Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Have RDC failed the Residents

At a July 17, 2012 meeting aimed at reviving the dormant or rather half dead Roblot Development Committee, it was decided to get the Committee back on its feet again. As if like Michael Bolton's " When I am back on my feet again" the revamped executive actually through Dellan Emannuel promised to invigorate and bring the RDC to a new high.
Was Mr Emmanuel's speech on July 17, 2012 all bluff or an attempt to impress the residents with nuff rhetoric? As I sat in dis belief at that meeting I actually had to restrain myself from taking this gentle man on. He went on to say that he on June 24, 2012 had a meeting with the youth, that certain games and sports will be organized, that a clean up campaign for the community will soon take place, tours to visit the elderly, twining with other local groups in nearby communities, enhancing the skills of the youth by contacting local seamstresses and a litany of ideas which to my mind was just a senseless prayer. Not one has been achieved to date.
What was most puzzling to me was that the young man was only invited to the meeting to be accepted as the PRO and there he was acting like the president.
Talking about the President? Looking for someone with no foresight and ideas for the community, you just got one. I personally recommended that the executive be reshuffled with the secretary and the president exchanging roles (sisters) but awhah, they like it like that.
The executive comprises of newcomers Clement and Dellan, as tresurar and pro respectively, Enda as Secretary, Sadia, not sure about her role, Patrick a no no, and the president, Trudy.
From July 17 to this present day not one meeting has been held except a half-assed walk which made no sense at all.
Seeing the youth sitting idly by, and with the library service taken away from them I, during the middle of October quickly wrote a proposal and sent it to the President and treasuar whose email was in my contact list.
The proposal was a sports program to involve 7 - 19 year olds to take place on December 13, National Day this year. This program involved cricket, futsal, netball, fun games and a quiz. The proposal was well detailed with instructions on how to implement it, even with instructions to source funds from the Village Council. Ministry of sports and Corporate Choiseul.
Up to this day that executive has not seen it fit to consider this proposal to help bring the youths together to celebrate National Day in a big Way.
What therefore is the function of this executive? This blog suggests that if this executive cannot deliver they should resign en block and let persons who are interested in youth affairs take over.
What a waste? These persons on the executive have as far as this blog is concerned failed the community of Roblot miserably.
Again, Roblot continues to suffer.
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