’s eleventh summit in 2012, member countries agreed to contribute 1 percent of their international reserves into the bank to fund development projects.

    In 2009, the bloc introduced the sucre, a virtual currency that would be used for trade between members and put it into effect the following year. Short for “Unitary System of Regional Compensation,” the electronic currency would also circumvent the use of the U.S. dollar. Transactions are conducted between central banks. This year, member countries made 1,500 transactions worth 550 million sucre, or $670 million. Though it’s not a member of ALBA, Uruguay requested entry into the system to use the regional currency in March 2013.
  • Oil: In 2005, Chávez established Petrocaribe, an oil trading bloc through which Venezuela supplies Caribbean members oil at reduced rates. Petrocaribe and ALBA are separate entities that have some overlap of member countries, but plan to become closer. In January, the Venezuelan government announced plans for an “economic zone” between ALBA-TCP and Petrocaribe. The proposed zone’s objectives would advance investment, trade, tourism, and development projects between member countries of both groups.
  • Social Programs: According to an official Venezuelan press statement, the ALBA Bank has invested $170 million in social programs. These initiatives range from elementary school education programs in Bolivia, Dominica, and Nicaragua to scholarships for cultural research and art exhibitions.
Since its inception, ALBA has held 18 summits, with the most recent held in February 2012 to discuss projects and decide on trade agreements. Heads of government met on July 30 in Guayaquil, Ecuador to discuss economic integration and food sovereignty issues, in addition to indigenous and Afro-descent populations in member nations. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa convened before the summit for the first bilateral meeting since Chávez’s death.
After Chávez: The Future of ALBA
In a memorial letter to Chávez after his death, ALBA pledged to continue its “Unionist work.” But the post-Chávez outlook for the alliance is uncertain. In the Spring 2013 issue of Americas Quarterly, Executive Director of Focus on the Global South Pablo Solón notes that “the key to progress in Latin America is not ALBA itself, but rather the continuity and enhancement of the social movement against neoliberalism—of which ALBA is one expression.” In order to survive, he notes,“ALBA’s leadership must act more collectively to maintain the alliance’s forward progress.” Gregory Weeks, professor and chair of the Department of Political Science & Public Administration at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, countered that “ALBA’s longevity will depend on both the will of the Venezuelan president and the strength of the Venezuelan economy.” But, he added: “With a high probability of flagging enthusiasm for ALBA both at home and abroad, and without Hugo Chávez’ guidance, there is little reason to believe it will continue in any consequential manner in the late president’s absence.”
With a void after Chávez’s death, some observers wonder if Correa will try to assume leadership of the bloc. However, as Center on Global Prosperity Senior Fellow ÁlvaroVargas Llosa points out in Foreign Policy, Ecuador lacks the funds and oil exports to be able to subsidize other countries. Correa himself said in May that he does not wish to become a regional leader, explaining that he has enough work to do in Ecuador.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

UWPs WIA calls on PM in a Press Statement


The United Workers Party Women in Action (WIA) is concerned with the technical expertise and capacity
of the Forensic Laboratory, in light of the many
murders that remain unsolved to date.

Approximately Ten Million Dollars ($10,000.000) was
spent on the construction and commissioning of
equipping of what is a state of the art Forensic Laboratory.
WIA understands that after the contract of the Senior
Forensic Scientists responsible for Crime Scene, Trace
Evidence and Forensic Biology was terminated in
January 2012, the contract of a visiting American
Forensic Consultant was also discontinued. The other scientist who was considered senior then
proceeded on study and maternity leave, the Lab
remains largely unmanned and idle except for the
Director and two Junior Forensic Scientists who do
not possess the necessary Case Work and Crime
Scene Management expertise, to provide critical support to the Royal St. Lucia Police Force and the
office of the Director of Public Prosecution which was
the main reason for the establishment of the lab.
We accept that crime is a reality in this world.

However we ASK the Prime Minister who has the
ultimate responsibility for the safety and security of all citizens, along with Minister of National Security
and the Minister of Health, how many more women
must die without hope of resolution to their murder?
How long will the families of the women wonder "Is
the murderer sitting amongst us?"
Is the GOVERNMENT OF THE ST. LUCIA LABOUR PARTY going to allow murders to go unsolved because they
have decided that affirmative action is the order of
the day, even when it comes to the appointment of

On behalf of the women and people of ST. LUCIA we
are imploring the Prime Minister to speedily appoint trained and experienced scientists, even though he
may have to import the expertise, to give the people
of this nation some comfort with regards to crime
management under the GOVERNMENT OF THE ST.

P.O. Box GM 626

Castries, ST. LUCIA, W.I.

Fax: 758 456 0590

Monday, September 16, 2013

H.R. 1687 - Countering ALBA Act of 2013

  • The bill was introduced by Ros-Lehtinen and Sires as a Bipartisan Legislation To Stand With The People of ALBA Nations and Hold Violators of Human Rights Accountable

    The Countering ALBA Act is a bill that:
  • Directs the United States Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States (OAS) to use the voice, vote, and influence of the United States at the OAS to defend, protect, and strengthen the independent Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to advance the protection of human rights throughout the Western Hemisphere.
  • Urges the President to sanction persons who are officials of ALBA Governments or persons acting on behalf of ALBA Governments, who the President determines are responsible for or complicit in the commission of serious human rights abuses against citizens of ALBA countries. Such sanctions may include: ineligibility for a visa to enter the United States, blocking of property, and prohibition on financial transactions pursuant to the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.
  • Calls on the President to transmit to Congress a report on persons that are engaged in censorship or other activities with respect to ALBA countries that prohibit, limit, or penalize the exercise of freedom of expression or assembly by citizens of ALBA countries; or limit access to print or broadcast media.
  • Directs the Secretary of State to transmit a comprehensive strategy to ensure that ALBA governments are democratic governments that are committed to making constitutional changes that would ensure regular free and fair elections and the full enjoyment of basic civil liberties and human rights by the citizens of ALBA countries; and have made demonstrable progress in establishing independent judiciaries and electoral councils.
  • The Bill twas introduced on April 23, 2013. It must be approved tin the House of representatives before it can reach the Senate. The majority of bills rarely pass this stage. So far  eight states oppose the Bill while two give their support.
  • Will this Bill ever become law? Time will tell.
The full wording of the Act can be read by clicking

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th - by Maya Pillai

An extract taken from a piece by Maya Pillai to make today an interesting and informative one for you.
Friday the 13th Phobia: There are lots of speculations and superstitious
beliefs about the date 13, globally. Many consider
the number 13 and Friday, the 6th day of the
week, to bring bad luck. Bring both together and
WHAM - you have double-powered bad-luck
served on a platter! Though many believe it to be an unlucky day, there are many groups who defy
such thoughts and superstitions. Some activities
like cutting your hair or nails, shifting to a new
house, commencing a new venture, purchasing a
new vehicle, etc. are avoided by many on Fridays
or on the 13th day of the month. It may surprise you to know that some people even avoid
traveling on Fridays or the 13th day of any
month! There are many stories and myths
attached with this date. Do the terms triskaidekaphobia and
paraskevidekatriaphobia mean anything to you?
Have you come across these terms? Triskaidekaphobia means fear of the number
13. Paraskevidekatriaphobia is the fear of Friday
the 13th. Dr. Donald Dossey, an American psychotherapist,
coined these terms. There are many people who
are treated for these phobias. It is believed that
some people would completely cancel or
postpone their daily activities if they happen to
fall on a Friday-the-13th date and reschedule important business meetings and travel plans to
another day. A loss of millions of dollars is
recorded on this day. This day, for many, is to laze
around within the premises of one's home
because of the fear of bad luck striking them if
they did venture out. Psychotherapists are of the opinion that people
who are insecure are the ones who are
superstitious enough to believe that the 13th that
falls on a Friday is an unlucky day. However, it is
the belief and the superstitions instilled in
childhood that control a person's faith. Legends of Friday the 13th There are many legends with regards to the
ominous number 13 and why Friday was
considered to be an unlucky day. Ancient
Egyptians considered the number 13 as symbol
of death. Remember, ancient Egyptians believed
in life after death? There are many folklores connected with this superstition. The story given
below will give you an idea why people consider
the number 13 as a sinister number during the
Medieval Age. According to the Norse myths, once upon a time
at Valhalla, the heaven of the Norse Gods, Gods
were invited for a party by Balder - the God of Joy
and Gladness. There were 12 Norse Gods,
including Balder, partying. When the party was in
full swing the God of Mischief Loki walked in. He was the uninvited 13th god. He showed his anger
by arranging Hoder, the blind God of Darkness to
kill Balder with a poisonous mistletoe arrow. It is
believed that the Earth plunged into darkness
and evil took over the reign. This could be one of
the reasons why some people consider number 13 to be ominous and unlucky. Friday is also considered to be unlucky by the
believers of Christianity. Some believe Jesus Christ
was crucified on this day. There is also another
belief that Friday was the day that Eve tempted
Adam to eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of
Eden. Christians around the world believe that number 13 brings ill luck because there were 13
people at "The Last Supper" (also known as
known as the Lord's supper was the last meal
Jesus had with his 12 Apostles). Another
significant reason is that it was on Friday the 13th
that Cain was slain by Abel. According to the old testament of the bible, it was on a Friday that God
tongue-tied the builders of the Tower of Babel; it
is also believed that the Great flood of the Greek
myth in which Noah is the hero, began on a
Friday and the Temple of Solomon was
demolished on a Friday. The above-mentioned facts and myths are more than enough to believe
Friday coupled with 13th date of a month
unleashes evil and brings ill luck. Friday the 13th - Historical Facts Historical records say that Jacques de Molay
Grand Master of the Templars was arrested on
October 13th, 1307 AD - a Friday. Eventually he
was executed in 1314 AD. Hence, Friday the 13th,
is considered to be an unlucky day in Europe. These superstitions have been passed over from
one generation to another. Hence, even today,
many do not dare to venture outside their house,
travel and launch new business. They prefer to
bear the losses than be a victim of ill luck. The
dates for traditional weddings are usually not set on this day, though with the emergence and
stronghold of the Goth subculture, a lot of Gothic
weddings are, sometimes, scheduled on the 13th,
just for the ominous effect. This day is known as
the devil's day. This day symbolizes death and is
considered to be unlucky. To sum up, the luck and ill-luck solely depends
on the beliefs that were inculcated in a person
during his growing up days. Even if this date does
not actually BRING ill luck, there's no denying the
fact that a surprisingly large number of
unfortunate events took place on this day, as presented by the aforementioned historical and
mythological facts! Hollywood also did its share in
driving the ill-luck superstition deeper into the
public psyche with the Friday the 13th movie
franchise in which the lead antagonist, Jason
Voorhes, a psychotic serial murderer, is mentioned as having been born on this ominous

Source: Buzzle

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Flavia To Host Dobway La Rose

Flavia's Cultural Event Logo
To all my friends who are cultural enthusiasts - you are 


But please confirm your attendance IN ADVANCE and collect a formal invitation from Tiodo or from my office. This is a free event and we MUST confirm the numbers to avoid confusion with the catering. You are forewarned - no free food and drinks without formal invitations!!!
Flavia Cherry
Yes, this what the dynamic and outspoken Flavia Cherry, posted on the Fb page recently. Seems to this blog that she's taking a shot at 
reviving the La Woz tradition in the district. Should it surprise you? By no extension of the mind should it  -  Ma Baybay seh gran mama Flavia ou sav. Flavia seh eshe Lawrence. If you didn't know ,well now you know.  
  This activity I am sure will be well attended, and what makes it even more attractive are the incentives being offered. This activity seems definitely aimed at the younger generation, with the view in mind, this blog thinks, is to keep the La Woz tradition alive.


Saturday, September 07, 2013

LPM Calls For Investigation On The Dolor Affair

Melanius Alphonse
 Melanius Alphonse of the Lucian People's Movement (LPM) has called for a thorough investigation of the alleged assault of Mr Chris Dolor at a function held by the ruling St Lucia Labour Party (SLP).
The incident has led to further escalation of political tension in Soufriere. "The savage behaviour allegedly displayed towards Mr Dolor for courageously expressing his opinion on the poor level of representation which Hon. Harold Dalson has given to the people of Soufriere - falls very short of the guarantees enshrined in the constitution of Saint Lucia,” said Alphonse. “In fact, not only is this kind of behaviour absurd, but also if proven true, may well signal a return to the turbulent years of 1979 to 1982 when citizens opposed to the Saint Lucia Labour Party were brutalized and forced into silence,” he said. According to Alphonse, "As a people, we can't afford to revisit the very dark period in the history of
Chris Dolor
our nation when huge portions of the Saint Lucian citizenry lived in fear.” “
Therefore, while it is important that the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force carry out a thorough investigation of the incident, the leadership of the LPM is in consultation to decide whether the matter warrants the attention of the International Human Rights Commission,” he added.
Harold dalson
“Saint Lucians, no matter what their political affiliation must continue to have the right to free assembly and political expression without any fear of retaliation,” he concluded.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

SLP Supporter Attacked In Dalson Presence

Chris Renee Dolor
A young man was attacked at an SlP indoor meeting last night, as the District Rep, calmly watched as the scenario unfolded.
 The incident allegedly begun when the man stated that Soufriere MP Harold
Dalson should be ashamed of the low attendance at a community meeting.  He
followed up with the sentiment that Soufriere people should be grateful to
Allen Chastenet for delivering the bridge which had been promised to
Soufriere for years by both parties but had never materialized.

These observations were followed by a question on the differences in the
operations of the Soufriere Foundation under the SLP government.

This last question proved to be the breaking point for one attendee,
allegedly a doctor of some repute. He proceeded to push the man out of his
chair and was soon joined by at least two other attendees who landed quite
a few blows to the man and his girlfriend who were in attendance.

Harold Dalson
"I can't believe I attended a labour party meeting tonight and because I shared my views I got some blows. I was attack by supporters of Mr Dalson. Got punched in my head and face. I would like to know whether St. Lucia belongs to the Labour Party" These are the words of a self professed SLP supporter who was attacked at an open meeting Tuesday night in Soufriere. The man claims on his FaceBook page to have been dealt several physical blows after expressing his views on the state of affairs in Soufriere. His girlfriend who was also at the meeting was also physically attacked. Soufriere MP Harold Dalson was reportedly in attendance when the incident took place and did nothing to calm or diffuse the crowd. The man claims to have been beaten and to have feared a trip down a flight of stairs. He was eventually assisted by other persons to leave the building.
Another friend of his on facebook stated, "That's CRAPPPPPPP!!! like I said take justiceee...dis politics ting like it happenin all over cuz it happens up here but u dnt get
beaten 2 share your opinion....dats very ridiculous....if I was you I was takin evry single one of them 2 court and dat doc I was dealing with met so hard cuz I find him very disrespectful like u said u didn't hit them while they shared their views so y must they hit wen u shared yours? smdh!!!"
He stated that he had attended meetings of the main opposition UWP and expressed his opinion but had never been dealt with in this manner. The response to the incident ranged from disbelief to outrage. One supporter said "politics now is similar to gang life like creeps {crypts} and bloods if you walk around with the wrong colour you a victim now if you say what they don't like you get boxed" Many have urged the man to consider taking legal action against his attackers, one of whom unconfirmed reports state is a doctor. Only one person , one Loukie, seems to have a contrary view as to what happened, according to her comment on Chris' page. What is interesting though, is that she quickly pulled out the comments. Guess she saw the light.