Friday, June 03, 2011

Another Milestone Achieved

This blog as of yesterday posted its three hundredth (300) post and have to date clocked over eleven thousand (11,000) pageview hits. Quite an achievement. The records are displayed on the left pane.
This blog from its inception have not strayed from its mission. That is to post all of Bousquet's achievements in the constituency and here and there post other relevant article which may be of interest to its readers.
We at 'Choiseul on The Move' boasts of a worldwide audience and we keep on receiving letters of encouragements for our wonderful work.
However some readers think differently. With the notion that general elections is around the corner, operatives of the other side have taken to a form of commenting never seen before on this blog. The comments began to come in soon after the candidate of the other side was launched. These comments are, 1. making all kinds of wild accusations against persons, 2. Invloved in character assasinating, 3. loaded with vulgarities and explicits, 4. unfounded allegations, and so forth.
'Choiseul on the Move' is unperturbed and plays it safe by not publishing such comments since all these writers hide behind the annonymous tag, and for fear of libel.
We want to thank you guys out there who continue to read this blog to get informed on what is happening in this district.
Again, 300 posts and over 11,000 pageview hits. Quite an accomplishment. Don't you think so too?

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