Sunday, September 16, 2012

UWP - back on the road?

Sam Floyd in his usual morning programs chastised the Flambeaus for taking o long to "heal their wounds" and regroup. He jokingly said that when kerosene was cheap they did not see. The need to fuel their fambeaus but now tha kerosene prices have increased by over 100%, that's wheh they have decided to hit the road. Regardless, it seems Flambeau is back.
Last Thursday they made a stunning return in Soufriere where a massive crowd was in attendance. Their message: St Lucia en ready for VAt at this juncture . Speaker after speaker critisized the labour administration for their poor performance over the past nine months.
Dalson and Jn Baptiste were accused of nepotism as King said they were instrumental in securing jobs for their daughter and wife respectively.
Kenny's speech on diplomatic ties with Taiwan the Flambeaus said was in poor taste and seems to have created. Some form of tension between the two nations. The. PM's announcement of an investigation of the usage of Taiwanesese funds by the parliamentarians and Rural Councils according to King is like searching for a needle in a haystack.
Guy in his usual flare condemned Walter Francois' appointment on the basis that he Francois presently earns two pensions and that this Soufriere Foundation's job should have gone to a younger Soufriere resident.
Notable absent from the UWP crew at Thursday's meetng was Rufus. Bousquet. Well finally the Flambeaus hav said happy riddance to a double edged sword.
It will be interestind to see if Flambeau can maintain this momentum.
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