Friday, April 23, 2010

Morne Sion Youth Group Get Sports Gear

There can be no doubt in the minds of the youth of this district that their District Rep has their interest at heart. On Saturday April 10, 2010 Bousquet, at a presentation ceremony in Daytoo Kanarwee, in the community of Morne Sion, presented the youth group with a package of sports gear, valued at over $2000.00.
Mc Arthur Phillip, the District Communiy Officer, who is fastly becoming the top MC in the district,opened the ceremony with brief remarks. This was followed by Mr. Osman who welcomed the Rep and his entourage as well as the gathering. He showered praise on the Rep for making it his duty to be in this lovely community for this momentus occasion.
 The President of the youth group,  Greg Peter, gave a brief history of the group and its achievement of late.
The Parliamentry Representative, in his address reminded the group of the need for discipline,dedicaton and perseverance in their aim for perfection in any sport. He emphasised that he will always be there for them and told them. Minister Bousquet explains that the youth will become responsible and productive citizens only when their leaders furnish them with the tools necessary for their success.

“We have to do everything we can to make them understand their role in society. The sports clubs will teach them basic skills: how to be responsible, how to come out and work as a team, how when you say something, you must do it; this is the basis of club organisation.” “I am giving something today to make a start, but what really makes me happy is when I can see young people go out there and help themselves as much as possible. I want to see you organise a little car wash to make some money; similarly, the people who are allowing their vehicles to be washed should support you in any other way that they can.”

 He continued, " I know you want a field, but you need to identify the lands and government will put the neccessary ools in place to have your dreams come true." In his remarks he took the oppurtunity to inform the gathering that works on the driveway proposed for this community has been approved and that works will commence in the coming weeks.
The vote of thanks was moved by last year's carnival queen contestant from the area, Anika Peter. On behalf of the club  she expressed their gratitude for this timely presentation. She lamented the fact that it has been very difficult to raise money to buy gear. She boasted of some promising cricketers in the club who have to use locally made bat to develop their skills. "Sir, we will assure you that with this gear presented to us today, we will win next year's domestic cricket competition." she remarked.
Earlier, during one of the  MC's plugins, he made a historical point when he said, " Some may not like to hear it, but  it is true. Way back in 1993, Mr. Bousuet said, when Choiseul cricket is strong, St. Lucia cricket will be strong." This, Mac said, has come true. He said that for a long tme St. Lucia under-19 cricket team has never won a double header, and this year they did so in flying colours. He attributed this victory to the fact that Choiseul had seven players on the St. Lucia side.
 Bravo, to the efforts of Bousquet who continue to provide gear to as many teams as possile within the community.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Choiseul StartsTraining Its Population and Housing Census Workers

Over fifty persons gathered at the Choiseul Secondary School on Monday April, 19 2010 to begin training to be enumerators and supervisors of the 2010 Population and Housing Census.
     Facilitator of the training Mrs. Clara Edward instilled in the participants of the program, the importance of mastering the skill needed to complete the enumeration properly. She patiently progressed to each section of the Census Manual to make sure that the prospective enumerators/supervisors understood the procedures comprehensively.
    The training is expected to last for two weeks starting from 5:30pm and ending at 8:30pm each day with the exception of Fridays. However on Saturday 24, 2010 the participants of the trainig excercise will be out on the field to get a first hand experience of what it is really like out there.
Census Day is on May 10, 2010. The enumeration excercise is expected to last four weeks.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Today is Budget Day

The island's Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Honourable Stephenson King will deliver the much anticipated 2010/2011 national budget on Monday April 19.

This has been confirmed by the Clerk of Parliament Mr Kurt Thomas.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the GIS, Mr Thomas said the Office of Parliament has made all the necessary preparations for the prime minister's budget presentation.

“The itinerary for the 2010 budget which will take place on Monday April 19, begins from 8:30AM with the meeting of the Standing Finance Committee which is an informal session of the House of Assembly. At 9:30AM members of the public who have been invited will be seated. At 10AM there will be the formal opening of the House of Assembly to be followed by the formal opening of the Senate. At 10:45 the Governor General will make her arrival and thereafter inspect the Guard of Honour; subsequently, she will meet in joint sitting with members of the Parliament and the Senate to deliver the throne speech, At 4:30 in the afternoon the second sitting of the House of Assembly will commence where the Prime Minister will deliver the budget address,” Thomas explained.

On Wednesday, April 21 and Thursday, April 22 will be the formal debate of the House of Assembly. These meetings will begin from 9AM on each day respectively. The Parliament Office encourages members of the public to tune in to view or listen to the proceedings of the House of Assembly on these days.”

Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Honourable Stephenson king has indicated that the 2010/2011 estimates of expenditure will seek to stimulate economic activity in the country and re-energise and excite the populace.

The District Rep is expected to make his contribution on Thursday 22nd.
Tune to the link on the left to follow the opening ceremony and the Rep's contribution.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Minister Bousquet compliments Taiwan medical volunteers

Honourable Rufus Bousquet, Minister of External Affairs, International Trade and Investment, spared half an hour on 12th April, 2010, to receive with eight medical and nursing volunteers led by its Team leader Dr. Luke HUANG from the Changhua Christian Hospital(CCH), Republic of China (Taiwan), who arrived 2 days before to serve at St. Jude Hospital for a period of three weeks. Minister Bousquet warmly welcomed their visits on behalf of the government and expressed his heartfelt appreciation for their volunteerism and expertise at the time of serious manpower shortage when many of the overseas volunteers had cancelled their trips to St. Jude Hospital after the fire destroyed the surgical building of the Hospital in September, 2009.

This is the 3rd delegation of medical volunteers form CCH since CCH signed a twinning agreement with St Jude Hospital in July 2009. It is composed of: Dr. Lin, Hsiao Tsu, Obs/Gyn; Dr. Chang, Ing-Lin, Orthopedics/ER; Dr. Lai, Kuan-Ju, Internal Medicine; Dr. Yu, Wan-Nien, ENT; Ms. Yang,Chuan-Chuan, Emergency Nurse and Ms Hu, Chen-Chen, Operation Room Nurse. They are accompanied by their Team leader, Dr. Huang, Luke, Coordinator Dr. Nina Kao, His Excellency Tom Chou, Ambassador and Ms. Susana Huang, Third Secretary.

Ambassador Tom Chou expressed his appreciation to Minister Bousquet for receiving the delegation amid his busy schedule. The wonderful experience of the previous 2 groups encourages more doctors and nurses of CCH to join the volunteer programmes in St Lucia. Along with the 3rd group there are 2 reporters of FTV (Formosa TV, one of the most influential TV stations in Taiwan) to cover the volunteers documentary. Ambassador Chou pointed out that this delegation being warmly received by high ranking official of the Saint Lucia Government will encourage more medical volunteers from Taiwan to visit St Lucia.

Minister Bousquet indicated that he was touched by the spirit of sacrifice from the Taiwanese volunteers. They went through a long wearing journey from Taiwan to Saint Lucia to help the St Jude Hospital. They will not only make a great contribution to the health care service of Saint Lucia, but also help strengthen the already cordial relationship between Saint Lucia and Taiwan. Minister Bousquet hoped Ambassador Chou could convey his appreciation to the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

After receiving the delegation, reporter of FTV interviewed Minister Bousquet about the impact of medical volunteers of Changhua Christian Hospital among other topics.


Monday, April 05, 2010

Bousquet Assists Jetrine Sports

Sports organisors in the community of Jetrine organised a small goal soccerarama to raise funds for the construction of a field in their community. This community in spite of producing quality sportsmen do not have a playing field.
 It appears that a small section within an area airmarked for a field was leveled so that the soccerama could take place.
 The soccerama was well attended by persons in the community, who came to cheer their favourite team.
Bousquet, although booked to travel to England that Sunday, made time to  be at the game to present trophies and  a monetary prize to the organisors.
 In his short address the District Rep assured the sportsmen and women that a field will be constructed immediately after the budget. He told the gathering that plans are already afoot to get the place upgraded to accommodate bigger games. That was met with loud cheers from everyone.
 One of the organisors, in his typical pessimistic demeanour, said that this community has been promised a field for ages and nothing has materialised, however he is there to see Jetrine get a field.
 Bousquet, who was already running late for his flight left with the organisors two trophies and $500.00 to be used during the prize-giving ceremony at the end of the game.
Receiving the donation from Bousquet was the captain of the Jetrine Football team. In his gladness and gratefulness the capain thanked the Rep and went on to welcome the Rep's intent on getting the sporting  public a long deserved field.