Saturday, September 01, 2012

Library 12, the nowhererian

Recently our readers will recall that this blog reported the transfer of the Roblot Library to a section of the Roblot School which is located in Debreuil.
The transition appeared smooth - a bus was hired to transport the books, tables and what have you to the school, a telephone line was installed, and in no time the Roblot Library was functional in a room previously occupied by the school's IT program.
Well, what do you know? The library has been asked to move back to its former location. A joke? More than that. Probably this library should be made mobile.
According to the librarian the initial relocation of the. Was based on the idea of being proactive - taking action before disater strikes, meaning the hurricane season. But couldn'I the library be renovated? It survived hurricane Tomas therefore with some rennovative works it would have survived this season. But no, the authorities that be saw otherwise withot the slightest foresight of the plans the school already had in place for their IT room.
Yes the library was kicked out of the school. The room where the library was is prensently being renovated to accommodate a state of the art IT classroom. Presently the books and shelves lay embarrasingly in a class which has to be ready for the opening of school on Monday.
There has been no library service in the community for the past two weeks as users of the service await the authorities next move.
As far as this blog sees it, the library can operate at its original location as nothind has happened to the building since the books were moved.
But again quite a bit of work for the poor librarian.
In the meantime the library service has been suspended.
The children are the ones paying the price.
Whah wrong wit dem. Persons in posish?

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