Thursday, June 29, 2017

Finally,The Dream Came True - Bradley and not Lorne Turns the Sod!

Sunset Resort
Good day! First of all let me apologize to my readers for such a long lapse since posting an article. Circumstances beyond my control plus work pressures have all had their fair share in this delay.

However I was kinda pushed to write this piece, when I read a tweet on my tweeter account -"Invest St Lucia and the Government of SLU will today be engaged in the Sod Turning Ceremony of the Fairmont Hotel, Sab Wisha, Choiseul. The event is hosted by Invest St Lucia." Wow!

I had already gotten wind of this when the Minister for Tourism made mention of this in his presentation at the House last Tuesday. However the day was not mentioned. Bravo!

Coming to think about this, my respect for our District Representative has quadrupled. Unlike the members on the other side of the divide who appear to destroy/get rid of everything which bears the signature of the United Workers Party whenever the former comes into office after being in opposition - the Balembouche/Rivere Doree Lands is a shining example but this is for another show.

Bradley, the Rep, has made it crystal clears that anything he comes across whether it is by the SLP or not, once it will benefit his constituents he will continue with it. Don't be surprised if you hear the SLP surrogates say that this Hotel is a Lorne project.  No its not or to be fair,partly.

The resort when  is expected to:-

1.  Project costing between one hundred and seventy to two hundred million US dollars, 
2.  Expected to be a four and a half to five star boutique-type property.
3.  Include a craft component enabling craft to be produced and sold at the resort.
4.  Major job opportunities during the different phases of construction of the Sunset Bay resort, utilizing the number of skilled workers of the Choiseul community.
5.  Expand opportunities for tourism linkages including tours, taxis, fisheries and agriculture,

Lorne knew very well that the propaganda he was spreading before the elections about the sod turning ceremony was solely a ploy to get votes. Nothing was in place to get this project off the ground because Planning had not given the Ok, "They are expecting all things being equal, from start to completion to take between fourteen to sixteen months,” he reiterated.

Plans were not finalized and so much had to be done that was still pending, so to say that he Lorne was about to go ahead with the sod turning ceremony was a political bluff - SLP's forte. 

The sod turning ceremony is expected to start at 3:00 pm today. Present at the ceremony will be the The Hon Prime Minister, The Minister of Tourism, The District representative, Chairpersons from the different Constituencies and Invest St Luc

The general public is invited.