Sunday, September 30, 2012

Choiseul's most dangerous civil servant

In this guava season, and with VAT due tomorrow it is quite in order for employees to protect their jobs. It is also a scary scenario where workers tread a thin line as they never know when the boss will terminate their services.
This concern of young workers in the Roblot community is presently under threat by a well known civil servant who apparently have an axe to grind. It is also well known in the community that this "DVS" sits behind her desk at work and make phone calls to the employers of young persons with an aim to have them dismissed.
This blog has been reliably informed by three business places(a hotel, a government department and a statutary board) of calls made by this civil servant in an attempt to tarnish persons names.
But why is this civil servant using the government's phone to do this dirty work? Petty jealousy? Pure mischief? But this blog in discussions with persons in the community learns that this person is suffering from love syndrome and is bent on destroying persons who cross her path in any love affair. Quite a mouthful. This civil servant has been rated as second class by many of the men she has had an affair with and she has in every instance gotten herself into trouble with these men's lady. Her cantankerous nature only hurts more and more persons.
Recently she was expelled from the Labour Crew which sees about the development of Choiseul. Why? Because of her regular loose-tongued phone calls again dissing persons on the committee.
She needs a complete turns around in her life and Christ is her only answer. She once went that way after she was let down by a well known male in the district. Then she back slided to again take pleasure in hurting persons.
Finally what is remarkable about this woman is that after she does her things and is confronted with the facts she always wants to threaten someone with the law as if the law was written for her and her alone.

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