Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Saltibus Councilor Stops Sauzay Project

The Choiseul Village Council executive is only a few months in office and there are already reports of division among the councilors - more so between the chairman and certain councilors. Find it strange? On the Council are persons with big egos and any attempt to stiffle or crush these egos will result in clashes.
A reliable source has informed this blog that a decision was taken by the Councilors in the absence of the chairman, to start a drainage project in the Sauzay area. The project was endorsed by the responsble authority and given the go ahead. This project by all accounts would alleviate the hardships of run-off water in this enclavement.
The source went on to inform the blog that at a meeting the Chairman flared up and was furious demanding an explanation as to who gave Council the authority to do this behind his back. In his rage and fury he went as far as to completely stop the project. "Man in charge?"
It is also being heard through the grapevine that the chairman hardly had time to attend to the Council's business and that it is the two senior Councilors that take care of Council's business. Yet they were the ones who were shafted by the chairman.
Council's tenure ends on January 31, 2013. It may be a wise decision on the part of the Rep to nominate another Chairman.
The Sauzay residents did in some way express their disgust at the Chairman's irrational decision.
Supposing the project was for Saltibus, would he have stopped it?
Dedan C.G. Jn. Baptiste

Friday, October 26, 2012

Jounen Kweyole

For our overseas readers, as well for our local teachers, a good article on the subject can be found at wikipedia or one can just google "Jounen Kweyole"
This year's festival is centered in the district of Vieux Fort in the south and Marigot in the North.
Many refreshment houses commonly know as rum shops present local dishes and juice as well as pastime entertainment for their patrons starting as of today and continuing till the wee hours of Sunday.
Two places in the district that have well organised activities are at Morell in La Pointe and Rosie's Cuisine at Industry.
Jimmy's new business place also at La Pointe has a "Samdie Kweyole where many local dishes will be served.
In spite of the "Kweyole Hype" many persons have been expressing a lack of enthusiasm of their intention to really go out.
"Bagai mouvei" they cry. Though the weather forecast predicts rain, it will be interesting to see the turn out. St Lucians love a fete no matter what.
In the Roblot community Kweyole breakfast and lunch will be served on Sunday morning at Shana and Lisa's bar.
To everyone Bon Fete Jounen Kweyole and make an incident free one.
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Deepest regrets and sympathies to our Rep.

This blog has just been informed of the passing of our District Rep's mother. Our deepest sympathies go out to the him and his family.
This loss we are sure will be surely felt by the Rep as he was considered as "mama's boy" by the deceased Lusca Theophilus, his mom.
Lusca Theophilus, by all degrees, was my mentor during my two-year stint at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, at the time known as Teachers' College. This "iron lady" as we affectionately called her was for us Choiseulian teachers who were enrolled at the College during her time. She made sure that we were properly taken care of.
In Choiseul, I'm sure many persons will grieve her passing and will miss her dearly. I am also sure that her husband will truly miss her as through the years of their companionship she must have been a pillar of his strength.
This blog extends condolences to Mr George Theophilus another of my mentors in the field of sports.
As the saying goes, life must go on. And in the days, weeks and months ahead this blog hopes that our Rep will in some way be able to find the strength to move on.
God be with you my brother. May your mom rest in peace.
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


If Uwp would only take a page from the Slp's organizational prowess they would have won half the battle to removing this present administration from office. Confining this post to the Choiseul constituency, the modus operandi of the Uwp's constituency branch leaves much to be desired or so it appears from the outside looking in.
A new executive has been elected to replace the interim executive that prepared the way for this new group. Certain members on that were on the interim decided not to to seek election on the new executive.
One of these members spoke with this blog and revealed that his reason for not seeking election on the executive is that he is not satisfied with the level of influence that the past rep has on the executive. " I sense an ulterior motive on the part of the past rep via his conduit, Reds. This executive is a Rufus puppet." He lamented.
This blog only knows too well that Bousquet has never had any faith in any organised body and more so the constituency branch. During his tenure as rep he never recognised the CB and was only really interested in the branch when Compton kicked his ass out of government and he wanted the CB to make a case for himat the Canaries convention. Now that the Uwp's hierarchy does not like the best bone in him, he appears bent on doing some mischief in an aim to influence the delegates' vote at the convention slated for June next year.
This new executive which is headed by Gilbert Isaac (Willan) need to clean up Rufus' post election mess if they want the Uwp supporters to rally with them.
Instead of being so gullible to Rufus' suttle moves via Reds, this executive needs to take the following actions pronto:
1: investigate the Mini Stadium funds. Where is the fund now?
2: monies owed to caterers must be sought to calm them and to put the Party's name back in the good books. ( The La fargue lady who is owed $1000 for services rendered to the election crew that was at the Secondary school on election day is just one example- Jimmy can name endless others)
3: rally the main persons in the electoral divisions to strengthen the constituency's base supporters. Stop the favouritism.
Trudy, Hilarian and some other unknown person make up Rufus' puppet executive.
Cocomakery at its highest.
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Did en rouge! en rouge! ease Choiseulians pain?

With one year after general elections just round the bend, many intelligent Choiseulians as well as others not so bright, but with a little common sense will be asking a lot of questions.  With all the en rouge hype gone, a sluggish economy, no jobs and the crucifying VAT taking its bite on the poor, many if not all of us are beginning to face the true reality of it all.
Not that anyone is in any position to say that things may have been better had the last administration remain, the simple truth is that there aren't any "Better days" to come as promised by this administration.
Bagai wed, epi movay.t soon.
  This blog will present a full article on the subjec

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A weather phenomenon

Reports reaching this blog speaks to a phenomenon that was witnessed by Choiseulians earlier this week. This it is reported sent chills through the spine of the onlookers. It is the first time that such a spectacle has been seen in the Choiseul waters and this worried the onlookers greatly..
It had all the features of a tornado, actually it was a water tornado, a weaker version of the land based one. It is most often called a water spout which is a funnel-shaped column of water between sea and cloud, formed when a whirlwind draws up a whirling mass of water.
This should make quite an interesting lesson for the schools kids.
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Thursday, October 04, 2012


In a post sometime in May this year this blog made reference to Minister Edwards contribution to the Budget debate. Somewhere in his address he made mention of lighting for the La Fargue field during this financial year.
This post is aimed at sending a gentle reminder to our District Rep to have him to remind Shawn of his promise the the Choiseul sports enthusiasts.
This reminder is comes on the heels od the
Sports Minister's recent announcement that the Marchand Grounds is about to get a facelift.( Doing it for Pip?) Lorne needs to get Shawn to not let Choiseulians down. Mr Rep, have Shawn do it for you. This blog have also not forgotten your promise to the Tete Morne girls.
Actually you have about two months to get the lighting of the La Fargue field established.
In the closing sentence of that post back in May, mention was made of a politician's promise as being a comfort to a fool. Please,please don't let Choiseulians think that they were taken for fools.
It will not auger well for your image. Also keep in mind that your address at this year's budget is online and can be checked on at anytime to remind you of your famous quickie.