Sunday, December 16, 2012

Santa Rufus! Time to pay up.

By Jimmy James Haynes

Christmas is fast approaching and by all accounts it appears that this will be one of the shabbiest Christmas's that I have lived through. The draining impact of VAT, the ever increasing cost of living, coupled with climbing unemployment makes simple surviving a mounting challenge.
But this is the season of giving isn't it? Well, isn't it also a great time for those who can afford to, to settle their outstanding debts? This brings me to a matter that has tormented me as a consequence of my silence. Elections was almost thirteen months ago. I recall that approximately one hundred (100) loyal and trusting people from Choiseul/Saltibus served as agents or rendered catering services etc. to the past Paliamentary Representative, Mr. Rufus Bousquet. Today a large majority of these people have not been paid.
I can safely say that none of the agents from the Delcer and the Mongouge Polling Stations have been paid; nor have the caterers received compensation. The caterers actually spent their own monies to provide the service, they even employed help. This is a crying shame. Mr. Bousquet you promised everyone that you would pay them irrespective of the result of the General Election. So Mr. Bousquet, this is the ideal time to pay up. The desperation among the people you owe is palpable. These are hard times and the small amount you owe them could make a huge difference. You can make their Christmas. Yes you can. I know that you can afford it so please, please......please put on your Santa outfit and deliver the money.
Merry Christmas and hope you settle before 2013.
Editor's note: (This blog has been reliably informed that a caterer by the name of Shiela John from La Fargue has not been paid for services she rendered on election day to the UWP team working at the Secondary school. Likewise a shopkeeper at Roblot has been left in the dark.
What is shameless about this scenario is that newcomers like Wacha have settled all his election debts and a veteran like Rufus cannot do the same.)?
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