Saturday, June 04, 2011

Labour Boys - no letting up

Lorne and his crew were in the lion's den on Saturday afternoon trying to win the votes of the people. The prospective candidate was accompanied by a female, a male who on more than one occassion jump ship, a hard to please character, and his campaign manager.
Winning many votes in this area by labour is a hard task. It will even be more so his year because during the Fergy's reign, he completely neglected the people. His only visits to the community was to engage in his clandestine affairs.
But since Bousquet won last elections he has been visiting the area frequently and has completed many small projects from retaining walls to footpaths, drive-ways to drainage.
The Lamaze road which had been an eye sore for years was finally surfaced.
Bousquet has also made it his duty to create many small jobs whereby the most needy can get some form of cash on hand. A number of the elderly have also been placed on the government assistance program. All in all, Bousquet continues to touch the lives of the people.
To have these people to change their minds can be quite an uphill battle for the labour party. Last elections Rufus lost in this polling division by three votes compared to wider margins before. Our recent local poll gives Bousquet a lead of 45 votes with a + or - 5% this time around.
However elections are won at the polls not on paper. But there is a clear message here....polling division I5 belongs to Rufus not Lorne.
Can you imagine that I am at my home running some music from my phone, Bolo comes in pretends that he loves the scenery only to be in time to see him taking a pic of me. Sa ke evay se nom sa la? (what's up with these guys?)

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Anonymous said...

omgg...interesting descrption\update....there is no way i'm gonna ever vote for another party...UWP all the way......i had fun working with you guys last elections for the better-ment of Choiseul...wish i was there to contribute my punch to the yal still ..Lester..