Sunday, July 22, 2012

Roblot Development. Committee Completes slate

The Roblot Development Committee has been plagued with the problem of migration of its executive members for ages now. This scenario of replacing two executive members at a meeting earlier today is nothing new. However the method employed is not stipulated in the constitution of the Committee. However good the intentions of those who encouraged the new members to come onboard it must always be done within the ambit of the constitution.
This blog welcomes the two new members who will serve as assistant to the tresurar and public relations officer in the persons of Clement William and Dellan Emmanuel respectively. They are replacements for Yvonne Stanislas amd Cristal Anthony both are students at Sir Arthur.
Whether the statements the PRO were endorsed by the executive or they were his own was quite a mouthful. He claims to be responsible for the youth. Many ideas he said have been brought forward by the youth - games, sports, visiting the elderly and the litany goes on.
He then went into general statements which to my mind should be dealt with by the president - community projects and the like.
Suggestions were given by the floor members with regards to fund raising, donations and the return of the library to Roblot. The latter seems to be a no no as the president gave reasons for its transfer.
Working closely with Kieth who is a councillor was suggested, as well skills development for the youth in the community. The other members on the executive are Trudy, Enda, and Patrick.
It is left to be seen how committed this revived executive is. Only time will tell as they venture to prove a point and improve the Roblot Community.
Dedan C. G. Jn. Baptiste

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