Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More bus shelters in the constituency.

Commuters of this constituency are now able to wait in comfort for the minibus which will take them to work or school etc. Bus shelters have built or renovated all over the constituency.
The first pic shows the renovated Jetrine Bus shelter, while the second shows the Balca Bus shelter...newly constructed. And the next pic displays the Ravine Lavae's bus stop... also renovated.
Bus shelters have been constructed in Delcer,Lapointe/Industry junction, Daban Gap,Dacretin,and La fargue/Sauzay junction. The Lamaze bus shelter has been renovated.
Due to an issue with the ownership of the land, a bus shelter for the Raveneau Junction has been placed on hold.
More bus shelters are to be constructed this year. This blog is not at liberty to disclose their locations.
Bousquet, making the constituency commuters comfortable.


Anonymous said...

lets not make this political, the Balca Bus Shelter in an SSDF project Mr.

The Salt said...

This is a Taiwanesse Funded project. Whosoever is feeding you your info just did'nt get it right this time. What a pity.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment. The Salt seems to have taken care of your comment, but let me add here that you are throwing stones at the moon. I dare you to prove that the Balca Bus Shelter is a SSDF project. It will be wise and prudent of you to put your fingers to better use than plugging away at a machine to misinform.

Author of the article

Anonymous said...

i can prove that it is was an SSDF project because i was on the committee at the time, and more so it was a Coud mein, members from the community who are not as biased as u can prove it also.