Friday, September 30, 2011

Bousquet Energizes Campaign Crew

At a recent meeting held last Tuesday, a gathering of over seventy persons met with Rufus to discuss strategic plans for the upcoming general elections. Bousquet also took time to update the gathering about various issues pertaining to the constituency as well as the Frederick matter.
This post will refrain from discussing the strategic plans, but rather focus on the issues which the rep disclosed.
1. A presentation ceremony to donate eight  laptops to the top students from the primary schools in the district who wrote this year's Common Entrance Examinations will be held over the weekend. The top three CxC passes from the district will also be honoured.
2. The recently rehabilitated road in the community of Jetrine will be opened following the presentation ceremony mentioned in 1.
3. A  Stimulus package program to the tune of $200,000.00 to be implemented in the constituency starting next month.
4. A number of desktops have been received by the rep. Presently plans are being formulated as how best to utilise these machines. Whether to have an IT centre or spread the desktop throughout the different communities at specific locations. Internet access will also be available for the youth to access.
5. Bousquet took time to explain the delay on the constuction of the stadium. His explanation - A modern roof with  photo panels for elecrical power was being contemplated for the structure. These photo panels would provide the stadium with its own power and the excess would be sold out to the main grid. Legislation is not in place for the latter  statement to take place. The modern roof would be retractable and so bring in a touch of class to the stadium.
This was the discussions that was going on with the Italian company which slowed down the construction.  However Bousquet feels that Choiseulians and more so our sportsmen and women may not want to wait for too long and so work on the original roof design will continue and constuction will begin in ernest.
6.The consolidated fun issue is nothing more that a political gimmick by the opposition. During their reign, yes they sent monies to the consolidated fun but only to cipher it back into the bobolistc and scam operated NCA. Remember the mirage of scams.  Bousquet confirmed that the monies which lie in an account at the Choiseul Credit union, under the management of the Choiseul Village council is for sports and Sports alone. Have you not seen the standard of our cricket. Did you not  know that we have had over seven players on the National side. Bravo Rufus!
7. Choiseul, Rufus maintains will keep on improving as long as he is the Rep. He said he has Choiseul at heart. He reiterated that his first initiateve was to raise the standard of living of his people. This he said will continue and upon conclusion move on to phase two - employment for the youth.
8. He ask the gathering to "Recommit to Victory.' He said that he  is not understood, by many dut don't underestimate him. He made mention  of the type of politician he is. He can get things done. He is not into the business of victimising people. This point holds water. This blog can attest to this point by saying that not one labour supporter from that last election has ever been touched or even threatened. This is the quality of the man.
9. On Richard's issue, Bousquet said that a US Visa is not a Right, it is a privilidge offered to you by the United States to visit their country. He mentioned that from richard's entry in to politics there have been an ongoing campaign to bring him down and recently the attacks have been more frequent.
The Embassy he says does not owe anyone an explanation for the revocation of their Visa. Silly accusations like Rufus and Richard planning to overthrow King are some of the reasons that has been floating around. But as Rufus mentions don't worry the same things they are accusing Richard of take care its not the same that may happen to Lorne. Time will tell.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Choiseul Police make a hit

Hats off to the Choiseul police for cracking a spate of house-breakings that have gripped the district for the past seven months or more.
A young man of age 19, has been arrested and charged for the offence. After a tip-off the police  serving a warrant searched the young man's residence where a number of stolen items were recovered.
What is very humorous and laughable is that the young man who had been doing all the breakings was living just a stone throw away from the police station.
Presently the young man is at the Bordelais Correctional Facility
 Inspite of the good work done by the police there still remains some lazy and irresponsible officers in their rank. Recently an officer at the station did little or no work in an investigation over a stolen item by another young man. She was given the suspect's name, and two witnesses to base her investigations on. She did zero work on this except going to the guy's home and later reporting that she did not find the item. What foolishness!Where is her investigative skill. So, as far as the case goes, that's it?
She has been branded by her collegues as 'Miss Lazeee'
Choiseul is now free of this house-breaking  menace, but a thief is still at large in a community because this female officer did not complete her investigations.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Youth Agri-Entrepreneurial Project To Be Launched In Choiseul Soon

Against the backdrop of an ever-changing industry and an increase in unemployment, the Government of Saint Lucia continues to strive in bringing opportunities to its people, especially its youth. Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture proudly launched the Youth Agri-Entrepreneurial Project YAEP.

According to Minister for Agriculture, Honourable Ezekiel Joseph, the targeted group, aged 18 to 35, will consists of the unemployed and landless individuals and mostly graduates of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.

“We’re expecting 150 young persons to be involved in this program, thereby creating jobs, utilizing the number of prime agricultural land, that are vacant. We also see opportunities for them, with regards to credit facilities, and the Saint Lucia Development Bank is part and parcel of this project. We also see it as an opportunity to introduce new technology and diversify the agricultural base.

Minister Joseph believes that the changes taking place in the global environment requires that Saint Lucia take the necessary steps to transform its agriculture sector if Saint Lucia is to integrate into the global economy. “To do this however, requires an overall improvement in our local human resource that is engaged in this sector. We all know that agriculture remains one of government’s core strategies to promote growth and socio-economic development and the goal of the Youth Agri-Entrepreneurial Project is to foster a commercialize agri-business approach to farming,” the minister explained.

The Saint Lucian Government will make available one thousand acres of agricultural lands. Roseau, Augier, Beausejour, River Doree and the Mabouya Valley are the five key areas where this project will be implemented.

The Youth Agri-Entrepreneurial Project is funded through, a CARICOM Development Fund and is valued at 3.66 billion EC dollars. Two hundred and forty thousand dollars has already been allocated to this initiative by the Minister of Finance. In addition, the local private sector has agreed to commit 1.7 million dollars to this project.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

St. Judes will be of International Standard

As we mark the second anniversary of the St Jude fire, Government assures Saint Lucians of its commitment to complete reconstruction work of the medical facility in keeping with modern medical standards and its own vision to develop St Jude as a world class health care and teaching facility with International accreditation standards.
Whilst we work towards attainment of that vision, we are comforted by the fact that the operations of the St Jude Hospital are being managed in a very competent and efficient manner by the capable staff of the institution. The St Jude Hospital currently provides medical services at the George Odlum Stadium in a stable atmosphere based on conventional medical standard to the satisfaction of residents in the south of the island who utilize the services of the hospital on a daily basis.

 The operations at the George Odlum Stadium are laid out within forty four (44) Large Rooms which have made a comfortable home for the services of the St. Jude Hospital which operates at a sixty six (66) bed capacity and offers its full complement of services. A Dialysis Unit was added after Hurricane Tomas.

 The fire of September 9th, 2009 presented obvious challenges as relates to an aging infrastructure, the hospital having been first built in 1942. It also provided the Government with the opportunity to upgrade the hospital in relation to modern standards and growing demands for health services in the south of the island. As a result Government embarked on an extensive consultation process in order to ensure that it was able to deliver to the people of the south and Saint Lucia a new State of the Art medical facility which is in tune with current realities.

The second anniversary of the St Jude fire will be marked by a special service which will take place at the Eastern wing of the George Odlum Stadium, the current location of the hospital at noon. The Government of Saint Lucia in the meantime continues to treat completion of the St Jude Hospital as a priority.

 At the same time Government is committed to delivering a new hospital that satisfies modern health sector standards, is consistent with the Government’s vision and is able to respond effectively to the growing demands for health services from the population.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Choiseul Carnival Queen Show Pageant Cancelled

Many carnival fans will be disappointed this year to hear that Choiseul's biggest carnival show is a no no this year. Lack of funfunds an limited time. So says Mac during a telephone call with 'Choiseul On The Move.'
This show has exposed the talent of a number of beauties from the district. The attendance has been a full house at D'Andres Hotel.
Whatever means are used to generate funds, one will have to agree that this process must have started very late.
Over the past two years Bouqsuet sponsored the show to the tune of $10,000.00 per show. This year, according to Mac the sponsorship was not forthcoming as the Rep put the cash into the upliftment of sports instead. (Bousquet 20/20 Cricket)
However, there is good news for party fans. A musical extravaganza has been planned for the October holiday weekend. Plans are progressing smoothly,so says Mac.
Whether the parade of the bands is on, we are not sure.
The pics portrays one of the contestants who would have taken part in the pageant.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Is Lorne Riding on FICS' Scholarships?

Any gesture towards education must be welcomed regardless where it comes from.The financial istitution FICS, has over the years religiously awarded scholarships to Choiseulians to further their education, even before Lorne was known to Choiseulians. (not that he is known any better now) Recently, supporters of Lorne have it making the rounds that the scholarships recently awards by Lorne's dad are a direct result of Lorne's vision for Education in the Constituency. This is the biggest lie of the year? And Lorne should if he is man enough diassociate himself from such a statement. Yes, it's true that Lorne's dad made the presentation,but it is on behalf of his bank, not on Lorne's behalf. Mind you, there might be innate and subtle motives behind the presentation. However, let that pass because blood is thicker than water.
.Why the presentation? For a long time now The Choiseul Credit Union have been investing in Lorne father's bank - FICS. The Coopeative has over $1m in shares in that bank. (checkout the financial statements of the cooperative, Dec. 31, 2010). With such an investments in FICS, its management have seen it fit over the years to payback to Choiseulians a token for using their money. Get it? Not the foolishness and electioneering propaganda that is making the rounds.  The monies in the Credit Union belongs to all P's and no P's. So it's everyone's money that FICS is using, not Lorne's dad's or Lorne's himself.
 This blog have always commended the administration of FICS for this initiative from its inception. It is hoped that they will disassociate themself from these reckless and unfounded statements. Lorne himself, should not try to ride on this for whatever reason. He also should make a statement and clear this misconception being fueled by his uninformed supporters. Be clear now on FICS' reason for the Schols

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Has Kenny Gone From Hero To Zero?

Reports reaching this blog speaks to a BOOBOO done by Kenny over the weekend. What could have instigated Kenny and his boyz to cancel the Cantonement venue for a public meeting and use the construction site of the St.Jude Hospital instead? Desperation? De bwoy running scared? The euphoric hallucination of winning? Arrogance? Or pure madness?
Was this location chosen to intimidate the Taiwanese consultants who reside on the work site? Have you ever heard of a political meeting being held at a construction site? What was the Opposition leader's motive? Questions and more questions.
Kenny keeps making mistakes after mistakes prior to this general elections. Heard through the grapevine that De Party heirachy is not too happy with him at all as they think he is hurting De Party's chances of winning.It is also rumoured that certain top guns in De Party don't mind Labour losing, to finally see the back of this arrogant and selfish politician.

It has become abundantly clear that Kenny G. Anthony has become obsessed with wanting to get back into office to continue his mischief. But why this urgency and greed for the top job. God forbid if that ever happens.
Choiseulians of my era will remember the prosperous days under JMD Bousquet.
They will also painfully want to forget the struggle and hardship under Evans Calderon. Choiseul went through a period of stalled development for a long long time. Remember?
Today many communities can boast of footpaths retaining walls proper drainage and an overall sense of community togetherness.
Yearly the Taiwanese Government allocates $1M to the district reps. This is done in quarterly disbursements through the Village and Town Councils who are responsible for disbursing the funds. The rep for Vieux Fort South and his cronies have refused (so they say) to use the funds for the upliftment of their people. You call this loving your people? In this guava season everyone needs money.
Civil servant who are employed with the government can upon retirement get a gratuity, and monthly pension until death. Could you imagine that upon Kenny's stint as PM he passed legislation to remove this gratuity and that new persons coming into the service, upon retirement' would only be entitled for a pension.For you new entrants save wisely, cause Kenny has deprived you of a "Go Kwass" after all these long years of service.

His latest booboo is the walking out of the House yesterday. I was astonished to see a bunch of sheep being led to the slaughter. Do you really think that a man like Lewis favoured that position. Next, Phillip J. Pierre, the biggest fool of the year stays back in the House making a bigger fool of himself.The issue? A simple matter of which side should appoint a Deputy Speaker. Labour had other plans which did not succeed.
Whatever it is that have made these men of the Labour Party think that they were born to lead this country come what may, they will soon get a taste of what losing is all about.

Like a friend on the opposite side told me today in Soufriere, " I would have voted for them fellas you know, but ahwah with Kenny. Mesieur sam nee on waage."
In my view Kenny with his latest stint has gone from HERO TO ZERO.

Editor's note: We apologize for the poor quality of the pics.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Choiseul's Beauty Pageant On

Women from 89 countries and territories competed for the titleof Miss Universe and were judged in three categories: swimsuit, evening gown and interview

Leila Lopes from Angola was crowned Miss Universe 2011 Monday night during a pageant held in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
The runner-up was Olesya Stefanko of the Ukraine.
The whole event was aired on NBC last night. DBS also carried the event.
News reaching this blog speaks to plans being in an advance stage for the local Queen show Pageant held here on an Annual basis. Interviews and auditions have been held to select the young ladies for the show.
This blog is hoping to contact the Choiseul Carnival Committee to get more details of the show for this year.
Rufus Bousquet has traditionally sponsored the show over the past years.
We at 'Choiseul On The Move' are not sure what format Choiseul Carnival will take this year. It is rumored that a show will be held whereby invited singers will perform a country song and a calypso. How you call this? creativity?
Choiseul's carnival has form inception generated a lot of interest. the young people look forward to this event yearly.

Delcer's band under the leadership of 'Miss Creativity' Shella has done remarkably well over the years with Piton Eruptions.
Some carnival fans have had complains about the standard of the carnival but much praise has gone to the Beauty Pageant itself. High marks to miss Modeste.
D'Andres seem to be the default venue for the show.But do we have an alternative. Maybe its time to demand of the politicians an auditorium.

Let's keep our fingers crossed and see what comes up this year.
Look out for 'Choiseul carnival in pics' in tomorrow's post

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The St.Lucian Icon Remembered

In the words of Carl Sandburg it is "not often in the story of mankind, that a man arrives on earth who is both steel and velvet, who is hard as rock and soft as drifting fog. Who holds in the heart and mind, the paradox of terrible storm and peace unspeakable and perfect.

Such is the epitome of a man who is undoubtedly a household name in regional politics, whose legacy sets him "head and shoulders above any other politician in the Caribbean".

Without contest, Sir John George Melvin Compton is a man who many hold in high regard. His reputation as a leader with vision and passion served as a headconerstone of his existence and the standard of regional leaders today.

Impetuously, thousands turned out to pay their respects, when on September 7, 2007, Sir John Compton, the Father of the Nation and three-time Prime Minister of Saint Lucia passed away after a prolonged illness. Now four years since his death, the memory and legacy of Sir John remains etched in the hearts of all who knew him.

Born April 29, 1925, of the small island of Canouan in the Grenadines, it was Sir John Compton who brought Saint Lucia to independence on February 22, 1979, becoming Saint Lucia's first Prime Minister. With over 50 years of service, it is near impossible to mention any of Saint Lucia's history without referring to Sir John Compton. He literally helped form the Saint Lucian landscape; while continuing to show great concern for the economic and academic well being of all Saint Lucians.

His efforts as a politician and a man of the people, serves as the hallmark for today's continued development and growth. He was a leader of unique class and creed whose style pierced the hearts of Saint Lucians and earned him the title of Daddy Compton.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Delcer to Saltibus Residents Welcome Package

The Stimulus Package recently launched by the Government of Saint Lucia reflects a continuation of the bold initiatives which the current administration continues to employ to combat the negative effects of an ongoing and protracted global financial crisis. This current Stimulus Package is the sixth such programme to be executed by the Government of Saint Lucia over the past three (3) years. The Stimulus Package represents a creative and proactive initiative which has been designed deliberately to stimulate economic activity at the grass roots level. A total of EC $10. Million has been expended on the programmes to date.

The current Stimulus Package was strategically timed to bring about relief to communities and parents at this juncture bearing in mind the reopening of school for a new school year on September 5th, 2011. In addition Government has also demonstrated further sensitivity through the implementation of the Education Access Fund, which has provided much needed assistance to many parents ahead of the new school year. It must be noted as a matter of fact that the Stimulus Package was made available to all seventeen (17) constituencies. The funds were channeled through established Government agencies and entities with experience in conducting interventions at the community level. In the case of Dennery North, Government exercised its judgement regarding the custody of these funds. The funds were in fact placed within an entity at the community level with experience in implementing social programmes at the community level.

The Government of Saint Lucia remains resolute in the benefit and wisdom of the Stimulus Package Initiative. This initiative is part of and consistent with the strong agenda of social programmes which has been the hallmark and focus of this Government. The Administration is therefore determined despite attempts at distraction to implement what is no doubt a sound economic policy approach. This is a policy that is geared at stimulating activity within the local economy, particularly at the grass-roots level. Government is convinced of the soundness of its approach and is particularly moved by the impact that such a programme is having within the micro socio-economic realm. We are especially pleased that the Stimulus Package is undertaken utilizing sound financial standards and transparency unlike programmes in the past. One such programme produced what was popularly referred to as the NCA Scandal that became the subject of two enquiries where the misuse of state funds was established as a major finding.

The Government of Saint Lucia is therefore proud of its decision to implement the recent Stimulus Package which will bring direct benefits to many at the community level. The Stimulus Programme introduced by Government represents another action geared at engineering positive activity and confidence in the local economy.

Source: GIS

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

King speaks of Development and Scandals and Victory

Following on the heels of the hugely successful launching of its Micoud North
candidate, the United Workers Party (UWP) attracted on Sunday, August 11
another massive crowd response to the presentation of its three candidates for the
constituencies of Laborie, Vieux Fort North and Vieux Fort South. The event saw the
introduction of Herrick ‘Watcha’ Renee (Laborie), Nancy Charles (Vieux Fort North)
and Karl Daniel (Vieux Fort South). All three are are well-loved community workers with
a strong background in farming. The candidates also have experience in the fields of
education, business and accounting and agriculture, respectively.

Prime Minister and Party leader Stephenson King received a rousing welcome, with
sustained applause that spoke volumes for his popularity even outside Castries. He
drew particular applause when he addressed the Grynberg issue and the continued
threat to our nation’s sovereignty it represented. Had the UWP not won the 2006
elections, he said, Grynberg would’ve remained a secret between the former prime
minister and now leader of the opposition and the Colorado oilman Jack Grynberg.

He offered several examples of the former prime minister’s arrogant style of
governance, a nation-insulting style, he said, that had resulted in such scandals
Rochamel, Frenwell, the NCA rip-off, Helenair and Helenites—at great expense to the
consolidated fund.

Waving a copy of the Bloom Cooper Report, the prime minister promised to expose
the similarities between the party leaders who are seeking now to replace him as the
prime minister of Saint Lucia. “I will expose them and their motivations in due course,”
he said.

The prime minister referred to a number of major projects, including the St Jude
Hospital which is close to completion, a senior citizens home, a meat processing
facility, the NSDC Training Centre and commencement of work on the Hewanorra
International Airport Redevelopment Project.
Mr King confidently predicted an increased majority at the next polls. In his words: the
Labour Party will experience a “political tsunami” at next general elections. The three
new election candidates will play, he said, a key role in contributing to the landslide
victory. The record turnout was no doubt a statement of confidence in the performance
and leadership of the ruling United Workers Party government, and a resounding
affirmation that “one good term deserves another!”

Saturday, September 03, 2011


The rally to launch the southern UWP candidates was a rockershocker. Well wishers and supporters flocked the library grounds in Vieux fort to listen to their respective representatives as well as the prospective ones.One well known supporter whose political analysis I've trusted over the years told me,''Jn. Bar, I have never seen it like this before. And what is interesting to me,is the fact that there are a lot of young persons. This tells something.''
I have always said that this elections revolves around the youngsters and it's no joke.
Choiseul's turnout was the talk of the town. Supporters came out 'en masse' just as I predicted.The motorcade was one never seen in the district before. One person estimated the total number of vehicles to be prettty close to seventy.
As was expected the hecklers were lined up throwing their dirty remarks...nothing new.
As the motorcade moved along well wishers and supporters lined the roadside with their flags,cheering, and shout slogans of encouragement.
On passing through Laborie it was rather encouraging to see the support the 'Wacha' has there. It surely took me by suprise.
Now all minds are tuned to election date. Jouk Bois predicts late October or early November and on a Thursday or Tuesday. Could he be right? Surely one must be cognizant of the fact that the Dennery North candidate has not been launched.
Take it from me, the election date will be announced in The VALLEY.