Thursday, June 30, 2011

Debreuil Youth form Club

At a meeting held at the Debreuil/Roblot Combined school on June 29, 2011, the youth of Debreuil elected an executive to run the affairs of the club.
Debreuil youths have in the past, shown great potential in the line of sports as well as academics. However lately they have become quite uninvolved, and not showing any interest in almost anything.
In spite of the non sensitivity towards youth activities, well known icon from the area, Horatio Nicholas, has been able to bring the boys together in a football team named 'Champion Crew' which have represented the community in competitions organised by the Choiseul Sports Council.
The girls, having no organized activity themselves have to simply 'follow the boys' by lending their support at the games.
These concerned youth have taken the bull by the horn and have vowed to get Debreuil out of this don't care attitude mode.
The executive comprises of: Front row from left to right. Jenna Joseph - Secretary, David Thomas = President.
Back row from left to right. Florence Jean - tresurar, Marlan Clarke - PRO, Luna Mitchel - events coordinator, and Lilroy Joseph - Sports coordinator.
Also at that meeting, Dedan Jn. Baptiste, briefed the group on a week long program which is to come on stream soon. This will involve the youth from Lamaze to Rivere Doree.
It was rather refreshing to hear a young lady, by the name of Len, mentioned that a ladies cricket should be included in the program designed for the youth. Activites for that week long program will include cricket, football, athletics,indoor games, quizzes,bicycling,talent show and an open air church service, not forgetting a fun walk.
Presently each of these community is putting their house in order for that great event which is tentaively dated for july 24 - August 1, 2011.

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