Friday, November 09, 2012

is it Bolo's time now

Readers of this blog will recall that earlier this year a plea was made to the Rep to push for Dr. Augustin Charles to be appointed as an ambassador. The plea was made against the back drop of persons like that Laborie guy whose name can't come to mind right now, Menissa Rambally, another guy from Micoud, Leo's wife, and the list goes on and on, all of them without the class, ability and guile of Bolo.
Remember this blog called on the Rep to pull his weight, since it appeared that Reps were bargaining for their top campaign executive member. The blog was titled " Does the Rep have any weight?"
Some time ago Raymond Eubaldus resigned from his post as permanent secretary to take up a job overseas. To fill in the gap in the Senate Ricky was made a senator. Not too long after this he was then appointed as the replacement permanent secretart with responsibility for the creative arts etc. Bravo, my en rouge friends. However thi blog would have prefered to see Ricky in the ministry of Education heping with a curriculum for the Creative arts and the like.
But here is where this post is going. A senate position for a government senator is now vacant. This blog is of the opinion that Dr Augustin Charles is the ideal person for this position. Again, this blog calls on our Rep to show some muscle and put in a word for Bolo. Choiseul is watching.
But on second thought, this may never happen. Bolo has had his differences with the PM and Lorne does not care a damn about Choiseul since his newly found enthusiam about running for a seat up North seems to be all he is interested in.
Like an old chump told me in Soufriere earlier today, " Bolo should not be following Lorne, it really should be the other way around." When pressed to explain, he casually replied, "You know what I am talking about."
Whether Bolo or Lorne should be categorized as follower or leader or the other way around, the fact is Lorne is the Rep.
Lorne popularity has taken a plunge in almost every polling division in the constituency but playing his part in getting Bolo into the senate may help boost up his ratings.
Two more weeks will mark the Rep's one year in office. It will be very intriguing to hear his surrogates boast of a year's achievements. May be it will be Bolo's time to shine?
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