Friday, August 31, 2012

Haynes Calls For Professionalism by Manager

This blog in previous posts have continually called for an environment of confidentiality by the staff of the Choiseul Credit Union. We have made mention of clients having their personal financial transactions with the Credit facility on the streets or with persons whom they least expect to know their business. This has in the past caused many members to stop doing business with the credit union.
This leak of information by the staff was abated, but as far back as December last year it raised its ugly head again and now a distraught Jimmy Haynes is up in arms about a latest incident with this same institution. But before delving into Haynes’ matter, let me bring you up to speed on the December matter. Two days after the general elections persons on the streets and throughout the communities had it that the monies for the construction of the Mini Stadium were missing. (Post on MS soon to be published) Only two sources could have such information – the Village Council and the Credit Union. The Village council did not disclose the funds therefore it had to come from a person (s) in the Credit union. This blog has its suspicions as who could have leaked the info but left to the Union itself to trap the culprit (s).
Haynes thinks that he is deliberately and mischievously being targeted by the local financial institution. The situation reached as far as to involve the law in a dispute which Haynes say does not exist. He lays full blame on the manager of the institution whom he thinks is being very unprofessional in his work ethics. Haynes wants the manager, Sylvanus Fontenard, to provide him with an explanation for the recent actions taken by the Union to bring in the rule of law. According to Haynes this had to do with funds owed to the Union which he has already cleared.
A letter will be sent to the Board of Directors stating his grievances and disappointment in the Manager, Haynes says. This blog placed a call to the manager to get his version of the matter, but got no response as to the time this post was being written.


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