Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Fishermen's feast 2011?

With this view looming in the minds of the fishermen, it would be hard to believe that they are truly enjoying this year's feast in their honour. This perrenial problem will not go away in a hurry. The authorities are yet to determine how to deal with it. Sand, sand and more sand.
Recently the pond was filled with sand to the brim. This condition remained for a while. The fishermen became very agitated against the authorities. Bousquet who has over and over lamented the fact that getting rid of the sand using an excavator will never solve this problem. However he could not standby and let the fishermen suffer. Using his initiative an excavator was hired once again to alleviate the hardship encountered by the fishermen. This time around the cost to clear the pond was $100,000.00. No joke!
Now check the status of the pond. Happy Fishermen's feast?
Now you see the prob. Should monies be thrown away each time just to clear the pond? The Council is due to get an excavator and truck to help in this situation but the excavator that can handle this pond,the monies in Council's posession can't buy it. But that still will not solve the problem.
To solve this problem permanently, this complex must be redesigned en toto. Why wasn't a study done before the construction of the pond? Well, well, Forgetus John was too busy looking to make political milage. This is what he has left the poor fishermen with. Why didn't they take Webby's advice.
In spite of this problem the fishermen have put together a very impressive program to mark their bring back boat racing is a step in the right direction.
Happy fishermen's Feast. Chebay Whed!

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