Tuesday, October 23, 2012


If Uwp would only take a page from the Slp's organizational prowess they would have won half the battle to removing this present administration from office. Confining this post to the Choiseul constituency, the modus operandi of the Uwp's constituency branch leaves much to be desired or so it appears from the outside looking in.
A new executive has been elected to replace the interim executive that prepared the way for this new group. Certain members on that were on the interim decided not to to seek election on the new executive.
One of these members spoke with this blog and revealed that his reason for not seeking election on the executive is that he is not satisfied with the level of influence that the past rep has on the executive. " I sense an ulterior motive on the part of the past rep via his conduit, Reds. This executive is a Rufus puppet." He lamented.
This blog only knows too well that Bousquet has never had any faith in any organised body and more so the constituency branch. During his tenure as rep he never recognised the CB and was only really interested in the branch when Compton kicked his ass out of government and he wanted the CB to make a case for himat the Canaries convention. Now that the Uwp's hierarchy does not like the best bone in him, he appears bent on doing some mischief in an aim to influence the delegates' vote at the convention slated for June next year.
This new executive which is headed by Gilbert Isaac (Willan) need to clean up Rufus' post election mess if they want the Uwp supporters to rally with them.
Instead of being so gullible to Rufus' suttle moves via Reds, this executive needs to take the following actions pronto:
1: investigate the Mini Stadium funds. Where is the fund now?
2: monies owed to caterers must be sought to calm them and to put the Party's name back in the good books. ( The La fargue lady who is owed $1000 for services rendered to the election crew that was at the Secondary school on election day is just one example- Jimmy can name endless others)
3: rally the main persons in the electoral divisions to strengthen the constituency's base supporters. Stop the favouritism.
Trudy, Hilarian and some other unknown person make up Rufus' puppet executive.
Cocomakery at its highest.
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Jimmy Haynes said...

I am disappointed with the unnamed member of the previous Interim Committee who decided against presenting himself for re-election for the executive of the Choiseul Constituency Branch. If he believes that certain members of the executive are unfairly influenced by some negative external influences then that is more reason why he should have made sure that he got himself elected to stand against what he perceives as being wrong. What a shame that our people back-down even before the work is completed.
Secondly, there is no gain from dividing the force as everyone's input is important. We should discuss differences, respect others' opinions and moves forward on the things we agree on.
I do not want to be involved in anything that drags people down a road of division, destruction and destitution. That is why I am not getting involved in our 'so-called politics anymore.

Best of Luck to us all.


Jimmy Haynes