Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Does Lorne Have The Propensity To Be Violent

I have been longing to get a grip on that story. It is an incident which took place in Saltibus on May 2, this year. Who are the players? Peter Phillip, Ferguson John, Lorne Theophilus and two or three radical young men.
The story was broken to this blog by the alleged victim of the incident. According to Peter, he was at his home when his cell phone rang. Guess who was on the other end? Lorne. Peter says that Lorne accused him of calling he Lorne 'Lorne, tiway chilot'
According to Peter, Lorne told him that when people call him names he 'rolls' on them. Peter in reply says that he can also roll on him as well. Peter hangs up on him since to Peter Lorne was making threatening statements.
But apparently these two guys had unfinished business. Both of them are victims of the Labour party and United Workers Party. Both turn coat.
That second round took place in Saltibus. Supporters of both sides were in the community campaigning when the two sides met.
Eye witnesses say that Fergy came up to Peter's face and called him ' souser' but Lorne who wasn't far away,saw the commotion and siezing the oppurtunity joined in the fracas. His face all screwed up.
Peter says that the Lorne was actually rubbing his pot belly all over him. 'I have a strong feeling that when Lorne was rubbing all over me he felt a bulge on my side and that may have entered his mind I have a firearm and that's when he cooled out.' Peter remarked. Peter continues, ' Then three young men came on the scene and asked.' 'Is this the guy?' Peter said that Lorne said,'Yes, but leave him alone.' Is there a plan to cut Reds down beore elections?
Peter 'Reds' recalls how agitated especially one of the guys was, that he felt a chill down his spine.
Why did that have to go that far? It seems Lorne has lost touch with what politics is all about. Grow up man.
Lorne of all persons should expect people to say much more than what Peter said. Will he fight with all the Uwp supporters that say bad things about him?
Lorne's campaign manager has smeared Rufus's name in all sorts of propaganga on his blog. Did you see Rufus confront him? This is where Rufus stands out ahead of him.
It may be Fergy's bad influence taking a grip on Lorne.
I can recall how Lorne lamented the need for a clean campaign. He cannot stand up and attest to this since the amount of smut his team has put out there is a shame.
Karma he mentioned once to me. Guess it is starting to haunt him.
Finally does this potential politician have it in him to be violent to achieve his means?
Just a question.


Anonymous said...

Gilo: Are you saying that "Reds" is in possession of an illegal firearm? And does that make you an accomplice, by not reporting this to the police, if you are aware that he has one? Let's see what the Sargeant has to say about that.

Gilo said...

It would be best if you ask Lorne why he backed off. And don't associate me with being an accomplice cause I was not in Saltibus. Don't you know whether he 'Reds' has a firearm? Do your research.

Anonymous said...

Can you cite the lies by Dr Charles against Rufus? The fact is Rufus is a convicted criminal. He t'iefed cars in the US; his prison records are there for all to see. Rick in a Star Headliner hinted Mr Tucker has also been accused of murder! He has committed many atrocities against Choiseulians - there is an encyclopaedia in that regard. He continues to defraud the state and government and I'm sure you are aware that this is an indictable crime.

There are several indicatble crimes against his names and those are facts. Last election, he escaped; Tennyson was a good boy but this time every square millimetre of his criminal body will be put under the microscope for examination. All the files are available and you can get them under the US "Freedom of Information Act". You might have a friend who is a US citizen who might be able to get those files for you. We will be put them out in due course. Rufus has many questions to answer.

Gilo, I thought you would help de fella; but it looking like you putting him in deeper doo-doo. Also gilo, you too ain't have a good record; and don't think you have escaped from your own pedofile crimes. You may just end like your campaign manager. That's why de people eating you all money and you ain't geting anywhere. Poll after poll tell the same story.

Gilo, I thought you were an examplary citizen but I'm getting some nasty stories about you and they worry me; they date back decades to the days when you taught at Junior Sec. Some of your victims can't keep it no more! You will have an opportunity to defend youself - not from de platform but in a court of law. Don't think it's over, you have your work cut out for you. We will give you nuff stories to publish on your blog.

By the way, I will also email this comment to the Powerhouse and LucianTalk.

You talk about you are national sportsman; but Mr gilo, you are surely more than dat; and as a woman, I have lost my respect for you

Time to stop the drinking and get sober. a little prayer might help!

Saltibus native said...

Gilo! You should report the matter to the police. Be a good citizen, if you know an ex-convict (who spent 3 weeks at Bordelais for fraud) is carrying a firearm, then you should report the matter to the police.

But I know why you will not report. You know Reds lie. everybody knows that REDS is a pathological liar. if he has a case against Lorne, why doesn't he take him to court. Who does Reds think he fooling.

Gilo I'm disappointed with you peddling lies and untruths on your blog

Anonymous said...

'reds' has no point it out and whatever Lorne felt was a cellphone in a case tucked on 'reds' belt OK. politicians have to understand its not about them but lives of people (elderly, young children,teenagers, etc). so now i say as a st. Lucian stop making politics dirty and make it a clean battle. the man who makes it to the top is what you have to accept thats just how it is.

Anonymous said...

Well said bro. That's just the way it is. They all know very well that 'Reds' has no firearm. Thay are just being mischief. Is amazing what politics can do to some people.