Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mongouge Combined Student Tops Constituency’s 2012 Common Entrance Examinations

  In spite of Mongouge Combined School placing way down in the rankings, a student from that school topped the local results. As was stated in an earlier post, the names and scores of students from some schools could not be reported due to the absence of the results from those principals. Now the results are all in.
This post will present to its readers the top three students/scores from each of the schools for this year’s Common Entrance Examinations. Dugard and Piaye Combined passed the National Mean of 59.04 with 71.17 and 64.23 respectively. All the other schools performed below the National mean. (the scores were stated in a previous post).
Dugard Combined:
1.       Davia K. Albert   - 89.00
2.       Tammy B. Gabriel  - 87.67
3.       Sedran L Theodille  - 86.33
Piaye Combined:
1.       Jayden P. Theodore  - 84.00
2.       Sherlan Z. Philip  - 82.00
3.       Shermac S. Phillip  - 76.00
Rivere Doree Combined:
1.       Donnalson Clarke  - 78.00
2.       Zahid J. Louisien  - 76.33
3.       Cheriss M. Englis  - 73.0
Delcer R.C. Combined:
1.       Kira C. Defreites   - 89.33
2.       Enfer  k. Albert  -  83.00
3.       Kima S. Edgar  - 80.00
Reunion Primary:
1.       Britney B. Calixte  - 76.67
2.       Charvez A. James  - 76.33
3.       Chessa E. Obeius  - 75.67
Roblot Combined:
1.       Nina S. William  - 82.33
2.       Zaccheus Wilson  - 80.00
3.       Kandi B. Joseph  - 70.33
Mongouge Combined:
1.       Renelle S. Simon  - 89.67
2.       Fiona S. St Romain  - 82.33
3.       Merlissa Dagazon  - 79.00
Saltibus Combined:
1.       Kayannah A. Denis  - 81.67
2.       Jodi l. Emmanuel  - 74.67
3.       Sherdaisy D. Antoine  - 73.67
Analyzing the results, one will notice that Renelle S. Simon topped the exams with a total of 89.67. This is the second time that Mongouge Combined has achieved such a feat. Congrats to Renelle. One will also notice that the girls continue to dominate the boys in the results. In the 24 top places only 7 boys  are included and only 2 in the top ten places.
Ranking the top ten students would show this – 1. Renelle from Mongouge Combined,  2. Kira from Delcer R.C Combined,  3. Davia from Dugard Combined, 4. Tammy from Dugard Combined, 5. Sedran also from Dugard Combined, 6. Jayden from Piaye Combined, 7. Enfer from Delcer R.C. Combined, 8. Nina and Fiona from Roblot and Mongouge Combined respectively, 9. Kayannah from Saltibus Combined and 10. Zaccheus from Roblot Combined.
Normally over the past  5 years the ex-rep donated a laptop to the top student of each school. Taking into consideration SLP’s “Better Days”  slogan one would expect a laptop for each of the ten performers in this year’s exams.
A staunch supporter of Lorne, and a regular comment writer to this blog once suggested to the past rep to honour the top CXC students as well.  It was a good suggestion. Now it’s her turn to coax her rep to do so. A complete synopsis can be read at
In closing this blog wishes all the students who sat this year’s exams the best of luck in their future endeavours.

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