Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Is Sarah Looking At The Choiseul/Saltibus Seat?

"Elections coming, Politics playing,
Dem running par esee, running par la,
Asking for me vote,
But if deh want me vote
Dem have to be positive,
cause dis year,
                                                          Me en playing coco makak."  
The above is the chorus to a calypso I wrote in 1992 for a standard  4 participant in the Annual Roblot Primary School Calypso Competition.  Up to this day no school in the district can follow this legacy  left by Mrs Lucy Nicholas, and of course your humble servant. Bravo to this Ex- principal for taking music to another level at her school during her stewardship. I salute you madam.
Yes, all the signs are there, that elections may be early next year - some say early March, while others predict not later than May. Come what may, Choiseulians will  have to cope with three different genres of music. It is picking up steam in the watering holes around the district that Choiseulians will this coming elections have to dance to Labour's soca music, UWP's  lover's rock reggae, and PPP's concoction of soca and lovers rock - ou tan!
Rufus Bousquet
This, my dear readers is what Choiseulians have allowed to fester over the years. Up to this point in time, it is sad that no one, born, bred and raised Choiseulian have had the gonads to see himself /herself worthy or capable to represent this district? What is wrong with our Psyche in this part of St Lucia? We just lay back and allow our affairs to handled by persons with no personal interest in our development. It's ok........say sar nou kar dee! Bunch of jokers, taking us for a ride year after year, political term after political term, and we sit on our laurels spitting at the wind. What is wrong with us?
So now Rufus has played his cards, used the jokers in this constituency and have finally left them flat on their face and joined a new party. Hey, be careful here........ it is alleged. Rufus have frightened the shit out of everyone of the aspiring politicians in this constituency....take it or leave....it is a fact. Never be gullible to the foolishness some of them come around saying, "UWP en ready yet!" Oh yea, I'd rather think that they are the ones that are not ready YET.(barring Jimmy Haynes.. what is he up to now?) Lame excuses after lame excuses. the bottom line is that they are not sure what Rufus is about and so he scares them to death. And he Rufus knowing this kept playing the nincompoops throughout. So much for this.
Sarah Flood-Beaubrun
Enter Sarah Flood. This blog has been reliably informed that at least three supporters of the UWP in the district have contacted Mrs Flood and ask her to contest the seat. According to my sources, she has not given any answer, but may be considering it. She plans to be in the district this week to feel the pulse on the ground.
What do I think about it? I know that's what's at the back of your mind right now. I don't care. Remember I made a statement on Facebook that I may not drink your coffee but at the right price I will sell it for you. Get my drift? I have been burnt, wrongly accused, used to the highest end....par men ancor!.
On the lighter side, Sarah is a complete politician with a passion for people. I think ladies are more  receptive to the needs of people and it is possible that she may be the prayer Choiseul has waited for so long.Finally with no one from Choiseul showing face, I endorse Sarah her totally.
Lorne Theophilus
Labour's soca  music continues to play, while the hacks, regardless of the emptiness in their bellies, continue to dance and make believe that all is OK. It is not.
There is no doubt that one will see an increase in capital works around the district in the coming months. Work has already started on the Debreuil to Myers Bridge. The shop owners may very well see an increase in business as more commuters will use this short route to and from Vieux fort or Soufriere.
Lorne's representation leaves much to be desired, but this is for another post, soon.
Come next elections will we see Sarah - Rufus - Lorne  playing their genres of music with the hope that Choiseuilians will make one of them their preferred choice? Choiseulians, I am sure this time around, will be chanting "this year, me en playing coco makak"

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The 'Private Matter" That Has The Semblance Of A Conspiracy Theory Unfolding?

Do you know Dr.Walid Juffalli? Do you know when St Lucia got to know him? Do you know who his first St Lucian contact was? Does he have any investments in this country? Does Mr Juffalli have any experience in Maritime affairs? Finally, what makes him eligible for the post of St Lucia's High commissioner to London? Is it "De Money" or is it a conspiracy to immune him from paying up? Questions, questions, questions which many St Lucians have no answers to. 
Walid Jufalli
Dr.Walid  Jufalli is Saint Lucia's Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization, based in London. He was appointed in April 2014. He is a rich Saudi oil tycoon whose family business has a net worth is about USD 6.2b. He is involved in a  divorce case and with his ex-wife, Estrada wants a share in his 4 four billion pounds property in London. But his diplomatic immunity shelters him from the court case. "Ou wer bagai."

"The Government of Saint Lucia has noted the concerns of individuals in response to a story carried in the Daily Telegraph, a United Kingdom-based newspaper, on Nov. 9, in relation to Saint Lucia's Representative to the International Maritime Organization, Dr. Walid Juffali." says the Government

Victor La Corbiniere
But let's start by taking some of what the Legal Affairs Ministry of the Government of St Lucia had to say and the counter statements made by the Daily Mail of UK.
Government of St Lucia:   "To date, Dr. Juffali has conducted his duties to the highest expectations of the Government of Saint Lucia. In addition to advancing the goals of Saint Lucia in the IMO and sourcing investment for Saint Lucia..... The appointment of Dr. Juffali is consistent with the efforts of the Government to appoint trade and investment envoys to assist in the promotion of Saint Lucia and to attract investment."
UK Daily Mail: "The IMO ensures security regulations are met across the world’s shipping industry. Records reveal that of the 27 IMO meetings held in the 19 months since Mr Juffali’s appointment, he has not attended a single one."

Ernest Hilaire
One can safely deduce that Ernest Hilaire may have been Mr.Jufalli's first St Lucian contact. According to the Daily Mail, Ernest Hiliare met with Mr Jufalli after which the latter traveled to St Lucia. "......it is understood that Mr Juffali made his first trip to St Lucia. The visit was prompted by a meeting with St Lucia’s then High Commissioner to London, Ernest Hillaire." The Daily Mail continued. "So impressed was Mr Hillaire by Mr Juffali’s business credentials that he apparently almost immediately agreed to stand down from his role as St Lucia’s permanent representative to the IMO – and instead recommended to the island’s Prime Minister Kenny Anthony that Mr Juffali take his place." Mr Hilaire has since stood down from his post as High Commissioner.

Does Mr Jufalli have any investments on island?  The Government had this to say:
"Dr. Juffali has initiated his first major project for Saint Lucia - the establishment of a medical research industry. This project was announced in the Throne Speech of 2015..... 
...... [and] Dr. Juffali's second project has been to investigate the establishment of a Global Diabetes Research Centre in Saint Lucia in response to the chronic levels of diabetes in the country."

"Last year’s appointment, accompanied by a string of alleged investments"......"(despite spending hardly any time on the Caribbean island)"........led to Mr Juffali’s name being added to London’s Diplomatic List." says the UK based newspaper. 

Christina Estrada
The whole interest in Mr Juffali seem to stem from the fact that his ex-wife, Christina Estrada has filed a divorce matter against him only to find out that her ex-husband has diplomatic immunity based on his appointment as St Lucia’s permanent representative to the UN’s International Maritime Organisation. 
The daily mail reports that. "Mr Juffali, 60, faces questions about his newly acquired ‘diplomatic immunity’, which may allow him to avoid the costly divorce case altogether. It is a move which could leave Ms Estrada without any binding financial agreement and could go down in history as one of the most elaborate ploys ever used to avoid a settlement."
The oil tycoon denies any wrong doing, but you will agree that his timing is perfect.  The government rates him as a highly successful philanthropist and businessman and coins this issue as a "private matter".
What say you, A Private Matter or A Conspiracy theory? 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Rape - A National Embarassment

    Flavia Cherry
    In a statement posted on her Facebook page Flavia Cherry strongly condemns the recent acts of violence against women presently taking place on island. Flavia Cherry is an entrepreneur who has spent her life working towards the cause of gender and social justice in St. Lucia and also in the Caribbean. Flavia is perhaps best known for her role in advocacy and action over the past twenty years. Her statement, according to "Choiseul on The Move" is a timely one. We at this blog are disgusted at the level of support given to the latest victims by those women in authority who profess to be in our women’s corner. Flavia's statement on behalf of CAFRA should be seen as a refresher for all those silent voices who continue not to stand in the forefront for our abused women and girls alike.
    Flavia is currently the Acting Chairperson of the Caribbean Association for Feminist Research and Action (CAFRA). This is the complete statement below.
    "This kind of sexual violence perpetrated against women even in the privacy of their homes is a national embarrassment and is the kind of violence that limits the ability of women and girls to reach their full potential and exercise their basic human rights. It must therefore be addressed with great urgency. We call upon the police to also inform the public of progress in relation to those cases.
    We call upon all state agencies and especially the Police Force to step up to the plate and conduct prompt and thorough investigations into all cases to bring the perpetrators of these heinous crimes to justice. We also call upon those responsible to ensure that those cases are handled within a short time frame within the judicial system, in order to avoid further frustration and victimization of those who are affected.
    We are disgusted and disappointed by the unacceptable rates of rapes which have been occurring in St. Lucia and condemn those horrendous acts in the strongest terms."
    One comment on her statement from Bebe Edwards reads - 
    "Too often these things are happening. We need our laws to be tightened and too often police say they are investigating and nothing more is being done to complete it.Those nasty men are out there raping the old and young sucking the life out of these people.Come on government of St.Lucia please try to put an end to this crisis."
    Yes! Flavia is back to bring this dynamism back in our women who seem to have gone silent  over the years.

    Bravo Flavy.....You took our breath away!!!!!!!!!!!