Saturday, November 10, 2012

Morne Sion Tragedy Memorial Service

As if to payback for a favour granted, the Labour Party's press secretary is creating so much hype as if to create an impression of caring to the victims' family of that catastrophe which occured at Morne Sion one year ago just prior to general elections.
She went on to mention the monument to be placed on the site and that it is being shown to the victims' family for approval. The party ( (his blog presumes) went as far as to have the memorial service advertisement sent to every mobile phone,ipad,and tablet on the island.
The service will be held at the Choiseul Catholic Church today from 2pm. One can anticipate an SLP entourage will be present. Many other top dignitaries.are also expected to be present. One of the organizors called on everyone to bring along a candle.
This tragedy has been marred in lots of controversy and speculation. Supporters of the UWP as well as other persons seem to think that this incident has some voodoo connection. Nineteen lives were lost. Only seventeen bodies were recovered - two todlers unaccounted for. The speculators connected the 17 recovered bodies each with a electoral constituency on the island. They went on to assume that it was the opposition's magic to capture all the 17 seats.. Fact or myth? Can't tell. Richard Frederick also gave his interpretation of this tragedy on a political platform earlier this year.
The. SLP supporters flatly deny any involvement by their party in the tragedy.
More level headed persons think that the driver may have been under the influence of alcohol, may have fallen asleep or a matter of him being dis-oriented. Whatever it was, the minibus with 19 persons aboard flew over a cliff and plunged onto the rocks on the beach.
Today's memorial service. Will hear wailing and weeping of the victims' families and quite a solemn atmosphere. Hyocritical speeches will be made by the authorities, and gullible as we are, we believe them.
Dedan C. G.Jn. Baptiste

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