Tuesday, September 15, 2015

UWP's Indecisiveness Continues To Cripple Choiseul/Saltibus

"My one great talent is for speaking plain; I’ve never learned to flatter or to feign;" ~ Peter Josie.
Rufus Bousquet
So now Rufus  Bousquet, has latched on to the chairmanship of the Choiseul Constituency Branch and he is now in the process of placing himself as the only viable candidate to run the Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency seat for the upcoming elections. One must not forget that RB is the chairman and according to the constitution of the Party all applications must go through the Constituency Branch before it can be endorsed by the higher authorities. Keep in mind also that RB made mention on a Radio  show that when he sees someone who is better than him he will give up his quest to represent Choiseul/Saltibus. But you and I very well know that Rufus thinks he is the best thing that has ever happened to Choiseul. Like Francis Blanchard said, "Rufus must never believe that he is a dynasty."
Huggins Nicholas
So what now? All the rumblings against Rufus seems to have ceased. Does that mean Choiseul/Saltibus have accepted the ex-Rep and decided to go along with him? I am aware that many persons have come together to form an anti-Rufus group. A couple of meetings have been held where person expressed their dissatisfaction with Rufus. Presently a petition of pretty close to 500 names is making the rounds. Also, motorcade coined "Liberation Train" was planned for September 13, but it had to be postpone due to some technicalities with the police. The "Train"  will be on the move on Sunday 20, 2015, and its heading to Saltibus.
Jimmy Haynes /Lorne Theophilus
Before, Rufus' move to run for the chairman of the Party many names were rumored to be interested. First was Wilbur Joseph, a MD, who got disenchanted with the "harlay karsay" within the ranks of the Party and pulled out. Then there came Tassa Jean, an Branch Manager, Renwick Vieux Fort, who showed great interest in running the seat - met key persons in numerous  communities and had a very close relationship with Saltibus, the community which have turned away from Rufus. It is alleged that she formerly sent in her application to the Branch Executive. For some unknown reason she slowed down. 
Tassa Jean
But even before Tassa, Huggins Nicholas, a prominent lawyer, had been doing his ground work in number of communities, and he led me to believe that he is interested. But Huggins does not seem to be consistent in his thoughts - Today he is all for it, tomorrow he shows little interest. He even went on to say that non-supporters of the Party give him a lot of support which he could not find within his own party. It is my honest opinion that Huggins may have been looking for a package, taking into consideration his Law practice. He too has thrown in the towel. Theophilia Charles was mentioned, but she was never a favourite of many party supporters.
Brian Charles, who was the Deputy Chairman on the last executive, it is alleged contemplated running the seat if no one showed any interest. Hilarian a Dacretin  resident  was also mentioned, but he too has backed off. It must be noted there that the past executive was very instrumental is discouraging persons who had their eyes set on running the seat. In spite of Rufus absence just after he lost to Lorne, he continued to maintain a hold on the  Branch executive, aptly accommodated by Gilbert Isaac, the Chairman at the time, even to the point where he had the Choiseul delegation at National Council meeting nominate
Theophilia Charles
Claudius Preville to run against Allen Chastanet for party leader at a Party's Annual Convention - Rufus was already worming his way back into Choiseul's politics.
Karambar! My phone is ringing, breaking my trend of thought.........wait, I will be right back. It was a long time friend of mine from Castries; a no-friend of Rufus Bousquet( dah man have enemies everywhere it seems) I can assure you. " Dedan, is Jimmy Haynes running for Choiseul?" he asked. "Aa, news to me." I answered, stunned. "So you don't know that." the friend continued. "Let me find out and I will get back to you?" Not deciding to push any call to Jimmy, I decided to check a top source of mine, "Yes, that's what I heard, Brian too." she said. I personally don't believe it until It comes from the horse's mouth himself. Is this coincidence? Here is a post from Jimmy just coming through on Fb making mention to the Liberation Train  is getting mobilized in La Pointe. I await the formal disclosure of this news if there is any truth to it. So much for that.
McArthur Philip & Vernon Francois
The political leader, Allen Chastanet, two weeks ago promised that the remaining candidate to complete the slate would be announced soon, but we are still at a loss in Choiseul.
My take, those opposing Rufus should just go for an independent candidate, whom I am sure will give both SLP and UWP candidates a run for their money. I personally recommend Mc Arthur Phillip or Vernon Francois.