Saturday, June 25, 2011

Youths That Can

This blog would like to recognise the executive of the Choiseul UWP Youth Arm. Although they have their own blog, which they are new to, we at 'Choiseul on the Move' take this oppurtunity to encourage them in the mammoth task which awaits them.
I personally think that with the calibre of youngsters on the exec, and the enthusiam and dedication which they are portraying, it is my strong belief that they can deliver.
This young man, Curtly, has what it takes to motivate the Choiseul Youth. He to my mind comes across as a nonsense fella.
Jason, who hails from Balca is a model to the youths. He has represented St. Lucia on the U-19 Cricket Team. He is an asset to the executive.
Sherina, the president, slim in stature,but is a bank of ideas. She has vowed to see this Youth Arm play a meaningful role in the lives of the young people in the Constituency.
The executive has been very active meeting with youth groups all over the constituency selling out their policies and that of the District Rep.
This blog has understood that a massive activity is being planned by the Arm for the month of July.
Also in its budding stages is a grand SportsOrama to be hosted by the 'UWP I5 Polling Division Branch' to bring the Youths of Lamaze, Roblot, Debreuil and Rivere Doree together in a week-long program.
Activities will include cricket, football, athletics, bicycling, and on the educational side, quizzes. A tentative date is yet to be established.
It is this blog's strong belief that the youths should also be empowered to take their rightful place in the work environment. In this area we hope the Youth Arm will source the relevant authorities to get help in preparing our Youths for the job market. It's no easy feat.
With the right mind set, a dedicated Rep, and a cadre of multi-talented individuals behind them, much could be achieved to impact the lives of the youths, especially in the poorer communities.
Yes, these Youths Can !


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to my sister Sherina. This is indeed a mammoth task. Like the editor said, small but with a bank of ideas. Guess it runs in the family. Want to wish you well in this new endeavour. I know you can move mountains. There will be hurdles along the way but use them as your source of motivation.

Editor said...

Thanks for your comment. Guess Sherina and the exec will need all the encouragement you can give. Nice to see you being positively inclined.