Thursday, October 18, 2012

Did en rouge! en rouge! ease Choiseulians pain?

With one year after general elections just round the bend, many intelligent Choiseulians as well as others not so bright, but with a little common sense will be asking a lot of questions.  With all the en rouge hype gone, a sluggish economy, no jobs and the crucifying VAT taking its bite on the poor, many if not all of us are beginning to face the true reality of it all.
Not that anyone is in any position to say that things may have been better had the last administration remain, the simple truth is that there aren't any "Better days" to come as promised by this administration.
Bagai wed, epi movay.t soon.
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Anonymous said...

Only now the public realize that Kenny Anthony and the St Lucia Labour Party are a bunch of political decievers who portrait them selves to be perfect but they are not, The system is killing we and the voice of he opposition is petty to fight this menace against the poor people of this country, I am felling sorry for them especially people like toye near Beez garage, those are some that will suffer under that regime, In Soufriere only a selected few get the contracts, absolutely no UWP's get anything as was made abundantly clear by Harold Dalsan, this is a lesson for us I am oing to fight the next election with a gun and a bullet not with a pencil and a ballot to make sure that we kick out the labour party. this email must not be forwarded to any one because of the opinion I have expressed.