Friday, October 26, 2012

Jounen Kweyole

For our overseas readers, as well for our local teachers, a good article on the subject can be found at wikipedia or one can just google "Jounen Kweyole"
This year's festival is centered in the district of Vieux Fort in the south and Marigot in the North.
Many refreshment houses commonly know as rum shops present local dishes and juice as well as pastime entertainment for their patrons starting as of today and continuing till the wee hours of Sunday.
Two places in the district that have well organised activities are at Morell in La Pointe and Rosie's Cuisine at Industry.
Jimmy's new business place also at La Pointe has a "Samdie Kweyole where many local dishes will be served.
In spite of the "Kweyole Hype" many persons have been expressing a lack of enthusiasm of their intention to really go out.
"Bagai mouvei" they cry. Though the weather forecast predicts rain, it will be interesting to see the turn out. St Lucians love a fete no matter what.
In the Roblot community Kweyole breakfast and lunch will be served on Sunday morning at Shana and Lisa's bar.
To everyone Bon Fete Jounen Kweyole and make an incident free one.
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