Sunday, July 31, 2016

Choiseul UWP Executive Member Clashes With The Party.

A recent statement by our Parliamentary District Representative on his Facebook page seems to have not sat well with one KN G-Nicholas, who claims to be with the St Lucia National Trust (SLNT) and a member of the Choiseul UWP Executive Branch. 

Sealing the deal?
Bradley's Statement reads, "Today [July 29, 2016] the Government of Saint Lucia signed an agreement with Master Developer DSH Caribbean Star Limited for the development of The 'Pearl of the Caribbean' in Vieux Fort which is valued at over USD2.6 billion. The project will comprise a marina, a horse racecourse, a resort and shopping mall complex, casino, Free Trade Zone, extensive entertainment and leisure facilities, eco-tourism as well as architecturally designed villas and apartments and will create 500-800 jobs during the construction phase."

The young lady in question, is concerned about where the "Pearl of the Caribbean" will be located. "Hope its not in the mangrove area." she states.

The United Workers Party (St Lucia)  page issued this statement in reply to Ms KN G-Nicholas' queries. "Hi Ms.Nicholas, the mangrove area will form part of the proposed development, however the environmental concerns have been shared with the developer. Several things will be done to address this. Firstly the developer will be responsible for having the garbage dump relocated as the waste from the dump is currently causing the mangroves to decay. A team of scientists brought in by the developer has confirmed that this is the source. Currently another location for the dump is being identified. Secondly this development is Eco-Friendly and the developer has given his assurance and commitment to ensure that a project is undertaken to restore the life of the mangrove. The mangrove area will actually serve to compliment the development. Further information on the Environmental impact of this project will be publicized to get public opinion and feedback."

The show is just about to start. "Really are you aware of the SLNTs current efforts towards the rehabilitation of the mangrove? The young lady ready to assert her "know it all" type of attitude.
She continues, "Do you know that technical personnel from Grenada and TNC are on island this weekend as part of an ongoing mangrove rehabilitation project?"

Well, surely the party writer  would not be caught in a "harlaykarsay" with this determined lady. Since no more statements was coming from the UWP end the young lady continued to posture and more or less letting the UWP writer know that she is an expert on environmental I take it.

KN G-Nicholas
She continued. "Can those assessments which were done to determine that it was indeed the dump the only factor in mangrove dieback be shared? I would love to have a read my interest is indeed heightened. I'd love to compare with the results of current tests being done."

"Do you know the importance of mangrove? Also why the narrow minded response....." she responded to a comment. Though her concerns may be legitimate, "Choiseul on The Move" surely did not hear her articulate her concerns about the mangrove at Sab Wisha when the construction of a Hotel was announced by Lorne Theophilus for the area just prior to the last General Elections. Did you hear her? What hypocrisy! 

But by then the Facebook page was being flooded with comments congratulating  Bradly, but also there was  a sense of disdain for the young lady's comments.

Ferleen Verneuil-joseph  and Ian Ferdinand  replied to her comments with "Abaybon St. Lisien smh." and "Where were you when kda gave away paradis where was SLNT?" respectively

A young man by the name of Rage Anderson put it to her like this. "Miss take a chill pill. Who cares about some stupid mangrove when there are thousands of hungry ppl out there. Government trying to create employment and you talkin about mangrove? Woman you to bright for this country. If its all good with ur life then thank god. There are struggling people out there. How will the bills pay? How will da kids go to skool.. How will the kids have a meal. You care about that?? Seems u prefer thousands of kids starving just to save a stupid mangrove."  

Clearly, it appears that the need for jobs has the priority here. The environmental issues on the mangrove preservation in the comments appear to take second place to job creation in the country.

Support for this development in the south, among others, came from:-

Sharon Boriel "Wooohoooo!! Development for the south!"

Julie Didier - Commissiong "Whenever it's done ....n I come on vac...I can look forward...2 spending more time in the south.....not only the north...!!!!"

Rose Aristide "Way to go Bradley you mean business ! You in to win always ! Make St Lucia great again !"

Earnest Parsad "Go Bradley go Vfort  needs a face Lift."

and Domitiana Rene "All the best my government."

"Choiseul on the Move" looks forward to seeing many of our own get employment both at the construction level and of course during the operation of the "Pearl of the Caribbean and last but not least a balanced approach with concerns for the environment.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Nia J Constantine Uplifts Roblot Combined School (videos)

Nia J Constantine
The results of two thousand four hundred and nineteen (2419) candidates were processed for the 2016 Common Entrance Examination. Of these, one thousand two hundred and seventy-three (1273) or 52.63% were male and one thousand one hundred and forty six (1146) or 47.37% were female. Forty–four (44) candidates were provided with accommodations including large print, reader, scribe and reader-scribe. A total of thirty-two (32) candidates were absent.

For this year’s examination, the composite scores ranged from 14.33% to 96.33%. The national mean was 62.73% representing a decrease of 1.05% when compared to the 2015 national mean of 63.78%. One thousand two hundred and eighty (1280) or 52.91% of the candidates scored at or above the national mean, while one thousand one hundred and thirty-nine (1139) or 47.09% scored below the mean. Two thousand two hundred and fifty (2250) students were assigned to twenty three secondary school. A total of one hundred and sixty-nine (169) students were unassigned.

At the district level, Roblot Combined School has every reason to be a proud school this year. What a better gift to give Mrs Monica Bernard, school principal, who has retired at the end of this school year. An almost similar situation occurred at the Dugard Combined School a few years ago, when the school placed first in the district and the top Grade six teacher retired that same year. The Roblot school has had its fair share of problems and this year they have conquered and came out swinging. This year the school has placed first in Choiseul and by extension District 7. Nia did it for them.

Graduation - Pic of Nia - 4th L- R back row
Nia J Constantine, daughter of Sadia Auguste and Neave Constantine, of the Roblot Combined School topped the schools’ average in district 7 and ranked 5th on the island with a score of 94%. She is assigned to VFSS.

A total of seventy (70) schools wrote this year’s examination. Thirty three (33) schools attained a mean above the national mean. Twenty eight (28) of these schools were public and five (5) were private. 

Districts one, two, three and seven attained a mean greater than the national mean of 62.73%.   District 7 of which Choiseul and Laborie schools belong entered 174 candidates. Of these 93 of them scored at or above the national mean, at a mean performance of 64.04%.

Schools in Choiseul with means at or above the National Mean
School                           No. Sat       Mean Performance (%)
Roblot Combined             10                  73.47
Dugard Combined              9                  72.96
Reunion Primary               24                  67.39
Mongouge Combined        16                   66.94
Piaye Combined               13                   64.21
Delcer Combined              16                  63.79
Saltibus Combined            20                  63.08

 Quite noticeably absent from the above list this year is the Rivere Combined School which only managed a mean 62.40 %. Last year from the Riviere Doree Combined, eight out of nine students passed above average, giving a score of 73.70 - the school then ranked 7th on island with Piaye Combined in 3rd place.

                                                Pics of Nia's Moments 

When compared to 2015, many schools nationally showed an increase in mean performance ranging from 0.04% to 13.85%. 

The schools in Choiseul which recorded improvement in their mean performance over 2015 are:
  • Saltibus Combined from 49.23 in 2015 to 63.08 this year, an increase of 13.85%. 
  • Roblot Combined from 61.17 last year to 73.47 this year, an increase of 12.30%.
  • Dugard Combined from 62.07 to 72.96 in 2016, an increase of 10.89%.                Last year, according to the ministry, Saltibus Combined was among the five schools with the least-favourable performances, where three out of 16 students passed above average.
Upon hearing the results the Member of Parliament for the constituency, Hon Bradley Felix had to say. “A special monumental honor goes out to Nia Constantine of Roblot Combined School. Nia has worked excellently in achieving her goals for this examination. We are proud of your accomplishment.” To the other students, he continued, "I would like to extend a heartfelt salutation to all of the Choiseul-Saltibus students who participated in this year's common entrance examination.All of you have done your utmost in succeeding in your exams. I believe that this is a step forward for you in achieving your goals and dreams. Dedication and perseverance is the key to success. Work hard, have fun and stay focused."
"Choiseul on the Move" joins in the congratulations and wishes Nia all the best that the future brings. Go for it girl!!!

                                               Principal's farewell ceremony

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Tyler Theophane Did it For Choiseul, Again! (Videos)

Former Queens - Kim -1998, Shiryna-2003
Choiseul has done it again. Is there some magic about our girls that see them excelling in many facets of life - winning the coveted title of St Lucia’s Carnival Queen being one of these facets? Well then you cannot doubt that in a space of eighteen years three girls with roots in Choiseul have grabbed St Lucia’s National Carnival Queen‘s Crown - Kim D’Auvergne in 1998, daughter of yours truly, Shirnya Stephen in 2003, daughter of Juliana Stephen of Reunion, and in 2016, Tyler Theophane, daughter of Esther Theophane of Cafierre.

Speaking with one of the winning contestants mom who was overjoyed with Tyler’s crowning blasted out,”It’s time Castries people learn to know that Choiseul is part of St Lucia.”They have no regard for us. This is just the beginning.” This mentality I must confess is gradually changing.

Tyler was superb. She carried herself elegantly throughout the competition, and without a doubt her costume was dazzling to put it mildly - no to forget the originality of the song which she so skillfully performed.

Tyler Theophane
But who is Tyler Theophane? Tyler Theophane, young, talented, ambitious eighteen years old, is from the small community of Cafeiere which is seated at the foothills of the Choiseul district, approximately seven kilometers west of the village. Her early involvement in dance productions, singing and acting, gave her the urge to want to be part of talent shows and eventually drawing her interests to the world of pageantry and there she fell in love.

She is currently a member of the SLU MADE Group and the Cafeiere youth group in her community. In SLU MADE in her capacity as PRO she assists the little communities and also the elderly by providing hampers to these people. Upon completion of college, she intends on joining the National Trust where she hopes to join the fight to protect the environment. From then, she intends on continuing her studies in hopes of becoming an environmentalist.

Tyler in Evening wear 

 She frequently uses a quote which she sees as motivation by Andre Kyle Dionisio which reads “Try and fail than failing to try”. It is through these words of wisdom she got the courage to represent her previous school, Choiseul Secondary at the St .Lucia Junior Achievement competition. As PRO of the Junior Achiever’s Club she also had the opportunity to go to Mexico to represent St. Lucia.

 Her mother’s involvement in voluntary activities and groups, has given Tyler the extra zeal to get involved in voluntary work herself.

That Wow moment

After all the parades the results were finally in for the 2016 Carnival Queen Show Pageant:-

1.    Ms Photogenic      -        Tyler Theophane
2.    Ms Congeniality      -       Shartoya Jn Baptiste
3.    Best Swimwear              Tyler Theophane
4.    Best Costume       -        Tyler Theophane
5.    Most Outstanding Talent – Shartoya Jn Baptiste
6.    Best Interview        –         Shartoya Jn Baptiste
7.    Best Evening Wear  –         Anna-Kim Williams

Tyler displaying her talent

And the moment everyone had been waiting for;already one could hear faint echoes in the crowd, “Tyler,Tyler,Tyler!” Well it was not long when the master of ceremonies let it out. “And now for the results.....” he blasted in the microphone.
Third runner-up – Ms Kaysia Vermeil, Ms Digicel 484pts
Second runner-up – Ms Racquel John – Ms st Lucia Zooks 487 pts
First runner-up – Ms Shartoya Jn Baptiste – Ms SuperJ 507 pts
Winner of 2016 Nationa Carnival Queen with 544 – Ms Tyler Theophane - Ms FICS.
The District Parliamentary Representative, Hon Bradly Felix and all Choiseulians both here and abroad wish Tyler Theophane success on her journey as St Lucia’s ambassador.
The 2016 Carnival Queen Contestants

The contestants as shown in the pic above: Top from left to right - Tyler,Bernella, Shartoya,and Kaysia. Bottom from left to right - Anna-Kim, Racquel, Sheris and Kerline. Finally, Congrats from “Choiseul on the Move!” to Tyler Theophane.You did it,and made us all a  proud district.