Friday, August 21, 2015

Press Release

C/o Choiseul Post Office
Choiseul, St. Lucia

Contact: Jimmy Haynes  489 0136

We Stand By Rufus No More

Choiseul – August 21st - We, members, supporters and well-wishers of the United Workers Party in Choiseul/Saltibus are very concerned about the return of our past Parliamentary Representative, Mr. Rufus Bousquet to elective politics in Choiseul.
Since Mr. Bousquet’s entry as a candidate of the UWP for Choiseul/Saltibus in 1992, we have stood by him in the good times and in the bad times. We stood loyally by him when he was dismissed as a member of UWP Cabinet in 1995 and again in 2007 by Sir John Compton. We stood loyally by him after he officially notified the Governor General of the withdrawal of his support from former Prime Minister Hon. Stephenson King in 2008. We stood loyally by him after the revelation of his multiple name changes. We stood loyally by him after learning of his criminal record and his incarceration in the USA. We stood by him even after he referred to his colleagues as being members of a mongoose gang. We stood loyally by him during his battle with cancer during the 2011 election campaign. We fought tooth and nail by his side for five consecutive elections.
We stood by Mr. Rufus Bousquet because we saw in him an immense potential to advance the cause of the people of Choiseul /Saltibus, St. Lucia and the United Workers Party. Despite his many shortcomings, we stood by him in the hope that he would change and emulate the performance of his late father and former UWP Choiseul/Saltibus Parliamentary Representative, Hon. JMD Bousquet who we cherished.
Unfortunately, recent events have confirmed our worst fears that Mr. Rufus Bousquet has not changed and that he will not change. It has confirmed beyond any doubt that Mr. Rufus Bousquet is not a team player and his return to elective politics serves only to create discord within the United Workers Party supporters in Choiseul/Saltibus. His recent pronouncement on a radio show that he will not work with the elected Political Leader of the UWP brought back the shame we felt when he was fired twice by Sir John Compton and when he almost singlehandedly toppled the UWP administration  as he selfishly fought to regain a ministerial portfolio.  Further, Mr. Bousquet’s statement on a national media house where he referred to United Workers Party as a mongrel party is obnoxious and totally acceptable. Enough is enough. We can no longer stand by Mr. Rufus Bousquet.
Therefore, we are calling on Mr. Rufus Bousquet to immediately rescind his offer to contest for the chairmanship of the executive of the UWP Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency Branch.  Further, we are asking Mr. Rufus Bousquet to withdraw his application to be the Choiseul/Saltibus UWP candidate.
We thank Mr. Bousquet for his service to the people of Choiseul/Saltibus, St. Lucia and the United Workers Party. We wish him the very best in his future endeavours.        /End

Monday, August 17, 2015

13 More Days - End Of Summer Beach Bash!

Summer time is always fun for everyone in this country. It is the time when school is out - summer schools are in session, the beaches are more crowded than normal,the children are up to more mischief and don't you forget the parents are clamoring for the reopening of school.
Well then, what better way to end this summer holidays than taking the whole family to this family beach event - "End of Summer Bash" at the Rivere Doree Beach.
Champion Crew is doing it again. You will recall the Annual Good Friday Cricketorama which used to take place at the Debreuil School grounds - the participation was always dynamic.
On August 30, 2015, Champion Crew invites all of St Lucia to this massive "First time" event. Its a massive bash with a bouillon flavour - Soccer small goal competition, toasting, karaoke, dominoes, swimming, drink beer competition, girls swim suit parading, men body building display, La Rose parade, and on top of this we've got the MOST POWERFUL sound system in Choiseul - BLAZING SOUNDS -  to rock the SESSION. Time: 10:00am
Nuff prizes to be won. 
So come on down to the RIVERE DOREE BEACH BASH AND END SUMMER IN A SMASHING WAY. The beach is neat sandy and wide with sparkling white sands.
The countdown  is on.........13 more days. Support this event - funds towards sporting equipment Security at best.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

8 Reasons Not to Vote for Rufus As Chairman

Rufus Bousquet
Mankind will never see the end of trouble until....lovers of wisdom come to hold political power, or the holders of power become lovers of wisdom ~ Plato
Rufus Bousquet came into Choiseul's political arena in the early 1990s. Person's like the deceased Devotion and a few others made him known or rather popular in the Constituency. He was liked. Bousquet's whole political life has been marred in controversy, starting from his first entrance when he ousted Brian Charles for the endorsed candidate for the Choiseul seat. Though he was not Compton's favourite, Giraudy was the big man in the party so Bousquet got the nod.
Rufus has never been given the opportunity to represent the constituency for two consecutive terms by voters - have you ever wondered why? That's for another show. Rufus' tenure in each of the terms has been plagued by controversy after controversy - he has been fired twice by Compton, he was the main man in a UN scandal affair,and he has  called UWP the "Mongoose gang" ( This statement cost UWP the elections that year).
Sir John Compton
What is intriguing is the way the guy manipulates the Choiseul people to get what he wants. After he was fired the first time and elections was on the horizon, it was his intention to vie for the seat again. Compton would not have it. So there was Rufus busily coercing every Tom, Dick and Harry he knows who was close to Compton to have them put in a word for him so as to get endorsed. It worked, and after much consultation he finally got the nod, only to lose to Fergy.
This guy continues to do things on his own and does not heed to protocol - he does not attend party meetings, he goes about his own merry way, how he wants and feels. In short, a real rogue. It appears that he seems to have a change of heart. After his loss in the last elections he vowed that this is it for him. In spite of this colon illness and continuous treatment overseas he has been secretly manipulating the Choiseul Branch Executive  coercing delegates to support him in his agenda to destroy the UWP. His latest ambition is to capture the post of Chairman of the Branch. Elections are due on Sunday August 9, 2015, and if he wins the candidacy will be just a stone throw away to ask the MONGRELS ( so he calls UWPs) to support him. But do you really think its running the seat or  the urge to destroy the UWP's leader and by extension the hierarchy, that is on his mind? What manner of man is this?
It is difficult to abandon a politician whom you have campaigned, defended, and fought for over the years, isn't it? But I think Rufus have served his time and this is the opportune time to let go so we can build and groom a budding politician. I do not support his agenda and his selfish ego.
Here are 8 reasons not to vote Rufus as chairman of the Constituency Branch.
Richard Frederick
1. His influence is infectious and can confuse the minds of the people.
It is no secret that Rufus as well as Frederick are part of a team aimed at putting Chastanet down. Rufus has made it clear that he does like Chastanet and thus will do anything in his power to put an end to  the latter's reign. He will not allow his team the freedom to decide.If you vote him as chairman he will automatically gain a seat on the National Council Executive and from here create problems for the party does like he did while under Compton's administration. Further he will be able with little or no resistance to have his way with the members of the Branch Executive who are all "yes" people.
If you are a person who do not like to make up your own mind, then vote for Rufus
2. We need a fresh start in our political history
Rufus has been in our political lives for the past 25 years. He has only won twice. Its time for us to place our future in someone else. Rufus must get a grip on reality and know that he really never won, the other guy just lost..a fact. Rufus is not totally liked as he presumes. So its time that he moves on and let us decide our future. If you do not need a fresh start well vote Rufus.

3.We need a Chairman that is favored by the National Council.
The whole country knows that Rufus is not in the Party's good books. This he brought on himself by calling the guys Mongrels and the lot. he also has a personal vendetta against certain members of the Party. This guy is noted for disrupting any smooth running organization because he wants his own way. If you think that the chairman of our Branch must be on good terms with the General Executive of the Party, please do not vote Rufus as Chairman.

4. We do not need someone Choiseul/Saltibus who  been rejected 3 out of 5 times.
The elections results statistics show that from 1992 to 2011 show that Rufus has won only two terms and lost three. There also is a pattern for the wins from 1992 - UWP wins 1 term (Rufus)......SLP wins 2 terms  and (Fergy)......UWP wins 1 term(Rufus)......SLP wins 1 term (Lorne).......It is more than likely that the pattern will continue if Rufus becomes the candidate. Voting for Rufus as Chairman I am sure will see him worming his way to be the candidate for the next general elections. do you want the pattern to continue? If yes vote for Rufus.
5. Our caterers and agents must be respected and treated fairly
When one sees the genuineness and responsibility of Wacha, a new comer to the political arena, and how he treated his caterers and agents when the 2011 elections was over, It is something to marvel about. Everyone was paid their work. Not so in Choiseul/Saltibus. It is an outcry to hear the stories from the workers to gave of their services during the last elections and up to this moment have not gotten a dime.  Even persons who carried out small works have not been paid in full. Yet we hear of monies that was lodged at the Credit union coming up short of what was expected to be on the account. Where de money gone! so if you believe that persons should work and dont get paid, vote Rufus for Chairman and live with your conscience.
Chastanet and King
6. We need a person who is transparent and accountable
This one is very close to my heart. As a sportsman I marvel a good sporting facilities. I remember writing a piece on this blog after I witnessed some sporting activity at the Soufriere Mini Stadium. My heart aches every time I pass by the La Fargue Field and see the emptiness there. Where are the funds for the Mini Stadium which I can substantiate was in account  specifically for this. (In spite of the report on the Village Councils about the use of Taiwanese funds, which falsely mentioned that I wasn't a member of the Council, you will be surprised to find out that I know every detail about this account for the Mini Stadium). I can guarantee that there was about EC$900,000.00.
I lost track of this account during the campaign season. After elections I understood that the money came up short. Who pocketed the money is for a proper investigation to find out. Now we are without a stadium. We also don't know what has become of the rest of the money.  I also alleged that monies where being withdrawn from this account with authorization from the Rep to the Village Clerk.Is it that you want from a Chairman who cannot be transparent and accountable. If yes, Rufus is your man.
7.We need a resident to be the Chairman
Choiseul have always been on the receiving end of all garbage that needs dumping. we appear to be a people with no say or can't do anything for ourselves. All the politicians with the exception of Brian Charles have been forced down our throats. It's time we have Resident Choiseulians for Choiseul politics. Now we have a burnt out politician, who virtually lives overseas and who is up to no good vying for the post of Chairman. What a shame! CHOISEULIANS, WAKE UP!
Brother, do you want an outsider to run your political affairs for you? If no, do not vote for Rufus.
8. We need someone who has Choiseul at heart
Bruce Tucker, another name Rufus is known by, does not have Choiseul close to his chest, but rather what he can gain by using the people, and more specifically, those in his ring who are promoting him for the post of Chairman, which I am sure will automatically land him the endorsed candidacy. A typical example is when Rufus abandoned the Saltibus people for three long years simple because he does not like the people up there. Saltibus is part of the Choiseul Constituency. You cannot love half and dislike the other half. Well paid him back in kind - they voted him out.
loving the whole constituency is a prerequisite for working in the interest of the people. if you believe that it is ok to work for half of the constituency and forget the other half, make Bruce Tucker your chairman.
Thank you for reading this article and not making any comments about its headline. I know this article sounds crazy but i am preety serious about the messages i want to convey  to the Choiseul/Saltibus people.
I am simply say do not vote Rufus for Chairman of the Choiseul Constituency Branch.I just think he is not perfect for the job as there is much anger and hate in him.
I'm not campaigning for Brian Charles either, as to my mind, he is also a political right offs.
Let us support leaders, not because we are their solid loyalists, but because they can provide solid services.
Finally, a quote from Thomas Jefferson ~ "Whenever a man has cast his eyes on offices, a rotteness begins in his conduct"

Friday, August 07, 2015

Is Rufus Setting The Battlefield?

In a previous post, may be in September  last year, I predicted that the last of Rufus Bousquet have not been seen when it comes to politics in Choiseul. I went on to state that the  local Constituency Branch Executive is deep in Rufus' back pocket, that it is not surprising if the Central Executive have a real battle yet  in store for them - Rufus's supporters vs  UWP hierarchy.

 Rufus was the guest on Hot Button Issue last night on Choice Tv. Wearing a beard now, not the handsome and self-conscious guy about his wardrobe while he was in ministerial affairs, he looked reasonably well, compared to his demeanor during election time in 2011. Was the guy really sick or was he putting on a show. Whichever, he paid the price.

After a few early visits to the Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency just after his loss, he got involved in the  Branch politics  of the Constituency. Then his sudden disappearance and last his Sunday's  reappearance in the Constituency. This may demonstrate a form of mischief which he is contemplating  to unleash on the Constituents at any cost. It must not be misunderstood that the guy still has support there, but should this be his momentum to want Choiseulians to re-elect him.

It may be timely for him to make his appearances in the constituency and on Tv, since late last year we heard the political leader mention that by March this year he will have his candidates in  place. As for the Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency, the selection of a new candidate is not clear cut. Rufus said last night on the show that it is too early for him to predict whether he will be running the seat or not, since no one has approached him. But once the people wants him, he will run. What does he mean by this? Do you see a confrontation in the making between Rufus and the Party's Hierarchy, fueled by the puppet executive? Well from what was gathered last night Rufus sure seems to be positioning his pawns for the onslaught when things are right.

It is being mentioned throughout the constituency in the watering holes that a number of persons are looking at the seat. One of them being  a prominent lawyer - Huggings Nicholas and another an executive manager - Tessa Jean. Let the games begin