Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vaughn/Kenny keeps Taiwan, but....

It's obvious that the mounting pressures from St Lucians and the opposition party must have breathed some common sense into the Labour administration to go along with diplomatic ties with Taiwan. The many cries by farmers, small contractors, vendors, and the ordinary citizen on the street who could have identified with what the assistance given by Taiwan, I'm sure played a crucial role in the Vaughn/Kenny decision. (No Alva there)
Kenny in his usual self would not bow to the pressures of Lucians without first taking a swipe at the UWP and inhis closing statements, threats. That's the nature of the man.
The PM bloodfired the last admin for the way they established the diplomatic ties with Taiwan, as if to indicate that had it not been for certain parliamentarians Compton would have gone with China. (Not sure about that) He continued his onslaught critisizing the disbursement of the funds by the Taiwanese and of course the way the parliamentarians themselves used up the funds.
What must have been confusing to Lucians is while Kenny decided to go along with Taiwan, in the same breathe he announced that there is a delegation presently in China to forge relationships with us.(Who is the us here, Labour or Lucia?) But hear this, the contingentis made up of the second deputy political leader, Alva Baptiste, Leo Clarke, and Merle, sorry Earl Bousquet. This is a Labour Party squad, not one with government's interest. Kenny was meticulous enough and quite rightly so, not to mention Alva as Foreign Minister on that mission. See my drift. You do the calculus.
It is clear, according to Kenny, that investigations into the alleged bribe by some politicians in the last administration to go with Taiwan is underway. So is a forensic audits into the use of the Taiwanese funds deposited into the District Councils.
Well most Lucians are pleased with the decision to go with Taiwan though the level of developement seen under the last administration using the funds may not be seen under this Labour Government, since the PM says a $12M package for St Lucia annually, is all what Taiwan has agreed to.
May be that's why a "Labour crew" is presently in China. Yes, Taiwan stays, but China is hot on their heels.
Better days? You tell me.
Dedan C.G. Jn. Baptiste

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