Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pakistan take 2-0 lead in 5-match series

Pakistani teengage prodigy Ahmed Shehzad scored a patient hundred, his 2nd in ODIs, to secure a comfortable seven wicket victory for the visitors over the West Indies at St. Lucia on Monday. Needing 221 for the win, Pakistan went about their task in…

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Constituency's Progress in Sports

As an ex-national cricket player, umpire, referee, coach and administrator of sports, I make no bones to boldly say that Choiseul Sports has come a long way during the past four years - there are more organized teams, more committed players, better abled administrators (Sports Council), improved playing facilities, more dedicated coaches, more organized tournaments and last but not least, a more supportive and understanding Parliamentary Rep whose love for sports is unmatched among his collegues.

That being said I will move to setting Constituency's sports achievements in point form.
Over the past four years we have seen:
1. The lighting of the La Fargue Multi-purpose Court.
2. The construction of a mini court in the village.
3. The upgrading of the Dacretin (Coco) and Caffiere fields.
4. The construction of the Jetrine and Delcer fields.
5. The construction of tthe children's playground.
6. The donation of sometimes, complete set of cricket and footbal gear to almost every team or club in the constituency, including the Choiseul Secondary School's football team.
7. The sponsorship of the JMD Bousquet tournament to the tune of over $5000.00 each season.
8. The sponsorship of the Bousquet T20 cricket competition.
9. The sponsorship of a cricket tournament by the Choiseul Credit Union.
10. The sponsorship of a one time footbal tournament by a gentleman, whose name does not come to mind.
11. Contributions to Individual Primary Schools to host their annual sports competition.
12. The selection of at least seven local boys on last year's St. Lucia's U-19 Cricket Team.
13. A dedicated effort by certain individuals and by extension the Sports Council to provide technical assistance (coaching) to the players.
14. The resurfacing of the Mongouge Cour
These, among other lesser contributions is where our sports is now.
During this year and continuing the sporting fraternity will see the commencement of the long awaited stadium, the construction of a multi-purpose court in La Pointe, the construction of recreational parks in numerous communities, and much more input by the Rep and by extension the Government.
However, as a sportsman, i have to say that there are certain things I am disappointed with.
a) There seems be be a lack of drive in the present day admininistrators to get the constituency involved in other forms of compettitive sports. Such as netball, volleyball,athletics and table tennis, to name just a few.
b) I am disgusted at the use the La Fargue Multi-purpos Court is being managed.
I think it is time to fix this.
As a Councilor I am going to recommend that a committee of three persons be appointed to run and manage this court.
My choice to the Village Council will be, Mr. Glen Albert - Chairman, Mr. Tracy Henry and Ms. Verlisha Frank.
c) I am also not too happy with the efforts of the Youth and Sports Council in the mobilisation of the youth.
This was all too glaring after the passage of Tomas. Where were the leaders to get the youth involved in giving a hand to those affected? There are other issues which is not this blog's forte.
In closing Sports in the constituency is on the up and will continue to do so.
All of this under Bousquet's,

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bousquet's Achievements in Education

Now that the 2011 - 2012 Budget Debate is over, both the Parliamentarians and by extension the nation will return to their usual routine. Since elections are constitutionally due not later than March 2011, you can rest assured that the campaign will intensify.
During Bousquet's contribution he briefly, due to the time constraints mentioned his phenomenal contribution to Education in his constituency. This post aims at giving the reader an indepth look of his achievements in this field in the constituency.
The Rep's thrust in education actually started with his assessment of the Common Entrance Examinations. He thought that he could motivate the students if he could only offer some form of incentive. Taking into consideration the trend that the world is taking towards IT, he settled for Laptops and printers.
In 2008, the year the program began, the two top students of the above mentioned exam each got a laptop. In 2009, the top five students each got a laptop and printer. Last year every top student for each primary school in the constituency received a laptop. A desktop was also given to a child from Fiette, who topped the island.
A further four laptops and a desktop and printer have been presented to the schools to be used by the students. To date a total of eighteen laptops, two desktops and seven printers have been presented in just three years.
Three school made requests for photo copier/printer.These were presented at special ceremonies held at the respective schools.
Another school which complained about lack of sufficient storage water, were able to get two one-thousand gallon tanks as well as guttering.
The Choiseul Secondary School's IT lab have every computer upgraded to meet the demands of the pupils. The school also received a complete intercom system so that the principal,from his office can be in touch with every class and vice versa.The school's football team was also presentedwith gear for every player on the team.
It would be unfair not to mention the agricultural project that Bousquet was instrumental in bringing to the school....compliments the Taiwanese Government.
In the line of personal development, the Rep is proud to be associated with Choiseulians students who have been awarded scholarships to study in China, Taiwan, Cuba and elsewhere.
Requests have been made to Rufus to include CXC students in the package. This year this will be added to the list.
A new category is being discussed now - 'The top teacher for the year'.
An IT centre is to be constructed this year. Bousquet aims to visit every school in his constituency this year.
In closing, it needs to be mentioned here that numerous humanitarian gestures were given to the most needy parents to assist with school books and uniforms.
Bousquet,here to make an impact in Education!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Labour so - called uncorrupt administration exposed

St. Lucians now have quite a bit to chew on after listening to Richard, Rufus and finally King.
Kenny in his two hour presentation found all faults in the Budget. He said that Ezekiel is the worst agriculture minister ever. He said that the government could not have had a growth of 4.4% but according to certain trends he would presume it is below this percentage. He said there in nothing in the budget to talk about. (Yet he spoke on it for two hours) He lamented the fact that the government did not grant any subsidy to the petroleum dealers. And the litany of complains went on and on. He concluded by categorising the budget as 'The Ti Canal Budget'.
But he had it coming, because Richard took to the podium immediately after him. There was silence in the House; the Mace trembled, the opposition members began to turn and twist in their chair and the audience in the gallery waited with abated breath. Kenny's demise was at hand.
Richard tore into Kenny's presentation like a hungry wolf getting a meal after a long wait. Kenny, glued to his chair had no answer to Richard's onslaught.
The usual Rochamel came up and so was the West Coast Road and do not forget the NCA scandal. But what stunned the nation was the Oil exploration deal with personal royalties for a minister. Could you believe what you heard? Talking about corruption, there it is in your face. Not one attempt was made by the Leader of the opposition to clear the air.
Rufus dealt him Kenny a scathing attack on this same marine exploration deal. Rufus, in no uncertain ways made it known to the House that has repeatedly misled the House.
King, in his rebuttal, classified the leader of the opposition as a reckless and uncaring leader. He mentioned about the biggest direct award contract given in St. Lucia....the construction of the prison for $50m. King continued to expose the poor decisions Kenny took during his tenure.
What was really amazing was that Kenny didn't have the balls to be in the House during the rebuttal. He knew that he would be challenged for the way he manipulated the figures, especially on unemployment. King did not spare him, and repeatedly called him a reckless leader.
Well the 'harlay karsay' of the budget is finally over but not without being given a clear direction of where the country is going. Bravo to King's administration.
St. Lucian will not make another mistake.
Ps. In my last post I complimented Robert on his vision for education and youth. King had me to think otherwise. The PM said that what Robert did was extract all these from the budget and repackage it. Shame on Robert.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Robert Lewis' Budget Manifesto

Robert Lewis has always been a favorite politician of mine. However I think he is among a wrong bunch of wolves. If Compton was alive, Lewis would have been on the other side. I stand corrected. The following points are Lewis' vision for Education and the youth which he presented in his budget contribution.
He says 'If elected to office a Labour government will,'
1. Structured early education - preschool education free of charge
2. Minimum standard examinations - Take results of this exams to remediate.
3. Reform of Primary school curriculum - emotional intelligence - importance of ITC.
4. Vision and hearing test for free
5. Bursaries for graduates of primary school children.
6. Reform in Secondary school system
7. Laptop to every child entering form 4
8. Support for after school clubs
9. Community service as mandate for graduation
10. Increase tertiary enrollment - sixty per cent bursaries for enrolment
11. Teacher professional development
12. University accredition bill to be passed in parliament
13. Comprehensive youth implementation program
14. Islandwide WiFi access
15. Revitalize club structure
16. Local coverage of all sporting activities by NTN
17. Database of all national sportsmen to be rewarded appropriately.
Very Interesting and creative.
Today the public heard from Ezekiel Joseph, Robert Lewis, Edmund Estaphane, Janine Compton, Kenny Anthony and Richard Frederick.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

La Maze Road Works Proceeding Smoothly

The local contractor who was given the task to rehabilitate the La Maze Community Road must come in for high praise. He has completed the excavation process. The laying of materials for the sub-base is in place, and now the final layer of surface materials are being laid.
The Debreuil- Roblot road was very busy yesterday.... all day as trucks hauled materials for the works.
This project has added a new dimension to the landsape in La Maze. There is also a sense of pride among the people as they get a feeling of a people being given recognition.
The road rehab has been ongoing for three weeks now and is due to end in another one to two weeks. Looking at the works it is unimaginable to picture what was there before as a road.
As I prepare this post my mind just flashed on Richard's powerpoint presentation, and thought to myself, that I should prepare such a presentation on the before and after pics on this road. Let's see where the people were before and now.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Opposition's Manifeso Budget Style Debate.

Opposition after opposition speaker at this year's Budget Debate were using the oppurtunity as a platform to read out some form of a party manifesto. Well, according to them, if not now, when? Wait for the bell! This must have been a strategic ploy by the Labour Parliamentarians to let the nation hear about their utopian plans.
I was flabbergasted. Is this what a budget debate is suppose to bring out? I really thought that the opposition's ploy was suppose to show the nation, flaws in the Budget? But ahwah, it's a campaign spree.
It leaves one to wonder whether the oppositon is getting cold feet.
I am now listening to Pierre crying over the 'Great Wall Of Pierre' and saying how vindictive, vicious, and petty St. Lucians are. Felt the guy's pain. Honestly.
I was happy to hear Pierre talk about the need for infrastructural works in his constituency. Yet still, my good lady friend seems to feel that such works are not neccessary in Choiseul, and are only for votes. That's why I still think she's a myopican. No offense. 'Have a life,' is her new phrase now. Lol

Fredrick move for an adjournment. Before putting the motion to the House, the Speaker brought to Dalson's attention his poor mannerisms in the House...... his use of offensive language.
Speakers for the day were Marcus Nicholas, Harold Dalson, Kieth Mondesir, Arsene James, Moses Jn. Baptiste, and Phillip Pierre.
More campaigning tomorrow? Trust me' it has just started.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Budget Debate Gets Underway

The 2011-2012 Estimates of Expenditure got underway this morning at about 10:30 am. The Rep. for Dennery North started the debate by making reference to the good works that the government has been doing. He went on the mention the $10m dollars that the government has allocatted for projects in the constituencies.
  The Rep. for Soufriere came on next and immediately started taking swipes at Marcus. You know I have always have a problem with Dalson's presentations in the House. He seems bent on  the maypwee version rather than on issues of the Budget. He had to be cautioned by the Speaker of the House for his p

ersistent critisms of Marcus rather than dealing with the paper before him. Porjab! What was really interesting was Dalson's final statement where he implied that he willbe back inthe house  but not certain members of the government side. Actually what he really wanted to say was that he himself will be kicked out of Soufriere......Chastnet, a must win candidate.
   While writing this blog Mondesir was on stage plowing away. Remember Bousquet may be on tomorrow,so keep your eyes glued to the Tv set.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

King Delivers 2011 - 2012 Budget

Thursday last week saw the opening of the sixth session of the eighteenth Parliament. This was preceded by the parade and inspection of the guards.Following this the Governor General delivered the Throne Speech outlining the governments policies for this new session.

Later in the day the Prime Minister presented his 2011 - 2012 Budget Address of the Estimates of Expenditure to the tune of $1,337,807,300.00 to the House of Assembly. His address lasted just over two and one half hours.

The theme for this year's Budget is 'Creating a Safe and Secure Environment and Rebuilding Communities, While Transforming the Economy to Attain Sustainable Development.'

During the presentation the police came if for high praise for their effort in risking their lives to bring some form of arrest to the escalating crime situation that was gripping the island.

He also spoke to the escalating gas prices and its effects on the nation. He said that at this juncture his government is unable to subsidize the petrol cost at the pump but he was however able to increase the subsidy on the 20lb propane cylinder (the poor man's gas) by $5.00. The government subsidy is now $15.00.

The Ministries of Finance, Education and Communications received the largest allocations.

The recovery efforts, King says will be given much priority in order to bring back the damaged communities back to a state of normalcy.

Many districts will see new initiatives being brought forth.

Going through the text of the Budget address, one will notice that there is consideration for almost every St. Lucian.

Excerpts of this address will be posted on this blog in the coming days.

The complete address can be obtained by writing to with the subject heading 'Requesting budget address.' You may also access the text at

The Budget Debate gets on the way tomorrow and may last up to Wednesday. Many viewer will be looking forward to hear their Rep's contribution.

Choiseulians on both side of the political divide will surely view Bousquet,s contribution because of his eloquence,captivating and charismatic qualities. Not to mention his flair for a little humor. Will there be fireworks in the House? Well you know its election year and everyone will want to score points at all cost?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Panderer?

You know it amazes me when I hear the doctor take to the airwaves,and, even more so, after the budget. To my mind the Dr. seems to be suffering from chronic amnesia. Is that what opposition politicians suppose to do,or is it the order of the day or yet still, is that the game?
A few pointers:
Kenny says 1. that all the PS's are corrupt to the core. Hear this, if his party wins is he not expected to work with them at least for a while. Hello.
2. That the police force is inefficient' but again if he gets into power is it not that same police force he expects to be loyal to his cause against crime?
I think we are at war with our ownselves Farmers were made to go to war against their ownself
We have no control over the gas prices, yet Kenny wants the nation to think that he is the saviour. Does the Dr. really think he can make a change in the OIL market? Whooooyyy!
The guy, whether it be for political expedience or not, keeps on pandering on a whole lot of issues that he needs to come out straight to the nation..
Is this elections gimmicks or is he playing with the people's mind.
In Choiseul it will be interesting to hear the battle issues. At least King, the lesser
mind (that they say) than Kenny has brought the economy to 4.5% gainlast year. Did the less educated man do better than the Dr. Whooooyyy!
Who cares? You should.
Will Choiseul say Lorne is a lawyer and Rufus is nothing? (a prominent businessman). Ahway! Mistake.
Tomose, (the Soufrere Rep) a qualified teacher, who goes on the airwaves, is a sore to the ears. Pronunciation problem. Isn't Rufus dynamic and fluent? Don't you think that he is even better than Lorne by a long measure? Want to hear fluency and style, check the debate on Tuesday? Now I've touched your weak spot. Garson, you en hear nuttin yet.
I heard a young man make a mess of the caretaker candidate last night over a sporting issue. Talking about football. Shock and Awe!
Inspite of my political divide I was unimpressed by the caretaker's response. Is this a future Rep?
I have no quams with Lorne but I think he is no match for Rufus as a politician. Granted.
Now, who is his cornerstone to make him what choiseulians would like him to be? You, you, or you. I know though. Let me whisper in your ear, none of you!
It's a time of reflection and decisive thinking. Who will be given the baton to champion the cause of the people of Choiseul in the upcoming elections? The people have decided, and they are keeping it close to their chest.
In my deepest thoughts, I know (not think) that Rufus will be the PEOPLE'S CHOICE.
TOOF!!!!!!! When will the bell be rung. Hope an pray.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Snaptu: Gayle, Chanderpaul and Sarwan axed

West Indies have left out Chris Gayle, Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Ramnaresh Sarwan, their three senior-most players, from the squad for the first two ODIs of the five-match series against Pakistan that begins on April 21. Dwayne Bravo, whose World…

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Friday, April 08, 2011

La Maze road project full speed ahead

Rehabilitation works on the La Maze community road got underway on Monday. The works are moving at a brisk pace. Many truck loads of sub-base material are being laidas the first layer.
One can visibly see that the road is wider than before.
The residents of the community are overjoyed by this project. Speaking with a group of ladies in the community,they promised to give their full support to Bousquet for seeing that this long over due road rehab is done.
Speaking in patois they echoed, 'We have always said 'that the person who did the road for us gets all our votes.' Strong statement. They continued, 'Now we can start having our activities once more.'
A number of concrete slabs and grills have been constructed to prove ease of entrance to people's homes.
La Maze is now the La Maze it ought to be, and the people are proudof their community once more.

Dedan C.G.Jn.Baptiste

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

School children in school bus accident.

A delapidated minibus transporting children to the Roblot Combined
School, ran off the Roblot - Debreuil road this morning as it made its
first trip. The accident took place at approximately 8:30 am.
A high and thick flower hedge at the top of a deep drop prevented the
bus from crashing down that drop, thus avoiding physical injury to the
four and five year old students onboard. God must have put a hand.
It is being alleged the the braking system failed and that the bus is
not isured either. There have previously been much talk about the
safeness of this bus.
When the vehicle came to a halt one could see the children scrambling
through the windows and doors to get to safety...there was pandemodium.
These kids I am sure are hurt psychologically. Counselling will surely
be needed.
Can you imagine that the driver left these little children at the scene
Nearly two years ago another school bus crashed on the La Fargue road
while transporting students to tthe Choiseul Secondary. In seeking
compensation from the bus's insurance the accident victims got the
shock of their coverage for that bus.
This brings me to the point - what is the function of the school
principals when it comes to buses which privately transport students to
and from their school? Do they know whether the buses are insured? Do
they know whether the drivers are endorsed to drive a minibus?
These issues must be addressed immediately least the fiasco of the
accident in La Fargue reccur.
Parents too, must play their part and have these bus drivers sign
contracts. I'm pissed off at such foolishiness that put kids and the
general public at risk.
Posted By Logix to Choiseul On The Move at 4/05/2011 10:56:00 AM

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Snaptu: Dhoni leads India to World Cup glory

India 277 for 4 (Gambhir 97, Dhoni 91*) beat Sri Lanka 274 for 6 (Jayawardene 103*, Sangakkara 48) by six wickets

Twenty-eight years on from the match that transformed the history of world cricket, India recaptured the crown that Kapil Dev and his…

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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Snaptu: World Cup Final Preview: India vs Sri Lanka

What happens when the Final of the most hyped tournament in the world, second possibly only to the Football World Cup, is slated between two co-hosts and former World Cup champions, at a city which has produced a couple of the most venerated and…

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