Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Board sends Fonte away?

This blog has been reliably informed that the General Manager of the local credit union, Silvanius Fontenard, affectionately known as "Fonte," has been asked to vacate his post. His vacation was due to end on February 25th.


This reliable source has also informed the blog that the relationship between the manager and the board of directors has not been too cordial because the inexperienced board never seemed to understand the role of the General Manager in spite of his attempts to clarify this on numerous occasions. This relationship got even worse  since the romour of the manager replacing Rufus in Choiseul reached their ears. Fonte cofirmed that he may not return to work, but categorically denies this rumour, and coins it as pure propaganda aimed at discrediting him. 

Fonte confirms, "It has been very difficult to operate with these people (the board of directors) because of inept approach to the management of the Society and their politically driven actions sparked since the rumour that I could be the replacement for Rufus. As you know this is the furthest thing from my mind but it seems the Labour Party supporters on the Board like . were desperately bent on trying to ruin my reputation."

When asked the question about him being labelled as pro staff, he chuckled and replied, " I was also accused of being pro staff because I recommended that the board pays 5% per year to the staff after an 18 percent growth rate by the credit Union in 2011 and projections of 12-14 percent growth over the next five years. Instead they allowed the negotiations to break down resulting in the staff joining a Trade Union and are angry with them for doing do. I pleaded with a key executive member to help to convince the Board that the staff was uncomfortable with the spirit of the wage negotiations position because the staff had been contemplating joining a union since the tenure of the previous board and I thought this would not be very good for the organization."

Fonte's recommendations were rejected outright. The staff at the institution have since then joined a trade union and this has brought about a very tense relationship between the Board and the staff. It is interesting to note that the General Manager was never consulted or even invited to discussions on the wage matter while the Board held numerous meetings which were unattended by management.

But that is not all. It is also alleged that many delinquent members who Fonte had been pursuing to bring down the union's delinquent debt, were encouraged by certain members of the board of directors to write to the board accusing Fonte of harassment. In 2013, can you believe this? A real soucero job?  Most interestingly, the blog was informed some time ago that Fonte was very highly paid with numerous perks so I asked him about this last year and he informed me that he had never been appointed to the position and had no formal arrangement except for the first six months of his tenure. The salary was less than two thirds of what I was quoted and there was no arrangement for gratuity or any other terminal benefits. As he put it then “My interest in developing the Credit Union to secure the future of this community and so money is not a priority for me. All I want to do is grow the Society, and prepare the staff to manage its affairs in the long term”.

Also, an inside source at the union speaks to rules and protocols being randomly broken some elected officials. Maybe Fonte was seeing too much. One will remember that it was Fonte’s who saved the Credit Union, at the time when there were rumors of maladministration by a past board of directors, as well as the disappearance of funds. (Remember that meeting, when lie after lie was being spewed out by the supervisory committee).

Asking Fonte about his feelings on his dismissal, this is how he responded, "I am not wounded by this because I have wanted to get out for over 15 months and if you remember clearly I did indicate this to you when you interviewed me on the performance of the Society as we approached the last AGM. However, many prominent members who were hearing of the developments were asking me to hang on in the interest of the organization. I will be taking a break for while and will determine my next move over time. My only regret is that I listened to the persons who advised me to stay. I should have left over a year ago so at this point everything would have panned out differently”.

This blog thinks that it will be a sad day for our Credit Union when Fonte goes, only because a few board members want to have their cake and eat it. There, mark this post, will be reprisals.

Something is definitely brewing at this institution and it is hoped that the members will be informed soon. Where there is smoke there is fire.
In closing, one will have to admit that the union has doing remarkably well under Fonte's administrative skills - the annual financial reports speak to that in no uncertain terms - a high level of efficiency by the front desk tellers, - a sense of purpose by the junior staff. Why then should Fonte be asked to leave? A million dollar question which may never be  honestlyanswered.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Independence 34 - Celebrating What It Means To Be Truly Saint Lucian

By Shannon Lebourne

Saint Lucia has unveiled plans for celebrating that island's thirty- fourth Independence Anniversary.

Independence 34 will be celebrated in a memorable way, showcasing what it truly means to be Saint Lucian.

Speaking at an Independence Press Conference on Wednesday February 6th , 2013,  Chairperson of the Standing National Independence Committee Mr.  Daryl Montrope disclosed that government is hoping for greater appreciation of and support for Independence this year.

 "While we got our flag in February of 1976 the story of Saint Lucia was not born in 1979 as there are lots of events prior,  which have helped shaped our nation and we have not told that story and I think that was what Independence was suppose  to  do, provide us an opportunity to focus and it is not just on the day but that period is an opportunity for us to focus and say I am Saint Lucian and I am proud just like any other nationality would".

This year emphasis has been placed on decentralising the independence celebrations in an effort to make it truly national.

The Chairperson of the Standing National Independence Committee says greater youth involvement is also a priority area.

"This is why this year we are having a Youth Rally and not just a School Rally because we have recognise that young people  outside of school also need to be engaged and they have a lot to showcase,.  Almost half of Saint Lucia`s population was born before 1979 and that makes them still youth, so that means more than half the country fall in that bracket and so we need to provide more opportunities for them."

This year`s independence observance is being planned as a pre-cursor to the grand milestone celebration of the island`s thirty fifth Independence next year.

Independence 34 is being celebrated under the theme "Unlocking Our Creativity - Transforming Our World". 

Source: www.stlucia.gov.lc

Dedan C. G. Jn Baptiste

Friday, February 08, 2013

I Traded

Picked up this piece from a close friend of mine who is overs making a life for himself. A very positive and down to earth person. This is what he penned just over nine hours ago.
"I traded
I traded warm sunshine for sometimes blistering cold.
I traded an incessant supply of vitamin D for Jamieson.
I traded the safety and comfort of home for a life of immediate uncertainty.
I traded the first job I ever knew for the hardest one I ever had.
I traded my tank tops for sweaters.
I traded crickets and toads serenading me to sleep for snow ploughs and sirens (I swear I hear the crickets sometimes)
I traded seeing my children as often as I wanted for Google video chats and occasional visits.
I traded going to Granny's when I'm stressed to chillin' inside on my own.
I traded neighbors who cared for those who couldn't be bothered.
I traded my all so effective and free bush tea for $56 Cold Fx.

The list goes on.... but...

I also traded a job that was frustrating me for a career in Civil Engineering.
I also traded chippin' in at home for the responsibility of being a man.
I also traded my mother's apron strings for a family of my own.
I also traded occasional trips to Castries for concerts in Montreal, NASCAR in Michigan, shopping in New York and weekends at the Lake.
I also traded a gossiping community for one that has no time to mind my business.
I also traded downing drinks everyday of the week for Saturday hang-outs (sometimes Friday too).
I also traded Political victimization for 'who gives a rat's arse which party you support'.
I also traded 'what you have in dat bag dere?' at Hewanorra for 'welcome home' at Pearson.
I traded a lot I know.
Am I happy? Well that's relative.
Am I content? Hell yeah!
Am I better off? Hell yeah!!
Would I do it again? Hell to the yeah!!!
So to all my brothers and sisters who traded one way or the other, I say soldier on and keep making us proud.
To all those my trades did not affect positively, I apologize!"
Think your stock may worth millions on the stock market. Lol.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Jazz in Choiseul This Time Around?

Jazz is in its 21st year and rep after rep have not. Had the gonads to bring some form of the festival to the district. One may argue that there has been jazz at Balembouche, but they need to know that it. has been a paid event.
The blog finds it hard to conceptualize the reasons for shutting Choiseul out when over the years you have had free shows in Vieux Fort, Laborie, Soufriere and Canaries. (Mondesir made sure he brought jazz to his constituents) Frogy, who never cared twoo hoots about Choiseul during his tenure as rep showed little or no interest in bringing the festival to his people. Mind you, he is a musician. (Played alongside him in a band) As for Tucker his interest was no where else but filling his bottomless pockets. Your humble servant discussed the matter with him at length. Just promises and promises. ( He however funded Choiseul carnival extensively)
Now we are here with Lorne, who incidentally is the Minister of Tourism, the weight behind the festival. Will he out do the past reps and bring jazz to Choiseul? (Sab we sha Park). Heard him on tv beating his chest about jazz is back at Balembouche, as if to give the impression that Choiseul is in the loop. Also heard him covering up for the friction that is presently dogging Kenny's cabinet. And to make an excuse for his prolonged absence in the district he blames it on "nuff work". My community have not seen Lorne for exactly 434 days as of today. Impressive, isn't it!
At a press conference, when pressed aboyt the budget for this years festival, now dubbed, "St Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival", behind a sly grin he told the press when the time is right they will know. Maybe he's addind a little something for a Choiseul leg, hence the delay.
Angel Brouet, is a facebook post, had this to say.
Source for Angel's post: http://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10200544678839260&id=1227106846&refid=7&_ft_=qid.5841738947126062855%3Amf_story_key.5201285241849412153
So in Choiseul we await to see what "jazz" comes to 4ab we Sha Park? Will it be another "Espoire mal papai"

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Friday, February 01, 2013

RIP, Kirl Myers!

News reaching this blog speaks to the passing of Kirl Myers of Debreuil. This blog was reliably informed that she passed during child-birth. How sad. Kirl was hypertensive. Could this have contributed to her passing. This blog understands that Kirl had previously, due to this hypertensiveness to forego a C-section at a renouned hospital. Why was she allowed to go through the normal child-birth process? Didn't the doctors and nurses know about her condition? Are we talking about a form of malpractice here? A form of investigation, clearly is warranted here.
This blog extends its deepest regrets and condolences to the Myers family and Kirl's friends.
Kirl's daughter had this to say to her mum:
"Thats Keyana Writing... Mummy.. May You Rest In Peace ...I only got to give u a bottle of orange fruta and two dals before your passing...it is very unbelievable.. :'( i miss u soo much .... i miss rubbing your feet, wiping your tears.. being with u on the chair.. watching lmn.. your favorite channel... just hearing the things you said that you would do after giving birth... it was hard... now that you are not with me and my little sister... it was only a matter of time.. i had a conversation with you... and just hearing that u are gone.. makes me want to cry.. MUMMY I LOVE YOU.... AND YOU ARE GONE TOO SOON.. !! "
Quite touching. Kirl leaves to mourn, her new born, whom she may have not seen and two other children.
Rest in Heavenly Peace, my girl.
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