Thursday, May 06, 2010

Bousquet gives go ahead to construct communiy road

On Sunday May 2, 2010, Bousquet toured an area in Morne Sion where residents have been without a proper track to their homes, to give the greenlight to construct a community road. The initial works have already begun.
Earlier last month Bousquet at a presentation ceremony in the area , gave a hint of the upcoming project.
The  community road will be over 200m long. Residents at the back of M&C, a well known shop in the area will have the luxury to drive up to their home. Residents during construction of their homes had to haul building materials on their head to the construction site. These days will soon be over.
To add to this footpath, a new bridge will be constructed to cross a deep ravine.
In his tour on Sunday Bouquet remined the people of his determination to uplift the standard of living in this community. "For too long you all have suffered in these conditions,things will change now." He said.
To top it all up, Bousquet gave the cricket team plastic balls to keep up with their practice.
Morne Sion is definitely on the road to development.
Bousquet, having Choiseul at heart.