Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rivere Doree School Sports - A Successs

  In spite of the the Choiseul Secondary School Sports which was held on the same date as date as the Rivere Doree School Sports, but at different venues in the district, the latter held its own. The parents came out in full to lend support to their child's House and by extension, the school.
   The conditions for the meet was not up to date as the markings of the lanes were begining to fade and added to this is the dusty conditions of the area. However this did not in anyway dampen the atheletes enthusiam, and of course encouraged by the parents, to compete.
   Last year's winner, Skeete's House did not live up to expectation this year as Anthony's House took the honours this year, with Mortley's House filling in the second spot.
It was quite a site  to see on the sidelines as the parents from each house section urged their House competitor on.  Two notable parents were Nysbert  and Monica of Skeete's House.
Eve Aimable, the coordinator of this meet seems to have had her hands filled as one would realise she even took the job of MC. Gail Charles kept tally of the scores.
Final scores for the meet are as follows:
Anthony  -    584 pts.
Mortley   -    432 pts.
Skeete     -    415 pts.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Eagle Wins Roblot School Sports

The Eagle House of the Roblot Combined School won this year's Sports Meet which was held at the Centre of Excellence grounds on Wednesday February 24, 2010. The school, seriously depleted of students only had two Houses from the previous four last year. The other House is Falcon.
Normally these sports meets are held at the La Fargue Playing Field, but this year all PRIMARY schools  were asked to use the grounds at Reunion, while Choiseul Secondary has access to the La Fargue Playing field on Friday this week for their sports meet. Question, who authorised this discremination? What's the rationale behind this move?
 Back to Roblot School Sports.
Parents and supporters of the school took time off their busy schedule to lend support to their children and school. The two Houses took shelter from the blazing sun under  the various trees that are strategically placed around the grounds. Two tents, one housing the officials and the other for the atheletes to register before the start of a race were the other forms of shelter.
The meet was well co-ordinated by the officials as all events took little time to get off the ground. A team of past students of the school acted as ground officials, while Eve Aimable of the Rivere Doree School and Kelli De Priest, a Peace Corps Volunter, attached to  District 7, took care of the statistical end of the Meet. Feria Charles, Curriculum Officer for sports in the Ministry of Education dished out information to the atheletes and ground officials over the Pa system.
Events were in the categories of 85m, 150m, 400m and relays. In age range the atheletes were grouped as under 9, under 11 and under 13.
Inspite of the harsh conditions, the students performed to the best of their ability, sometimes with a little humor as during one event an athelete seems to have been disoriented as he completely lost his way on the track.
Eagles dominated the track in the higher aged events. Final scores: Eagles 404 pts. Falcons 327 pts. For the marathon held last week, Eagles 107 pts. Falcons 21 pts.
The parents/teachers race seem to have taken center stage as shouts and screams were heard all around the grounds. Check the video for that race tomorrow.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Prime Minister Addresses School's Rally

   The island's prime minister, Honourable Stephenson King, has reiterated his government's commitment to addressing the issue of escalating crime in the country.

Prime minister gave the assurance during his address to the nation's youth, at the National Youth Rally on Monday 22nd of February.
   Mr King says he is very concerned about the recent spate of crime which has claimed the life of one police officer.
“I shall not allow our gains as a small developing nation after thirty one years of toil to be evaporated by the growing trend of lawlessness, deviant behaviour, disregard for law and order and criminality in our society, there is no room for such alien attitudes in our society and therefore this trend must stop now.”
  The prime minister also stated that his government will continue to invest in the Royal Saint Lucia Force, in order to allow law enforcement to restore peace in the country.
“The police supported by the judiciary have been mandated and therefore must undertake their responsibility to protect the citizenry and bring the criminals to justice without fear or favour to anyone what so ever.”
  The Saint Lucian leader says he will not cower nor fail in his responsibility, to ensure the safety of all Saint Lucians as guaranteed under the constitution.


In the last poll you were asked " Do you think Choiseul Village will win this year's "Pleu Belle Village" prize?
Here are the results:
Yes --- 71%,
No--- 14%,
I don't know--- 14%
I don't care--- 0%.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Schools In The Constituency Hold Sports Meets

Throughout this week parents as well as supporters will gather at the Centre of Excellence Grounds in Reunion to witness the different Annual Sports Meets being hosted by the individual primary schools.
  Last year one will remember that there was quite a showing. This year one will expect to see an improvement in organisation as well as a higher standard of competition. There was much to be desired in the exchange of batons during the relay races.
 The cheer leaders groups were very impressive. Both Rivere Doree and Roblot put up quite a show. Reunion's Karatekers were outstanding.
Below is a schedule of the sports meets for this week.
Wednesday February 24, 2010 ..........................Roblot Combined.
Thursday February 25, 2010...............................Reunion Primary.
Friday February 26, 2010.....................................Rivere Doree Combined.
Mongouge Combined, Piaye Combined and Delcer R. C. Primary will hold their meet in March at various dates to be announced.
   With regards to the Choiseul and Piaye Secondary Schools, the former holds its meet on Friday February 26, 2010 at the La Fargue Grounds while the date for the latter's meet is not known.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bousquet gives a helping hand

Victims of the February 7, 2010 fire in Roblot were the recipients of a cheque presented by Michael Nixon on behalf of the District Representative Rufus Bousquet on Wednesday February 17, 2010.
Mr. Nixon in his short remarks told the small gathering that this cheque, though not huge in amount will help as a catalyst to get things started. He also made mention that Bousquet have made a number of contacts to get aid to the fire victims in the shortest possible time.
Receiving the cheque on behalf of the fire victims was Aaron Francois the son of the owner of the destroyed house. Aaron thanked the Rep. for his quick response to their cause and promise to put this money towards the reconstruction of their new home.
The fire  destroyed their home and all their belongings.

Roblot Combined School holds Marathon

On Tuesday February 16, 2010 residents of Debreuil, Roblot and La Maze lined the road to cheer the atheletes of the Roblot Combined School as they took part in the approximately 10k road maraton. This is an annual event to mark the official opening of the atheletics season of the school.
   Leading the pack on the up route was Greg Descartes who kept a distance of about 30m between him and his brother Lester Descartes. The pace apperently was too hot for the other runners as they were some 10 - 15 minutes behind.    There were various water stops along the route and the principal's vehicle provide the support to those that could not handle the pressure. The Choiseul police took the lead to provide security to the runners from oncoming vehicles.     On the down route Lester held a one meter distance lead from his brother and kept this lead to emerge winner. Third place went to Jacob Francis. All three runners belong to Eagles House.     The first girl to complete the race is Rebecca Alcee also of Eagles . The school holds its atheltics meet on February 24, 2010.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What does Ash Wednesday mean?

Over News Spin a non Catholic tried to ridicule ash Wednesday. Below is an article pulled out from an internet article provided by EWTN.
 Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Lenten season. It is a movable observance, six and one-half weeks before Easter. It was set as the first day of Lent by Pope St. Gregory the Great (590-604) with the extension of an earlier and shorter penitential season to a total period including 40 weekdays of fasting before Easter. It is a day of fast and abstinence when ashes are blessed and imposed on the foreheads of the faithful to remind them of their obligation to do penance of sins, to seek spiritual renewal by means of prayer, fasting, good works and by bearing with patience and for God’s purposes the trials and difficulties of everyday life. The ashes are used to mark the forehead with the Sign of the Cross, with the reminder: “Remember you are dust, and to dust you will return,” or: “Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel.”

Taken from

Will Choiseul Village Win "Pleu Belle Village" This Year

   Choiseul Village was a hub of activity from 9:00am - 12:00pm on Tuesday February 16, 2010. A general clean-up and beautification of the Village, organised and supervised by Williana St.Rose (Mrs), the Village Council Clerk ,saw to it that the Village got a superb facelift. The Village residents, workers of institutions, and Council workers  were all involved in this beautification project.
   Walls and side walks were pressured washed  and given a fresh look, the compounds of the fisheries cleaned, the outside of buildings facing the street dusted and drains cleared. A dump truck was on hand to dispose of all rubbish and debris. Many of the villagers took this oppurtunity to get rid of appliances they had stacked in their yard. A part of a wall was painted in the colours of the National Flag.
   It was a sight that brought a sense of comradry, where one could see the Post Office staff taking part in this campaign by dusting and cleaning their building. This gesture by the staff inculcated a feeling that the project is a combined effort and everyone is welcomed regardless of status.
This project is part of an islandwide campaign to strive for the prestigious trophy for "Pleu Belle Village" which is part of this year's Independence Anniversary Celebrations.
Choiseul Village has won this trophy for seven consecutive years from 1983. Bravo Choiseul! In giving praise one must not forget the tireless and hard working Village Clerk who  I am sure in her absence Choiseul may not have captured this trophy consistently. Hats off to this lady.
I wish the clerk and all who participated in this year's cleaning and beautification project, good luck. Mwen sav zot kai geyen. ( I know you all will win)